Is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Worth It

Is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Worth It

First of all, is a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership any good? In this review, I explain how Wealthy Affiliate can help you and if it of course is the right program for you to join or not. So, if you have been searching for a review that covers every single feature of Wealthy Affiliate then there is no doubt that you are on the right page. I will cover what the Wealthy Affiliate review 2016 is in insider closer look in many details.

This review is a bit longer than my usual ones. I have so much to cover and I want to make sure that you get your questions answered.

But if you just want to know right now whether or not is a Wealthy Affiliate premium is scam or legit, here is the answer. The Wealthy Affiliate Review is in the legit and one of the great online business community to be part of. Wealthy Affiliate is ETHICAL & LEGIT and highly recommend. There you have it!

Let’s go inside and take a closer look of what’s underneath the Wealthy Affiliate.

WA Owners

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website:Wealthy Affiliate

Price: Starter Membership, $ 0  (Join Here)

Price: Premium Membership: $49/month or $359/year

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Ranking: 98.5 points out of 100

Who Is It For: Newbie to Expert

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Really All About?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online membership community that was founded in 2005 by two online marketers, Kyle and Carson and it has become the #1 community for networking, creating and growing a successful, ethical and legit images-2online business.

If you are looking for a way to earn money online, network with successful entrepreneurs, get help and help others all while you learn from thousands of experts at wealthy affiliate then make this your new hangout place.

One awesome thing and unique that I found inside WA is that Kyle and Carson are both very active within the community and they offer guidance and support on a daily basis.  This alone makes Wealthy Affiliate a more than a just a training website as you can see; it is more than that.

It is more of a service and community oriented.

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate?

Everyone!  Wealth Affiliate university offers service to all different levels of skilled marketers and entrepreneurs to brand newbies. WA training program is accessible to everyone including those with a tight budget who otherwise cannot afford to pay high prices for training, build website(s) and run an online business, etc.

All levels of expertise, any age, from any country can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. As long as you have internet connection, you can access WA from anywhere.  Thus, you can get to your training, build a website or get all the help you need within the community.

People That Take Advantage Of  Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Bloggers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Local businesses and marketers
  • Individuals who want to turn their hobby into money makingsystem-927147_960_720
  • Regular people who want to build their own website(s)
  • People that want to start their own online business
  • Those looking for fast, safe and robust hosting platform
  • The ones who want to do affiliate marketing
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Stay home parents who wish to generate an additional income
  • People wanting an extra income
  • Veterans
  • Disabled or can’t work elsewhere

The list goes on but I am pretty sure you get the picture.

What Convinces People to Join Wealthy Affiliate? Testimonials…

What convinces people to join anything online? Everybody who joins premium WA have their own stories. Let me share with you some comments posted by some of the members in Wealthy Affiliate. These are posted by real people and their experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are some of my favorites ones…

“My experience leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate… I assume was pretty much the same as most people who are determined to build a successful online business.

 I went premium…

And BOY! was my mind blown!

No upsells, no advertising, no hype… Just a community of amazing people all with common goals and EVERYONE eager to help one another!

By following the training, a few weeks later I had my first free sign ups…. AND then…

At around the 2.5 month mark for me… It happened!

MY FIRST PAID REFERRAL… And the dude was so excited to tell me that he had signed up through MY referral link that I didn’t even know what to say to him in return 😉 but I could see the true potential behind Wealth Affiliate at this point…

And from there, the sky was the limit! WASH, RINSE, REPEAT 🙂

I had done the groundwork, now it was about upkeep and reaping the rewards.

Best part for me about Wealthy Affiliate, I get to promote products that I truly believe in… and people can see this when you are talking about the topic with them. You are passionate about it.

So for anyone reading this who is looking to build an online business, please save yourself the time searching any further… You have found what you have been looking for all this time… And SO much more!

Take it for a free test drive and decide for yourself.

The entire community is here to help you along the way, all you gotta do is ask 😉

Wishing you all of the best and looking forward to hearing from you!


Marc Parsons

“Life’s shweet when you have the right friends!”


