Seasonal jobs for seniors – Over 55 years and looking for a work

Seasonal jobs for seniors – Over 55 years and looking for a work

More and more Americans are working past their golden years.  The reality is, people age 55 and older are looking for work and the best seasonal jobs for seniors are not necessary lining up and waiting for them.

In recent years, the number of people age 55 to 75 that are in the workforce has increased. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects this to continue to be on the rise until 2022.

Seasonal jobs for seniors - Over 55 years and looking for a work

So, keeping this in mind, what kind jobs are really out there for this age range to do?  Let it be known that the opportunities are limited and the pay is not that great. This is not to say that there are no great jobs for seniors available, they are just not sufficient.

Top seasonal jobs for seniors

Tax preparation

  • Average hourly wage: $ 18.95
  • Medium pay: $ 32,320

Park and recreation

  • Annual wage: $23,000

Ski resorts

  • Ski instructor hourly wage: $12.40 / hour
  • Lift operator hourly wage:  $10.15

Tutor: $15 /hour

Even though tutoring is listed as a seasonal job, it could be done any time.  The pay for tutoring is a bit higher in some areas than others.

Of course there are sales jobs for seniors that like to interact with others and staying busy.  These jobs are easily found around holidays.

Challenges facing seniors over 50 to find suitable work

Lack of qualification is a major contribution to limited seasonal job for seniors.  So, if you are a senior and you found yourself looking for a job in order to earn an income, here is a solution.

Become your own boss! Start your own online business. Forget looking for hourly and salary job. Working for yourself allows you to work when you want and from wherever you are.

Of course, just like starting a new work, you go through training and sometimes that requires learning new skills.  Starting online business is no different.  Take your interests, passions and make money doing what you always loved doing.

Finding legitimate work online


Seasonal jobs for seniorsLegitimate work at home jobs for seniors are difficult to find. So I want you to check out my number one recommended program for you to get started in the right direction. Two options available with this program.

  • Starter Members = 2 Free Websites (on domain).  You can stay a free member for as long as you want.


  • Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free website and 25 on your OWN Domains).

There are no up-sells and no other hidden costs.

How to start an online business step by step


Building a WordPress website now easier than ever before. As a matter of fact it can be done in under 60 seconds.  Play the video proof below.

Seasonal jobs for seniors

Along with website you get top of line video training, live classes training, liveChat and much more.

Those interested take a look but only those committed will take necessary actions and move forward.

Genuine thoughts on Seasonal jobs for seniors

In the real world, finding any time of an employment is never plain and simple. The job market is getting tough to break through.  Even a college degree does not cut it these days.

As a result, what does one have to do to meet the ends meet?

Do your best with what you have. Use your talents, resources and become your own boss. Cut off the mentality of depending on someone else’s rules and policies.

Just take action and start where you are.  You need to learn to crawl before you can walk/run.





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