is the digital altitude a Scam?

is the digital altitude a Scam?

What is the digital altitude aboutAre you also hearing a lot of buzz about Digital Altitude?  You’re just in the right place. In this article, you discover what is the digital altitude about.

What Is the Digital Altitude About?

Name: Digital Altitude


Price: $37 to $ 127 / month + too many up-sells (up to $ 30K)

Owners: Michael Force

Suitable for: Sales Men and Women

Recommend (or Not): NOT RECOMMENDED

Overall Rank:  50/100

The Digital Altitude is an online-based sales system that was created by Michael Force or in short a digital sales system.  Michael Force claims that Digital Altitude is geared towards helping online entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Of which I don’t agree with, I am going to tell you why.

Who is Michael Force?

He’s a former U.S Marine. For over 15 years now, he has been a leading digital business expert, entrepreneur, and a speaker.  At the age of 27, Michael Force built his first multi-million dollar business. Following his position as former Empower Network producer, he has a history of scam reports.

Is the Digital Altitude an MLM?

Let me say this; Digital Altitude is a high ticket MLM pyramid scheme. This is because it targets gullible opportunity seekers and convinces them to pay for membership.

The members are made to believe that this membership will make them stinking rich. But they end up spending money on a system that does not work.

Here is my number one recommendation system with proven track record of 10+ years and for less than $2 per a day. It’s free to join and no credit card required. Check it out and get started now.

Is the Digital Altitude a Scam?

In my humble opinion, Digital Altitude is a scam. They may get away with it because, according to the law, their memberships can qualify as “tangible products”.  Therefore, let’s take a closer look.

5 Reasons Why Digital Altitude IS a SCAM:

  1. Monthly Fee

For you to be a Digital Altitude affiliate, you have to pay a monthly fee.  I agree that affiliate marketing is the most effective way of making money online, but why pay a monthly fee?

Legitimate affiliate networks (such as ShareaSale, Amazon) or even companies with their own affiliate programs do not demand any fee from their affiliates.

     2. You Only Earn Commission for the Level You Are a Member

If you refer a member he/she must pay membership for the level you’re.  If he/she pays membership for a higher level, you’ll not receive any commission from that referral.

This system forces members to invest much money.

     3. You Have to Purchase a Product in Order to Promote It

It is only the pyramid schemes that require an affiliate to purchase a product in order to promote it.

    4. You ONLY Earn Commission When You Recruit

The first thing you should understand is that if you don’t recruit you’ll not earn any commission.

So, the main aim here is to recruit as many people as you can. To accomplish this, you need to approach innocent people with a sweet tongue.

    5. Personal Coaches

The moment you join Digital Altitude, you’ll be assigned a personal coach.  These coaches are highly trained sales people who are there to convince you to upgrade to a higher level.

They also teach you the best techniques of approaching and convincing people.

The Digital Altitude Products

You might have heard of some products that Digital Altitude is selling and wondered what really they’re. Therefore, allow me to explain what Digital Altitude sells.

Digital Altitude offers 6 high ticket products which are also referred to as memberships. Since they’re not tangible products, membership is more appropriate.  These products are basically video based motivational training. These tutorials do not teach how to build your own website.

At the rate technology is changing everything, it’s almost impossible to make money online without having a website. Period!

Here are the products:

  1. Aspire

This membership offers 3 option

  1.  Walker – $37 per month
  2.  Hiker – $67 / month
  3. Climber – $ 127 / month

All of these options come with a member area and start up training videos.

     2. Base Membership

This product goes for a $595 which you just pay once. This video based motivational training consists of three sections with 12 modules.  As a matter of fact, these sections are:

  • Prepare
  • Launch
  • Grow

In this membership, you will be taught things like:

  • How to create a charming customer experience
  • Ways to develop an automated system that makes you money while asleep
  • Methods of winning people’s trust

    3. Rise Membership

It is also a video based motivational training with 19 modules in 5 sections. It goes for $1997, and the segments are:

  • Commit
  • Customers
  • Create
  • Words partners

This membership teaches stuff like, how to instantly trigger a prevailing desire in the customer’s mind that almost forces them to buy.

       4. The Ascend Membership

The price is also one-time payment that goes for $9997.  This membership takes you into the upper echelons of the pyramid though not at the very top.

At this level, they assume you are filthy rich and don’t care much about money.

