What is niche marketing and How To Make Money Within Your Niche

What is niche marketing and How To Make Money Within Your Niche

Too often many people fail to earn any income online. Why, because they do not take the time to identify and select a specific (targeted) niche market to be in. So what is niche marketing and how to use it to make money?

What is Niche Marketing and how to dominate your niche

What Is Niche Marketing and How to Get Started?


Being in the right niche market is going to help you open your eyes to an unlimited possibilities. Being in specific niches is what makes affiliate marketers succeed among other things.

Because, you see, not all the niches are the same nor profitable. Some people might say that all niches are profitable, but that’s not at all true! Steve Olcher simply put it this way :

“The riches are in the niches.”  – Steve Olcher, Internet Training Guru! 

If you want to make a fortune online, you have to do your homework and identify a profitable sub-niche.  A profitable sub- niche for you is one which you have passionate interest and can build expertise in to stand out among your competitors.

By building an expertise, I mean you need to have some knowledge of your subject area but you do not have to start off that way.  Over time this gives you a competitive edge and you become lead authority.

Therefore, don’t ask what is niche marketing and how to get started. Your hobbies and interests are the best online niche markets for you. Because niches are what you are involved in and consume.


What Is a Niche, Exactly?


A niche is a very distinct segment of a big market. Niche markets are all over around us.  If you pay attention to your personal interests, your family and friends, you see that they are different.  So, your passions and hobbies represent potentially a niche!

At present, more and more people benefit greatly from starting online businesses.  They enter a market but instead of getting profits fail to leave dreams of easy income far behind.  Although internet marketing business is almost free and is of great convenience to the marketer, some reasons make people come to nothing.

Knowing what is niche marketing and how to break down a niche into a sub-niche, is valuable. 

Niche Marketing – is to create and focus your online marketing efforts on small yet specific and well defined segment of the population.

It is like cutting out a piece of pie and just give attention to that particular piece instead of the whole pie.


Get Ideas of a Potential Niche Market


So, where can you get some ideas? Start with your hobbies and pastimes.

  • Visit Discussion Boards

Consequently, one of the major things lying at the root of success in the internet marketing is choosing your method to find a profitable niche market. You can go on discussing boards such as DMOZ.org to find out what people are looking for.

  • Google Trends

By using Google Trends, you get to see the general direction of change on any topics. It shows you chart of most searched real world people. Google Trends helps you decide which topics to stay away from and which ones you should dive into.

  • Use Keyword Niche Tool 

Discover using keyword research software what are the most popular searches on any given subject.  Pay careful attention, so you are aware of new movements and trends.

To  find a niche, you should remember that successful money making process is based largely on your personal concern and enthusiasm towards the new ideas. Therefore when picking a profitable niche, choose something you know about or ideally interests you.

If not, it will be too difficult to develop new concepts and promotional campaigns and finally, to make your business work profitably.

Also, be careful when choosing your niche and don’t rely on products or services offering big money only but not go along with your inner expectations.


Test a Potential Niche Market


The people that read your thread can be used to determine how individuals are responding to your idea by polling them if the internet marketing discussion boards will let you do that.

See how people respond if you are thinking about launching a product by doing a pre-launch. Low cost solutions can be used to test if you have the idea of promoting the products through niche affiliate marketing programs.

Approaching your online business just like any other job is a crucial mistake.  So, once again, be passionate about what you are going to sell.  The next important point for consideration while choosing on how to find profitable niche market is keyword research.

  • Keyword Research Test

It is obvious that focusing on some particular target market, a market has to specify the exact words or phrases people type into search engines to find a certain product or service on the internet.

Keyword research test

Thus, conduction a keyword research, it becomes clear what words people use to complete their search.

Also, it allows discovering an actual interest in a product you will be selling and words, which are most commonly used for a particular group of products and services.

Niche customers are knowledgeable and passionate about the niche products and or services address.  So be sure to understand and speak their language.


What to Do After You Find Profitable Niche Market?


As soon as you attain this information, you market activity and know the demand and supply level. What you are looking for are the words with high demand, low supply and, finally, profit potential.

High demand stands for some internet searches using your keywords. The higher the demand, the more visitors will find your website attractive, and consequently, increase the probability of successful sale. However, high demand could mean stiff competition.

Low supply is about the popularity of your keywords in respect to other websites targeting the same terms.

Remember, that your chances will be more viable, if your wording has low activity among your niche rivals.

In that case, you are supposed to be ranked better in search engines and provide positive traffic to your site. And afterward, profit potential reveals the affiliate programs or other ways a market can benefit from his website.

Also, setting up a newsletter maybe considered by some while launching a report or video series or a full on e-book maybe considered by other for their niche.  You can easily use niche marketing to earn money in so many ways, but it’s not possible to tell which one is the best.

It won’t take much time and effort to know how to find a profitable niche market from internet marketing.  But if you want to succeed with online business, spend some time and find it. When done right, it is very easy to do niche marketing.  If you do research, test the products in the right way and use different methods to promotes them, you should be on your way through conquering the niche marketing field in no time.


How To Earn Money From a Niche


There are many ways to earn money from a niche.  For example you can create your own product to meet the needs or wants in your niche.  Or, you can become a publisher and work with affiliate programs.  This allows you to promote other people’s products.

Amazon Associates program lets you promote anything on its website and pay you a commission. This is also known as affiliate marketing.

You now know what is niche marketing and how to get started! So take the next step!


I want to hear your thoughts /comments. Any questions relating to niche marketing, please leave them below!

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  1. Great information on niche marketing, I never really understood it until I read your post. I particularly like your suggestions on testing the niche first, did not realise you could do it that way, very helpful, thank you

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