What is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder Really About?

What is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder Really About?

What is a siterubix

 What Is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder?


SiteRubix Sites builder is a technology put together by Wealthy Affiliate. SiteRubix site gets you to the door so you get your feet wet and learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. By using SiteRubix website builder, you get a sneak preview of what you get as premium member over at the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University.

SiteRubix is a free starter membership which of course you can upgrade at any time to a premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options Comparison

Using SiteRubix free website builder of course has its advantages and disadvantages! Below is a WA membership comparison chart.

So, in this Siterubix review, I touch base on the pros and cons.

Building siterubix sites is like creating sub-domains. SiteRubix sites will have .siterubix.com on the end, because sub-domains are just extension of an existing website.

I am sure you are wondering what’s the catch?  Well, lets take a look at what the pros and cons of building free websites versus paid ones are. But, first lets find out reasons why you should make use of siterubix sites.


Why Create a Free Website with Siterubix?

  • Zero cost to Start

When you are on a tight budget, you have to work with what you got! So what if you want to build a website then?

Well, in that case, you build free website without having to buy a domain name. The average domain name price is $15 per year.  In addition, the website needs to be hosted which is another charge.

With SiteRubix website builder and hosting, you build couple free websites.  You don’t have to come out pocket!

  • Easy Set Up

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress web design themes.  When you  build a website with SiteRubix it is no different.  It literally takes minutes to setup and launch a live website.

No technical skills required.  Build Free SiteRubix website now!

  • Keyword Search

Researching and utilizing the best keywords in your online content is important.  Nobody will ever find you if you use the wrong keywords.  So, with the SiteRubix sites, you get 30 free searches to use on keyword research tool.

  • Create and Run Dummy Test Website

You can use SiteRubix sites or any other free website builder software to put together a tester site.  Tester sites are good to try out themes, niches, and Plugins.

This is really the best way to get you introduced into Wealthy Affiliate training.  I call it, test it before you commit to joining. Meaning, you try out the program for no charge.

These are some of the things Siterubix does.  In addition, Siterubix checks domains availability.

Downside of using SiteRubix Site Builder

  • Own Domain Limitation

Owning a website domain is like owning a piece of real estate. The only difference is one is online and has no physical location and the other one does.

Search engines first assign priority when choosing a website that is relevant.  So if you are using a sub-domain address, chances are that your site may not show up in search engines results.

  • No Email Address

All free websites and sub-domains don’t have a stand alone email.  Case in point, with siterubix, your email address will be yourname.somethingelse@siterubix.com.  Also, keep in mind that siterubix domains are owned by Wealthy Affiliate.  For this reason, sub-domains cannot be sold.

  • Limited Access 

Siterubix is part of the Wealth Affiliate online business, but since it is a starter point, you don’t have access to full training offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Limited Support

As a website publisher, you are likely to run into issues every now and then.  As a result, when you use free SiteRubix website, you do not get all the help you need.

If any problems arise, you fix them yourself.

Full support is only available for the first 7 days.  After that you are on your own.

  • Limited WordPress Themes/Templates

Using siterubix has its limitation.  Wealthy Affiliate platinum members have access to over 2,300 WordPress templates to work with.  Thus, when you are building a website using WordPress via Siterubix, you only have 25 themes to select from.

  • Google AdSense prohibition

Even though you create a fully functional website, you are unable to run AdSense on it. Because, technically, the Siterubix domain name is not yours to use as you want.  Therefore, Google will not let you register a sub-domain account in order to run ads on your site.


What Is the Process of Using SiteRubix Sites Builder Like?

It is pretty simple.  Here are the four sequences to follow when using Siterubix sites builder:

1st Step: Choose a domain name of our choice on SiteRubix

Create a free siterubix website

2nd Step: Create your account which requires email, name, password and username of your choice.

the best online website builder

3rd Step: Select website template inside Wealthy Affiliate.  You get full access to the starter membership.


4th Step: Build your website the way you want it!




Give it a world and see for yourself! Enter anything you want in the box below and start creating the website you always wanted! All at no cost ($0) to you!

The speed of creating a website is done in matter of few minutes!


Build free live SiteRubix sites that you can start sending traffic to right now.

Bonus SiteRubix Sites Features

Siterubix sites features


These great aspects of SiteRubix site are self explanatory.






SiteRubix SiteHealth Analysis

When using Siterubix sites creator, you do get some other awesome features such as SiteHealth analysis.  You get an overview report on how your site is coming along.  Case in point, as you can see in this screen shot below, I do need to write and publish articles more often.


Siterubix features


Final Thoughts on SiteRubix Website Builder

There is not question that the best free online website builder is Siterubix sites builder. It is user friendly, and you do not even have to know anything about coding.  You choose your niche, domain and a theme then boom! Voila!

To recap, Siterubx is a great tool to work with when you are on a tight budget and still want to build a full functional website. But, unlike other free website builders such as Wix, SiteRubix websites don’t have any ads.

Note: If you have a premium wealthy affiliate account you can not go back and create a siterubix account. However, you can use siterubix sites builder to do a trial run on a niche or promotional campaign.

Click  here to learn more on Wealthy Affiliate! So, now you know more than average person knows on how to build free website.  Thus, are ready to take action?

Share your thought/comments down below.


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4 thoughts on “What is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder Really About?

  1. It looks like siterubix would be the place to start for those not sure about starting an affiliate website. With free start up and some training you could really figure out if its for you without any catches. I know that it wasn’t this easy when I started. I had to pay for everything that went into my site. If I were recommending as site to someone I would definitely suggest reading this post. Thank you

    1. You’re absolutely right! The technology of today has made building a website very simple. It’s very inexpensive compared to starting and opening a brick-and-mortar.

      SiteRubix is definitely the right place to start for even those on a tight budget because it cost ZERO (0) money to start. You can remain a free member for as long as you want and you can even make some money with the free website.

      Thank you for stopping by Lindsey!

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