what is the amazon mechanical turk? Does MTurk worth your time?

what is the amazon mechanical turk? Does MTurk worth your time?

what is the amazon mechanical turk - Review

What Is The Amazon Mechanical Turk?

The Amazon Mechanical Turk, or simply MTurk is a web-based marketplace that enables individuals and businesses to outsource human intelligence to perform particular tasks that computers are presently unable to do. Read this Amazon mechanical turk review, and decide for yourself if that’s something that interests you.

How Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

Amazon Mechanical Turk PayThrough this site, people and businesses (requesters) post jobs, which are also called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Workers (Turkers or providers) then complete the jobs.  Such jobs can range from writing to photography, to transcription and more.

To post jobs on MTurk, requesters have to provide a billing address in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

So, in a  way; Amazon Mturk is not that much different from Fiverr except in terms of how much Fiverr’s freelancers make.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay/wages

The tasks posted on the Amazon Mechanical Turk are small, and as a worker, you can complete them quickly; you can perform some tasks in as little as five minutes.  The average wage is about a dollar per hour, with every job averaging a couple of cents. Get results with amazon mechanical turk

In addition to paying the freelancers, requesters usually pay Amazon a commission of 20% of the price of each completed task.

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What Is The Amazon Mechanical Turk’s Tax Policy?

As a requester, you’re not obliged by law to file forms or remit payroll taxes.  This is because you hire workers as contractors, not employees.

However, if you are a freelancer, you are required to report your earnings as self-employment income.

How Do You Check the Quality?

As a requester, you can request that freelancers fulfill certain qualifications before picking your jobs.

In fact, you can set up tests, which the workers will have to pass before engaging in your task.  Furthermore, you can either choose to accept or reject the work submitted.

How Do You Receive Payments?

As a worker in the United States, you can choose to withdraw your earnings to your bank account, or to redeem them for Amazon gift certificates.

Nevertheless, if you’re an international freelancer, the only payment option available to you is gift certificates.

What Is The Amazon Mechanical Turk Known For?


Amazon Mechanical Turk overview

MTurk is known as a marketplace for different kinds of freelancing tasks, and among them are the following:

  • Processing photos and videos
  • Data processing
  • Information verification
  • Data collection
  • Taking surveys

So the following is a list of pros and cons of Amazon MTurk.


  1. Flexible Work

As a freelancer working with MTurk, you are fully in control of your schedule.  You ‘re able to choose what tasks to complete and when to work.

2. No Minimum Cash Out Figure

Unlike most freelancing sites, there is no minimum amount you have to hit before withdrawing your money.

3. Personnel on Demand

If you’re a requester, the Amazon Mechanical Turk enables you to outsource workers whenever you need them. This is quite beneficial for you, as you don’t have to hire employees and pay them even when they’re idle.

If you’re a freelancer, MTurk makes a broad range of different tasks available to you, and by completing them, you gain both experience and cash.

4. Quality Management

As a requester, you have the power to either accept or reject the work submitted by freelancers. If you reject the work, you are not required to pay for it. This ensures that you get only the results that are good enough for you.

Moreover, several different workers can perform your task, in which case you approve only those you deem successful.

5. Price Determination

Requesters are permitted to determine the payment for their projects. However, these payments need to be in line with Amazon payment policy.

6.  Use Qualification

Requesters can request that only qualified workers complete their tasks. To be qualified, freelancers usually take certain tests to determine their suitability for the job.


  1. Poor Compensation

Requesters pay only a few cents per a task. This is seen as exploitation of the workers, as the pay does not reflect the actual value of the job done.

2. Fraud

Sometimes, requesters take advantage of freelancers by having them perform tasks and them rejecting their work so as to avoid the payment.

3. Labor Relation

The platform does not make it possible for workers to negotiate with requesters. Hence, is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it? Sure, maybe to very few people. Is Amazon Mechanical Turk legit? Of course.  It’s all in fine prints!

Because of these cons, Swagbucks is a better amazon mechanical turk alternatives.  At least with Swagbucks, you don’t have to do much but shop, take surveys or watch videos and earn money or gift certificate. Amazon mech turk is not for many people.

Final Word – Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Worth It…

Whether you’are a worker or an employer, the Amazon Mechanical Turk is worth trying. You could either work and get paid while gaining skills and experience or you could have your tasks performed by freelancers in a hustle free manner.

Amazon work from opportunities are many but I do not highly recommend MTurk.  Working very hard for very, very little money is just not something I would put my time and effort into.

And for this reason, I personally do rather do affiliate marketing.  Speaking of affiliate marketing, I am sure you have hobbies. Thus, if you are an expert in your field you can help other people and earn money with your passion along the way.  

Knowing what is the Amazon Mechanical Turk; its pros and cons, do you want to become MTurk member? What’s your experience with the website? Feel free to let us know. Remember, your feedback is always appreciated.

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