What Is The Power Lead System About? | A Revealing Truth

What Is The Power Lead System About? | A Revealing Truth

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Power Lead System (PLS) is hub for all your marketing platform. This system is highly recommended by most gurus online especially those who create share codes and share the codes with their down-line. So, I decided to check it out and see if it is worth all the buzz and most importantly worth the price.

What Is The Power Lead System About? Let’s find out!

Name: Power Lead System
Website: Power Lead System
Price: $29.99/month for a customer account, $53.97/month for an affiliate account
Owners: Neil Guess and Michael Price
Overall Rank: 78 points of 100

First off, lets meet the founders of Power Lead System. Michael Price (the owner of Priceless Possibilities.com) and Neal  Guess are the men behind Power Lead System.

Michael Price appears to have a lot of business experience compared to Michael Guess. Not much info to report on Michael Guess.

Power Lead System has been running online since 2013 and its members continue to grow at a steady rate as of this writing.

Power Lead System Overview

Power Lead System lets users generate leads, automate the enrollment/selling process and follow up with your contact list. PLS is used to promote any website, product, service.  In a nutshell, it is a system that allows you to build your email contact list as you grow your business.

The Good & the Bad

Benefits of Joining Power Lead System

  • 7 day free trial in which they are charged on day 7
  • All in one system that allows you to promote any product or service
  • Create unlimited landing pages, sales pages, and email follow up campaigns
  • Create unlimited lead capture pages, unlimited sales pages, unlimited sub-domains, video post cards, entire sales funnels, unlimited auto-responder campaigns, unlimited broadcasts to your list, ad tracking, floating capture forms
  • Promote unlimited businesses simultaneously, broadcast your list
  • PLS can easily be connected to Aweber
  • Sales funnel duplication allows user to duplicate and replicate
    • This feature allows duplication and replication on a massive scale
  • Access to private training and tools designed to help you promote the program for profit
  • Ready-to-go splash pages and videos that promote PLS
  • weekly marketing webinars
  • Incredible compensation plan

    • Earn 50% matching bonus on all the monies earned by the people you pass up

The Bad:

  • A 1-click up-sell checkout funnel
  • Users must upgrade their package to Gold in order to be affiliate for PLS

How to Join Power Lead System? 

There are few ways to join the Power Lead SystemStart with the first 7 days free trial.  Or begin with its lowest package called the Lead Lightning, or start at Silver level or at Gold level. Each level has its pros and cons of course.

Lead Lightning price is a one time $7 marketing system created by the Power Lead System.  It pays $6 commission on whoever you sign up.

Note 1: Of course if whoever you sign up decides to upgrade to a higher package and you are not at that level then you lose out on that commission.

Note 2: I will not cover all details regarding Power Lead Lightning as it would be another review in itself.

Now imagine if you were to sign up a heavy hitter who goes in all in!!!

According to PLS FAQ page, there is nothing that a Lead Lightning member has, that can’t be found within the Power Lead System.  If that were the case, most people would not upgrade to Gold level or even silver as there is a difference in price of $55 and $29.99 respectively.

If you join as a silver member, then you are not an affiliate for PLS so you do not get commissions.

Now this is what I found tricky. To be a PLS affiliate, you do have to become a gold member.  Call me crazy but this sounds to me like you have to pay PLS in order for you to be able to collect commissions.

Why should I pay you to advertise your product in order for me to make a commission since I am the one doing the work to begin with?

Must You really pay for this? You, be the judge of that!

Do you see the problem with this?

Who Is Power LEAD SYSTEM Intended to Help?

Power Lead System is for internet marketers and network marketers.  If you run a business online or offline, then PLS is great for you. Below is a list of some of the people that can enjoy PLS and what it offers.

  • Those who want to do affiliate marketing
  • Those looking for ways to sell their own products/service or others
  • Local businesses and marketers

The list of type of marketers that can benefit from PLS is endless.  To start online business has never been easier than today.

No need for technical background and anybody really can make a living online—you do have to have the right tools, training and support in place though!

 Training & Tools Available in Power Lead System

Power Lead System  has tons of video training in its back office for the members to take advantage of.  Customized hangouts are available for members to use to connect with others and their contacts.

Some of other training available in Power Lead System are as follow:

  • Weekly live training
  • Social Profit Academy
  • Free ad secrets
  • Master traffic academy
    • Face Book Foundation

Note 3: Some of these training have up-sells as well.

How Is the Power Lead System Support?

Weekly marketing webinars are available. Webinars are excellent ways for learning how to promote affiliate programs because you can usually ask questions during or at the end of the webinar.

How Much Does Power Lead System Really Cost? 

As mentioned above, Lead Lightning has its separate checkout point and Power Lead System has its own. Here are brief levels of pricing, structuring and up-sells of just PLS since it is the focus of this post.

  • (Power Lead System customer + affiliate) for $53.97/mth
  • Silver membership for $29.97/mth (just PLS customer). No commissions here so a big loss.

A prospect of PLS is first presented with a 7-day free trial.  Once they submit their Credit Card info for their free trial, they are offered the opportunity to become an affiliate.


To become an affiliate makes the prospect a Gold member (Power Lead System customer + affiliate) for $53.97/mth. Choosing NO here completes the process.

If they say YES to becoming an affiliate, they are offered the Diamond package for $147 (one time purchase). (Free Ad Secrets). If they say NO to Diamond, their checkout is complete.

If they say YES to Diamond, they are offered the Platinum package for $497 (one time purchase – social profit academy).

If they say YES or NO to the Platinum package, their checkout is complete.

As you can see here, depending on your answer at the checkout point in PLS, you will either spend a hefty change of money or you will spend a bit less.  Most people just go with the Gold member as the commission is too hard to resist.

Note 4:  You can cancel your account at anytime but you won’t be given a refund.  All sales are final!

Note 5: Most affiliate programs don’t cost you anything to join and promote. You are marketing to sell their products so you are doing the affiliate program a service. You are supposed to get compensated for this, not pay more!

My Sincere Opinion of POWER LEAD SYSTEM

My take on Power Lead System is this.  It is somewhat expensive and affiliates need to pay the standard membership fee PLUS the affiliate fee ($30 + $24/month).   This is kind of an issue for me (see reasons above). If you do not how to promote PLS products and market it to others, then it is likely that there won’t be money put in your pocket.

I highly recommend you start by learning the basics of online business before you sign up for Power Lead System.

Power Lead System is like a typical MLM.  You need to make sales to get paid and the sales won’t make themselves. But when all is said and done, Power Lead System is:


Power Lead System is not a scam, it just has its flaws!  I hope I have answered the question of what is the Power Lead System about.

If you have an experience with Power Lead System, I would love your feedback.  Please share a review of this program down below.

Thank you for sticking around all the way to the end.  Like, share, comment.

To Your Success,