What Is Long Tail Pro About – 5 Reasons Why it Works

What Is Long Tail Pro About – 5 Reasons Why it Works

What is long tail pro aboutAre you looking for a fantastic keyword research tool to help you in your online business? I got a new gem for you, the Long Tail Pro.  Personally, I have been using keyword search tools like Google’s key planners and Jaaxy before I was captured by the Long Tail Pro. Long Tail Pro has a better interface compared to the famous Market Samurai. To ensure you understand Long Tail Pro in and out, I am going to discuss what is Long Tail Pro about.

Product Name: Long Tail Pro

Product Owner: Spencer Haws

Advertised Price: $37 /month

Up-sells: None

Rating: 94/100

Recommended (or Not): Recommended

Best For: Newbie to expert Affiliate Marketers

What Is Long Tail Pro About?

Long Tail Pro is a prime keyword research software developed by Spencer Haws from nichepursuits.com. Long Tail Pro, allow you to generate hundreds or even thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords. It is also referred to as Long Tail Platinum.

Who Is the Product Best For?

For anyone building a site, good keyword selection is a great foundation for a good SEO strategy.  Long Tail Pro has been designed to give online marketers everything they need to engineer their keywords regardless of their niche market.

It’s best for bloggers, website owners, affiliate marketers or anyone who needs catchy keywords to promote their site’s SEO strategy.

Long Tail Pro Features

Having your site rank on the first Google Page is the dream of every online entrepreneur. However, for you to achieve this, all you need (for the most part) is a reliable keyword research tool with stunning like Long Tail Pro. With that being said, below are the Long Tail Pro features:

  1. Generate Keywords in Bulk

With Long Tail Pro, you can generate hundreds of keywords within minutes. To produce keywords that are relevant to your topic, you’ll need to add a few seed keywords.

      2.  Organize and Prioritize Keyword

The target keywords that you end up using Long Tail Pro appear in the form of a list. Long Tail Pro lets you keep the keywords organized in separate folders. Also, Long Tail Pro features filtering options that enable you to classify your keywords based on 13 metrics.

      3. Keyword Profitability

With Long Tail Pro, you can calculate keyword profitability. This will help you know the amount of money you can make based on CTR or website conversation rate.

     4. Long Tail Pro Track your Rankings

As an online marketer, you need to keep track of your business by watching your SEO performance. With Long Tail Pro, you can watch your ranking history by just clicking a keyword.

      5. Double Plan – Long Tail Pro Pricing and Plans

Long Tail Pro offers two plans, the started plan and the pro plan. I found this to be much fair since you don’t have to pay money for the services you don’t need. The starter plan is best for beginners since it generates up to 10,000 keywords a month.

Long Tail Monthly Pricing:

Long Tail Pro Price plans
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Long Tail Pro Annual Pricing:

Long Tail Annual Pricing
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The Good and Bad About Long Tail Pro

The Good:

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Monthly and annual plans
  • Easy to use interface
  • The product comes with 3 license keys
  • Incredible customer support

The Bad:

    • Annual plans are very cheaper; Long Tail Pro are like forcing you to subscribe to the annual plan
    • Slightly costly

Long Tail Pro Training

Making Long Tail Pro work for you is not just using it but how well you use it. To make sure you get the best from the software, LTP includes tutorial videos on their website. They have also included five strategies that will help you use Long Tail Pro like a real pro.

Is Long Tail Pro a Scam?

Like an online entrepreneur, you need to choose the most relevant keywords with high amount of searches and low competition. Long Tail Pro has proved itself to be a powerful keyword research tool which is trusted by many internet marketers.

While I was using the software and skimming customers’ reviews, I found no allegations concerning the software.  So, this is clear indication that Long Tail Pro is not a scam!

In case you’re still wondering what is long tail pro about; here is how it measures up against another keyword research.

Even though Long Tail Pro is not a scam, I wanted to compare it to at least one other popular keyword research tool known as Jaaxy.

Read Jaaxy product full review

Long Tail Pro vs. Jaaxy

Both Jaaxy and LTP are great keyword research tool, but which one should I go for?  Okay, to start with, let me say that Long Tail Pro is the widely used among the two. To compare the two easily, we’ll consider the following topics;

I.  Software Installation and Accessibility

Long Tail Pro is a desktop application that requires you to install it on your desktop to start using.  It comes with 3 license keys, meaning you can install it on three different computers.

On the other hand, Jaaxy is a website based tool. Once you have purchased Jaaxy, you can access its services anywhere using any gadget with an internet connection.

When it comes to installation and accessibility proficiency, I give it to Jaaxy.

II. Keywords Results

Long Tail Pro now steals the show.  It gives more keyword results compared to Jaaxy.  In our test results, Long Tail Pro gave 5 times the number of keywords that Jaaxy produced.

III. Speed

Personally, I hate wasting my time waiting for the keyword tool to generate the keywords. It’s for the same reason that I dumped marketing Samurai. In our test results, Jaaxy took 20 seconds to generate the keywords while LTP kept me waiting for 3 minutes.

You can see Jaaxy is much faster BUT produces few keywords compared to Long Tail Pro.