“By the time I found WA, I was sick and tired from being scammed. I joined with hope that it wouldn’t be another one of those tricky programs.
We all know that WA is a totally different universe and I upgraded to Premium on the 5th day of my first week. The fact, that I actually learn something here and that each action is shown step by step is what got me hooked. And I wanted to know more. To do that, I had to upgrade…LoL.
After going Premium, I really loved (and still do) the fact that there are no upsells and that there are no false promises. I’m approaching my first year anniversary of being a member and I’ve seen more results than I have before I joined WA.
Training, Live Chat, Support, a fantastic community and caring owners. Good place to be if you want to create success. 🙂
Going Premium was the best decision I’ve made and I’m not looking back in regret.”


I absolutely love hearing about members who are inside Wealthy Affiliate and how WA has helped them in many different ways. Their stories range from how they started learning a new skill to earning full/part time income online.

Check out all the other people who shared their stories

Let us move on to more other useful stuff that you find inside Wealthy Affiliate such training, mentoring, support and much more!

 Training and Tools Available at Wealthy Affiliate

I have been using these training and tools first hand myself and they are incredible. The training that’s offered by WA academy is well organized, comprehensive and up to date.  It is for all levels of expertise including training for beginners to advanced marketers. The training is presented in the following formats:

  • Video Training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Participate in interactive discussions
  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Q & A Periods
  • Task Based Courses
  • Organized Classrooms (based on specific topics)

To help you visualize what I just mentioned above, here is a Wealthy Affiliate General Overview of the 1st Course.

I started with this Getting Started lesson and loved it. Well, I think everybody starts with this lesson.

Lessons Included

Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes 2
Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  And so the Tools and Services within WA are among the best in the market.  Some of the tools available are as follow:

  • Websites & Hosting (unlimited Cloud Hosting –for Premium Members)
  • Keyword Tool – Keyword Research tool
  • Access to 2,400 + website templates or themes
  • Capability to add over 30,000 different features to your website
  • Rapid Writer
  • Link Tracking

Things you can learn from Wealthy Affiliate….

  • How to build your website?What will you learn at WA
  • How to write good quality content
  • Keyword research and SEO
  • Pay per clicks marketing
  • How to make money from Youtube video
  • Email marketing & Video Marketing
  • How to earn from Google Adsense
  • Methods to promote and sell your own product or others and boost your income
  • Getting your website top rank in Google and other search engines
  • Ways to earn money promoting Wealthy Affiliate program

At beginning of this review, we asked this question” is a wealthy affiliate premium membership any good? So now you see that you get your money’s worth ten times over.  

What Kind of Work Will You Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

I get asked this question a lot. There are thousand of things to do inside WA. However, here is the process break down diagram:


What Should Not Be Expected From Wealthy Affiliate University?

I just let you know what you can expect from Wealthy Affiliate.  Do you want know what else I found inside WA academy? I am going to tell you anyway. Here are few things that should not be expected from Wealthy Affiliate…

  • Wealthy Affiliate does NOT promise you that you will get rich quick
  • The academy is not a MLM program, hence you do not need to build a huge down line to make money
  • WA does NOT tell you that you are going to make millions in few days
  • There are no hidden catches

Do you now wish to leave this page and continue your search for another training program of how to earn income online? I did not think so!  Let’s continue.

Once inside Wealth Affiliate, there is no need to worry about tools and services you need to run a successful business. EVERYTHING is included.  Everything offered by WA is all in one platform.

My overall take on the wealthy affiliate review is in the ones that I highly recommend program.

Let us continue with how much it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Price: What Is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

There are two membership price points that are available at Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter Membership = $ 0

Premium Membership= $49 per month / or $359 per year (Join HERE)

As a starter member you are guaranteed access to only 3 classrooms of the 13 along with all the basic training and tools that you need to get you going.  The premium membership gives you all that you need to start your online business, access to the advanced training courses and elite tools.

Do you happen to notice the deep discount you get when you upgrade to a yearly membership? This is a big discount!!! With this, the monthly payment comes down from $49 to under $30 ($29.92 to be exact). This is a no brainer people!  Yearly membership is less than a buck – $0.98 a day! That’s a huge saving of 59% savings.

