What Is Jaaxy About – Pro Account Review!!!

What Is Jaaxy About – Pro Account Review!!!

Jaaxy, is the most advance keyword search tool that helps you find low competition keywords . Jaaxy assists you in finding the ideal keyword to write a campaign to connect with customers searching online for what you put out on the market. Discover WHAT IS JAAXY ABOUT now!

You are only a few steps away for your business to rank # 1 in most search engines such Google, Bing and Yahoo! by using this special keyword research and management tool.

Find out more on what is Jaaxy about.  Find keywords that convert and take your online business to a whole new level. Enter your quick search in the box below.


The Problem With Most KEYWORD Search Tool….

Finding the perfect keyword for your blogs, sites and many other online activities is not easy; the selection of keyword is of great importance as it defines the blog, article or business site.

And most people use Google’s keyword planner or Long Tail keyword search but those are not user friendly and it takes a lot of time to learn how to use them.  There is a disadvantage to Google keyword planner which is that Google’s keyword planner rounds up search queries and doesn’t provide details regarding the competition of each keyword.

So in this article I will discuss what is Jaaxy about and how does Jaaxy help users to find the great keyword.

Metrics You Need To Look Out For When Searching Keywords

Most keyword tools produce unusable data and do not help you get the keyword you need for your business.  With Jaaxy though, the information you get are the data that help you in your niche.

What Is Jaaxy About
What Is Jaaxy?

Personally, when I do keyword research with Jaaxy, I real get information that’s useful to me.  Here are top 3 metrics to follow:

  1. How much competition does the keyword have
  2. How much traffic does the keyword get in a month
  3. Does the keyword make sense

The data produced by Jaaxy are very accurate that you can rest assured that if you can find a low competition keyword that gets monthly traffic, then you can really own the search engines with your content.

What Is Jaaxy About?

what does Jaaxy do is help the users find the perfect keyword which is well suited for you and your business or niche.  Jaaxy searches and stripes data from Google search engines, other databases and compiles the information which makes it easier for you to find the ideal keyword. Jaaxy assists you to conduct expert research and find keywords with low competition. Finding the just right and apt keyword is an important part of online business.

What’s even better is that Jaaxy offers a free trial version which you can test drive before committing to it.  During this trial you can learn more on what is Jaaxy about

Who Can Use & Benefit From Jaaxy?

  • Niche pursuer
  • Article marketers
  • Freelance writers
  • SEO companies
  • Professional bloggers
  • Online websites
  • You Tube marketers and much more…

This is just a short list of the people that can really rip the benefits of Jaaxy tool keyword research.

Jaaxy Tool Keyword Search Features

In less than 10 minutes build keyword lists that can achieve you 1000’s of REAL clicks. Jaaxy estimates traffic based on data from ALL the major search engines so Traffic estimates are usable. Most other tools provide incorrect data which wastes your time and money.

Best features of Jaaxy keyword search tool are as follow:

What Is Jaaxy About?
Find Keywords that Convert
  1. Keyword Competition:

    • This feature of Jaaxy enables us to analyse the competition of each keyword. It’s called Quoted Search Results (QRS), and the number displayed gives the total number of pages in Google which contain the exact keyword.
    • This feature helps us to narrow down the search and find keyword that doesn’t have much competition. A keyword with low competition is easier to rank on search engines and if a keyword has a QSR value below 200, then it’s a good keyword.
    • Jaaxy quickly displays the result of the hottest and most profitable keywords by searching on initial root keyword phrase, such as organic chocolate truffle. It then displays the top related keyword phrases and competitive information as well suggests other related keywords.
  2. Site Ranking:

    • There’s nothing more motivating and exciting as seeing your Keywords boosting your site up closer and closer to page 1 on Google!
    • Jaaxy ranks your site based on the content you write using the low competitive keyword found using Jaaxy
  3. Keyword List:

    • This feature enables the users to compile keywords into a list and view the combined data. This list can also be downloaded in excel or .TXT format.
  4. Domain Search:

    • Purchasing a domain which contains a specific keyword can boost the SEO (search engines optimization)
    • It can bring more attention to your online business and helps you make more money.
  5. The Affiliate Program:

    • Refer members to the program and earn percentage of the monthly payment, after a few referrals the product will pay for itself.

Choose A Jaaxy Plan That Fits You

Jaaxy offer different plans to select from.  These below are the various that you can choose from:

  1. Free trial plan (No credit card required)
  2. Pro Plan( $19/month)- three times faster research than free plan, $199 per a year
  3. Enterprise Plan ($47/month)- five times faster research than free plan or $ 499 per a year

I do highly recommend you at least get the basic account because it will help you tremendously in terms of saving you money and time. Go ahead and choose a Jaaxy plan that fits your budget now.

Jaaxy Account Options to find ideal keywords that convert

My Recommendation

Knowing the competition that a keyword has in the search engines is the single most valuable piece of data that you can have. Without knowing how many websites are ranked for a keyword, you are rolling the dice. It’s why keyword tools in the past have never worked for you.

So, Jaaxy is simply a keyword search tool that makes finding keywords easy and simple. It helps you increase the traffic into your site and provides you the best opportunity to earn more. I highly recommend you join Jaaxy now and find out what is Jaaxy about.

Thank you for reading. Please do share your comments down below. I do love to hear your thoughts.




4 thoughts on “What Is Jaaxy About – Pro Account Review!!!

    1. Shannon,

      I am glad I was able to help. Thank you much for reading my post and sharing your comment. I really I appreciate it.

  1. I have used Jaaxy and found it to be the best keyword tool out of all the rest.
    The extra information that it gives you on your keywords will put you above the rest.
    My only problem is the price, although its not much to some it may be a bit steep.

    1. I agree. I found Jaaxy to be a better fit for me in terms of finding the ideal keywords for my blogs. The price can be a bit turn off for the people on a tight budget. But in the long run, the program really pays off. Thank you for reading my post and sharing your comment. Please do visit again.

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