wix website builder Review

wix website builder Review

Wix Website Builder Review

Wix website builder has made  building websites as easy as 1,2,3. With wix website builder all you have to do is click, drag and then drop. So, this post covers Wix.com review.

What is Wix Website Builder?

Wix web developing company is a well known name in the website development and hosting industry.  Wix website builder started in 2006 by these three guys:  Nadav Abrahami, Avishai Abrahami and Giora Kaplan.

Overtime, Wix has attracted 80 million plus users worldwide. It has a variety of option (free and paid) plans to choose from. You decide which Wix website builder plan that meets your needs.

Wix website builder option plans

Wix gives you everything you need to build a website. The website is build using their software and tools.

So, this means Wix controls everything regarding your website because your site lives on their server. It’s like you are leasing (not owning) a website through them.

All in one package works for some people but not all. With these Wix website prices, you don’t get your money’s worth! Check out what you get when you use SiteRubix website builder.

SiteRubix website builder


Wix Free Websites

As mentioned above, Wix has both premium and free plans.  However, their free plans are some of the worst out there.  Case in point, they are limited in file storage and features.

As a web publisher, you need to have an unlimited storage and features so you can do more.  Pictures, videos and other data files take up a large amount of space.

Wix free websites have ads all over and the only way to get rid of them is to upgrade to a premium membership plan.

Here is a better free website builder.  Where you get a better deal on both website development and hosting. You also get more storage and all the bells and whistles for a much better price.

Following slide is what Wix premium plans offer.

Wix Premium Plans

These elements are great but Wix development company could do better! Build a free SiteRubix Website below!

Wix Apps Market

Wix apps market is where you get all sorts of application to enhance your Wix website.  Some of these Wix apps are free of charge while others come with premium plans.

There are well over 250 Wix Apps that you can incorporate into your Wix website.  These applications extend to tools and services in order to build and improve your Wix website functionality.

I must point out that majority of other website builders do not provide apps market for their users! But maybe it is only a matter of time that they start doing so. Will see!

Wix Apps Market

How Does Wix Website Builder Work?

If you are a do -it-yourself kind of person, then using Wix website builder will benefit you. To make a build it yourself site, you click and select, drag then drop. No high technical skills are required, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Pick a template
  2. Customize it your way
  3. Add texts, images and or videos
  4. Publish your own website

Of course not everything is as clear cut as it sounds!  Here are the pros and cons of using Wix website builder .

Wix Website Builder Pros and Cons

Right after you create a Wix account, you are asked the type of website you want.  You are presented with many options and you pick whichever you want.

Choices range from blog, business, online store, accommodation, music and much more. You can go with “others” if you are not sure.

The Good

  • Wix website builder uses ADI (artificial Design Intelligence)
    • ADI helps you design the website you want
  • Free plans of course with limited capabilities
  • Wix Apps (both free and premium)
  • Wix Editor
    • Uses advance design features and apps so you just select, drag and drop
  • SEO wizard and monitoring tool provides you step by step on how to improve your site’s SEO. You get full reports.
  • Free and paid images / pictures library inside Wix

The Bad

  • Not as easy to use as WordPress
  • Free website do not come with Google Analytics options
  • Mobile issues
  • Template / Themes
  • Hosting Issues
  • SEO sucky – I will talk about SEO in this article later)
  • eCommerce issues

Anyway, after you have made your selection, you have another choice to make.  You design a Wix website using ADI or Wix Editor. The ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence which assists you to build the website you want.

Wix Guarantees:

A 14 day money back guarantee is available on all Wix premium plans. All premiums plans include:

free hosting, domain connection,  500 MB + storage, Google Analytics, premium support and no set-up fee.

Wix Website Builder Tools and Training

    • Wix YouTube Video tutorial

Last Thoughts on Wix Website Builder 

My experience with Wix was not good.  I chose to build my Wix free website using ADI Wix website builder.  I did not like using ADI feature. Every time I dragged and dropped something happened. I became frustrated and stopped.

Wix website builder supposed to make it easy for you to build a website.  However, when you choose a DYI projects, things get complicated. Although, I loved Wix apps market!

Wix Free website doesn’t come with Google Analytics options.  But, using Google Analytic tool gives you your site’s report for free. So, I am not sure why Wix wants to charge you for it.

The Wix free websites come with Wix ads that you can not get rid of unless you upgrade your plan. When you upgrade you get free custom domain, 24/7 premium support and that removes all ads.

Lastly, There is an easier, simpler and faster way to build a website in seconds. So, are you ready to dive in and build the website you always wanted?

Your chance to do so is now! Don’t delay!

Thank you for reading this Wix review. Please share your feedback/comments down below! Also, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


-To your success!

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6 thoughts on “wix website builder Review

  1. Thanks for opening my eyes to a better offer that I will get the most out of. Many times we here something that sounds good and go for it not realizing that there could be a better offer. The siterubix program seems to give me the most out of building websites. Thanks a lot.

  2. I know about both Wix and Siterubix. The problem with Wix is that you are given pre-made templates, and many websites just look very similar. It’s hard to stand out. With Siterubix, you get a WordPress site, and if you upgrade to premium, you get access to literrally thousands of templates that are very beautiful. I certainly recommend Siterubix over Wix.

    1. Ben –

      I could not agree with you more. I tried to create free Wix website and failed miserably. It was not as easy as I thought!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Thanks for the review! I have a free wix website that I built years ago. I found it sort of okay for my purposes, but I just needed a business website and don’t add content regularly. The one thing I don’t like about it is that many people say they can’t open my page…which is not great when you are trying to advertise your business!

    1. Salina-

      That is one of the drawback of free websites. It does not matter how or who create them, they are simply not the same as paid domain websites.

      Have you tried to convert your free site to paid one especially if it has growth potential?

      Thank you for reading!

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