This membership covers travels and accommodation for two. So, wait a minute now!

Booking the whole trip yourself would cost around $6,000, and where does the rest $4000 go?

Definitely into the pockets of the founders! The topics you are taught in this membership are:

  • Top six strategies to scale traffic
  • How to build and manage a team

    5. Peak Membership

This membership consists of a one-time payment of $16,997 which caters for 20 topics. These subjects train you on stuff like:

  • Adding massive value to your products and services
  • Business efficiency
  • 5 Strategies to secure your retirement income

    6. Apex Membership

As always you have to cough a one-time payment. This time around though, the price ticket is $27,997.  With this kind of access, you win yourself a 7-day retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada in U.S.A.

Each day has its own agenda. This membership has less than one percent of affiliates in Digital Altitude.  Members in the Apex, don’t have to struggle recruiting people, members in the other levels will do it for you.

Now you can laugh all the way to the bank together with the other official members.


The products you buy in Digital Altitude determine your level. In other words, the above-mentioned products are the Digital Altitude levels.

Digital Altitude Training

In the Digital Altitude, you benefit from the video based motivational training in every product.  You also take advantage of training given by your personal coach.

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

Here is an example of Digital Altitude compensation plan for Aspire….Aspire Digital Altitude Compensation PlanRealize that if you don’t recruit others to join, you make no money.

Also, YOU Only Earn Commission for the Level You Are a Member…

How to Market Digital Altitude?

In the video based training that you get after purchasing a product, you will learn how to market your membership. Marketing strategies include stuff like means to create traffic in your site, selling to others,..

Digital Altitude Pros and Cons


  • Motivational training that make you think big
  • Great commission when you’re on the top of scheme of the pyramid


  • Only the few guys who cooked Digital Altitude reside securely at the top of the pyramid
  • The only way of earning commission is by recruiting other people

Digital Altitude Complaints

There have been lots of complaint from Digital Altitude members where they don’t even recover their investments. Digital Altitude promises a 6 figure income in 90 days which solely depends on your effort to bring in others.

But guess what! A good number of Digital Affiliates have absorbed their losses and left. Let me help you learn how to get started online the right way.

Digital Altitude Cost: Is It Worth It?

The cost of investing in Digital Altitude is absolutely high, and I believe it could do something great. It’s not worth putting your hardly earned dollars in a scam that will hardly ever earn you the commission.

Thus I  suggest you invest in yourself and start your own online business.  I guarantee that it won’t cost much to start.

So Who Is Digital Altitude Suitable For?

Digital Altitude will be best for guys who spend a lot of time doing nothing. With this, they’ll have a lot of time talking to people and making them purchase a membership.

If you’re on a busy schedule, don’t try investing in Digital Altitude.  Your money will be best used elsewhere and for something better such as starting an online business for yourself.

Digital Altitude Support

Digital Altitude has support on their official site in case you have not signed up. If you have already signed up no need to visit support, you got the personal coach assigned to you.

Final Verdict

You now know what is the Digital Altitude about and how it makes money.  It could also make you good money if you’re at higher levels of the pyramid.

Since people are realizing its true face, I can’t assure it is reliable source of income. If anything, those unsuspecting ones will almost always lose money if they are not careful.

So Now What Then? How Can you Earn Money Online

Rest assured there are better, safe and legit ways to earn a living online.  And your income potential won’t have to depend on recruiting other. Therefore, success depends on your effort, motivation and determination.

Affiliate marketing is what I am talking about. You choose products to work with based on your personal interests. Rather than dealing with products you don’t have clues about, you choose products based on your passion!

So pick something you’re passionate about and learn step by step how to earn money online at home.


You can learn more about WA via my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I’ve been a member for few years and I make it my top recommendation for a person who wants to get started and run a successful online business.

What has your experience been with Digital Altitude ? Do you have anything you want to share, or comments on my post?


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Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude

Monthly Fee


    You Only Earn Commission for the Level You Are a Member


      You Have to Purchase a Product in Order to Promote It


        You only earn commission when you recruit


          Personal Coaches



            • Motivational training that make you think big
            • Great commission when you’re on the top of scheme of the pyramid


            • Only the few guys who cooked Digital Altitude reside securely at the top of the pyramid
            • The only way of earning commission is by recruiting others people
            • Support is from your personal coach, not the company

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