IV. Keyword Competition

Each of these two keyword research tools has its way of measuring keyword competition.  Jaaxy uses Quoted Search Results (QSR) which gives you the number of pages competing for the keyword.

To check keyword competition, LTP uses MOZ parameters.  This checks the top 10 domains bearing the keyword; it obtains its back-link profile, domain age, and authority.

Long Tail Pro additionally gives value to each keyword result.  To summarize, we can say that Jaaxy gives keyword competition in terms of quantity while LTP gives the quality.

V. Price

Long Tail Pro goes for $37 a month while Jaaxy Pro goes for only $19 a month.  This is a clear indication that Jaaxy is much cheaper.

VI. Support

Jaaxy support is at the grass roots. I sent some inquiries and the only feedback I got were from other Jaaxy users.

I learned that, for you to send messages to the co-owners of Jaaxy, you have to join their Wealthy Affiliate program.

And as for LTP, their customer support is awesome.  I received feedback within 24 hours. If you have any issues while using LTP, just open and submit Long Tail Pro Ticket.

Does Long Tail Pro Offer Any Trial Period or Money Back Guarantee?

To ensure 100% customers satisfaction, Long Tail Pro offers a 7 day trial period and 10-day money back guarantee.  This is absolutely insane, and a guarantee that this is no scam.

Is Long Tail Pro worth the Price?

Long Tail Pro has two plans which you can purchase monthly or annually. Looking at the annual payment, which is twice cheaper, Long Tail Pro will make a great deal for online marketers.

Long Tail Pro Customer Support

I liked their customer support, all the queries and problems that I reported were attended to within 24 hours.  After scrutinizing their responses, I found that they were not system automated. With this said, I can conclude that their personal interaction with customers is excellent!

Any Complaints About Long Tail Pro?

I spend much time testing and using the software and did not find any complaints. In fact, most Long Tail Pro users have testified how it has sky-rocketed their income.

Final Verdict on “What Is Long Tail Pro About”?

In this chapter, we have covered what is Long Tail Pro about. So now we can conclude that using keyword research tools helps online marketers achieve a good SEO strategy which results in more income. Download Long Tail Pro here.

Long Tail Pro is a powerful tool designed to meet all your keyword problems.  It is a must have tool for any online marketers -you read the reasons above. Hence, don’t be left behind, grab one and watch your online business grow!.

What has your experience been using keyword research tools?  Share your thoughts with other fellow readers.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment.

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$ 37

Monthly Fee


    Generate keywords in bulk


      Organize and prioritize keyword


        Keyword Profitability


          Track your Rankings



            • Easy to use interface
            • Monthly and annual plans
            • Fast and Effective
            • Incredible customer support


            • Slightly costly
            • Long Tail Pro are like forcing you to subscribe to the annual plan

            6 thoughts on “What Is Long Tail Pro About – 5 Reasons Why it Works

            1. There are so many great keyword research tools out there, I often am confused on which one I should be using. I currently don’t have the money to invest in most of these programs so I am just jumping from one to another, hopefully, in the future, I will have enough to invest in a good keyword tool, and now I know what tool to invest in, thanks for sharing.

              1. I know the feeling. When I started online business I had no clue where to start let alone keyword research tools. I quickly learned that in order to be successful online, some tools such as keyword research tool, a great training system and people with the same mind to network with. That being said, you must research the keywords you use in your content especially if you want people to find you in search engines. I hope you find all the tools to help grow your business in the near future.

                Thank you for dropping us few lines and we wish you all the best!

            2. Hi, thanks for writing this review. I’m on the look out for a keyword research tool having been on a free one for the last half a year. I will consider this and just working out the cost of maintaining its subscription. The competition for such paid services is steep. I’m also considering Jaaxy. Thank you

              1. Both Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro are great keyword research tools. As you read in this post, each has its pros and cons and there is no such tool that is one fit for all. Whatever you end up deciding on, you wont be dissatisfied.

                Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

            3. Hey,
              Thank you for this post! I have problems w my keyword searches & I personally don’t like Jaaxy. The free keyword tool I’m using now doesn’t seem to work well: pretend I searched “best smoothies” it says there are 800 competition & 25000 searches etc. Okay, I know there is interest in that area, so I try to add a word “best fruit smoothies” all of a sudden it drops to 100 searches & 5 web pages. It makes no sense, especially when I can Google “best fruit smoothies” & it tells me there are 290,000 results. Something isn’t working right or I don’t understand how to use the tool. My pages are ranking okay, a couple are on page 2 of Google & a couple on page 3. But only if you search by the exact page title. What are the chances of that? It’s all a hot mess to me. Maybe I will try long tail pro out for a few days & see what I think. Thank you again 🙂

              1. Hello there Keli-

                Free keywords do not work as well as paid ones for the obvious reasons. And based on your example, there is definitely something fishy with the one you’re using.

                Congrats on the pages that are ranking! Push onward and you’ll rank even better soon.

                Long Tail Pro offers 7 days free trial and in that period you can get a lot done to see if that’s the tool you want to invest your money in.

                Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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