Before I end this review, I want to point out some PROS and CONS  found at WA academy.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

The Good:

  1. Affordable
  2. Mobile friendly platform
  3. Live Chat – 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
  4. Built in website hosting
  5. Step-by step training
  6. Built-in social network
  7. Easy access and support from the owners + other experts
  8. Anyone can join from anywhere
  9. Offers all the tools you need
  10. No up-sells, no gimmicks
  11.  Don’t have to recruit others to earn
  12.  Zero direct selling
  13. Very interactive classrooms
  14. Absolutely SPAM FREE environment
  15. Site feedback and site comments (Get other people’s opinions on your website).  This works on “give some” “take some” basis.

The Bad:

  1. It requires hard work (of course this true for any ethical, legitimate success)
  2. Too much info at WA that could be overwhelming
  3. The Live Chat can be distracting – too much activities in the chat room

Any Hidden Costs You Need to Be Aware Of?

If you want your own domain(s), this will be an additional cost.  However, this is absolutely up to and you do not have to.  Just an FYI, domain names are relatively cheap and you can get one for around $ 15 bucks a year.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Have Money Back Guarantee

NO! Why, you ask? Because you have a choice to join as a free member for 7 days. During this time, you are guaranteed full access to Wealthy Affiliate and have the opportunity to check everything out before you become a premium member. This is more than enough time for you to decide if Wealthy Affiliate academy is right for you or not. You can remain a free member for as long as you want. However, I encourage you to go premium if you are very serious about starting your own online business.

Risks of Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no risk. By joining WA for free lets you decide to upgrade or not.  There is no requirement for your credit/debit card. So there is no pressure what’s so over and no obligation.

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus: Claim it NOW…

This special bonus is only applicable to those who become premium members in the first 7 days of creating their free membership account.

So when you go premium, I will make sure that you get these amazing bonus 59% discount on your first premium month membership. True fact! So join within the first 7 days and take advantage of 59% and get WA at $19.

  • Live classes (give opportunity to ask questions and get answers)
  • Private messaging support
  • Get training on how to build your own Traffic producing website
  • How to find High Traffic keywords
  • Updated training on how to make money online

If you have been looking and searching for an ethical, legitimate all-in-one platform / step-by-step training to start running your own successful online business, then this is it. So you must put in the necessary work for this path to take you where you want your business to be.

My Sincere Opinion & Special Bonus

My Final verdict on the Wealthy Affiliate Review is in ABSOLUTELY LEGIT, not a scam

Open your starter account, RISK-FREE – $0.  After you join, I will personally get in touch with you to make sure you are setup correctly and get you going in not time.

It’s $0, FREE! Join Wealthy Affiliate. 

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL:

Owners: Kyle and Carson

My Overall Ranking: 98.5 out of 100 points

Verdict: Very Legit

Is Wealthy Affiliate university a scam? Not at all and absolutely…



Questions or Comments?

What has your experience been with your Wealthy Affiliate so far? Do you have any tricks you want to share, or comments on my post?

Join today and connect with me inside.  I will be more than happy to assist you.  Access my profile here and see you inside!

Wealthy Affiliate

$ 49
Wealthy Affiliate

Keyword research tool


    Website security package


      Daily website backup


        Beginner training course


          Live help



            • Built in website hosting
            • No up-sells, no gimmicks
            • Step-by step training
            • Live Chat – 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
            • Zero direct selling


            • It requires hard work to succeed
            • Too much info at WA that could be overwhelming
            • The Live Chat can be distracting

            4 thoughts on “Is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Worth It

              1. Hello Odd Helge-
                The Wealthy Affiliate community helps people who want to learn how they can turn their interests into a successful online business. It provides all the tools and training needed to get you started in no time. It is all-in-one platform. Let me know if you have any more questions and thank you for reading my post.

              1. Thank you Kenneth. Glad you found this post helpful. Wealth Affiliate is one of the very few online programs that actually do teach people how to successfully make income online. They provide all the training, tools, support and network that you need to get started in the right direction.

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