Udimi solo ads – do solo ads work?

Udimi solo ads – do solo ads work?

Udimi is a place where you can buy and or sell solo ads emails. What is a solo ad,  you ask!  A solo ad is just a one time email blast that you can purchase from a person who owns big email list(s).  So, Udimi solo ads – do solo ads work?  We will find out soon as we review and learn more on Udimi solo ads.

Udimi Solo Ads - do solo ads work?


Name: Udimi

Website: www.udimi.com

Price per solo: varies

Overall ranking: 4 stars out of 5


Udimi Pros and Cons


The good:

  • A large selection of solo ads brokers to choose from Udimi solo ads testimonials
  • Easy to use advertising platform
  • Dynamic forum
  • Earn Udimi coupon code as you acquire more ads
  • Solo ads testimonials from people who purchased ads and sellers who provided the service
  • Udimi’s referral program earns you 15% on all orders of your referrals. Payment is recurring and lifetime

Udimi’s affiliate program is not the best and most people who use Udimi will not make any money recruiting others.  Affiliate marketing is a big, profitable business but one has got to know how to do it the right way.

The bad:

  • Solo ads suppliers reject customer’s solo ads email sometimes without explanation
  • Price per a click is not fixed
  • Saturated niche produce low responses
  • Email subscribers provide fake contact information

example of Udimi seller's rejection message

Now that we know the good and bad of Udimi, let’s talk on how it works.


How does Udimi work?


To use Udimi is pretty simple.  First, you sign up for a free account. Then you write your solo ad email that you want to send to the vendor.

If you don’t know anything about writing your own email solo ad, you can get someone from Udimi to note down one for you for a small fee.   Udimi does make it easy to buy solo ads, and even sell them too.


Udimi solo email ad promotion Swipe


Just having one solo email ad is not enough.  You need at least to start with two.  The point of doing this is to test out what works and what  does not.  The other email is called a swipe email Solo which is used as a guide.

When you write solo ads, make sure they have your own personal touch.  The more unique you are the better chance you have of getting people to click and open your email and read what you have to say.

When you buy solo ads, be specific as to what niche you want to target.  Targeted solo ads are definite and very effective.  The people who receive your email are the ones that are interested in your product/service.


Udimi Tools and Training


Udimi training includes two tutorials: one tutorial for buyers and one tutorials for sellers.   Both of these tutorials only cover the basics.  So don’t expect too much details or information from them.

Tutorial for buyers covers information such as how to buy solos, give ratings to sellers, and frequently asked questions.  That’s it.

Tutorial for sellers consists of how to sell on Udimi, how to post or remove reviews and of course how to issue refunds to buyers.


Udimi Customer Support


If you have any issues with buying or selling solo ads on Udimi, there is a forum on Udimi that’s very active.  You can check it out and see if your topic is covered or you can post your own.

If you don’t get your question answered then you can open a ticket to Udimi and you will be responded to in about 72 hours or sooner.


Final thoughts…Udimi Solo Ads – Do solo ads work? 


Solo ad advertising is a very lucrative for the traders.  These sellers have worked hard to build up their email list. So when they choose to send solo email blasts to their subscribers, they charge as much money as they want per a click.

Pay per a click  marketing can range from few cents to over a dollar per a click.  This is good for the people with big advertising budget and not so much for the little guy!  However, sometimes cheap solo ads can work better than expensive ones.

Running any online business requires some form of commitment and effort in order to make any money.  Most online businesses (programs /services) make money for the owners but not for the members.

With that being the case, very few of them are legit online programs and members do actually make money. Check out this #1 recommended one and discover how you can begin your online adventure the correct way.


So do solo ads work? Are solo ads good? 


Now, finally, here is the answer.  Yes and no.  Not all solo ads work and not all of them are good.  It depends on the ad promotion.  Some solo ads vendors do not have a nice targeted list.  Therefore, you can not target the people in the niche that you want and the seller may not tell you that unless you ask.

Overall, do your own homework and spend your money wisely when it comes to solo ads. Go for targeted solo ads which work much better.

Solo ads work best when they are send to a landing page also known as a capture page.  The reason being, people who are interested will exchange their contact information (email, phone,…) in order for them to gain access. This is one of the ways to build an email list, by the way!

I hope you now know more on Udimi solo ads – do solo ads work?  Please share and leave questions / comments down below.


-Thank you for reading!




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4 thoughts on “Udimi solo ads – do solo ads work?

  1. Hi Udoh! Thanks for this great and honest review. I am not sure if I want to use Udimi. Are there any better programs to increase your income?

    1. You are welcome Andrew!

      Now to answer your question, there are no programs per say that I know of, but affiliate marketing is the best out there. It does not cost much to get started (just a website and couple other things) and you are good to go.

      Some affiliate programs might have residual income which is the best thing ever.

      Thank you for feedback.


  2. You’ve hinted here in your review that there are some bad sellers on this site. But everyone needs to know that even top sellers are sending fake clicks.

    If you want emails that are just scrapped from Google or just completely fake made up email address, you’ll get them here.

    Support doesn’t care and are probably in on the scam.

    1. Indeed you may be right Mike. However there are still some honest sellers who are not willing to cheat for the sake of making a dime. The reason is because their reputation is on line and few bad deals could break their business.

      Thank you for dropping by!

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