How to open a Shopify online store in just five steps

How to open a Shopify online store in just five steps

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Thinking of how to grow your business by selling online and offline but don’t know which online platform to use? Or maybe you just want to start an online business! Either way, you are at the right place. There are quite a good number of online platforms to choose from, but are they worth the trust? For your business to thrive, you need a hassles and robust e-commerce platform.

Today, I am going to take you through shopify online store, it can be your destination. Also, I am going to show you how to build an online store with Shopify. Enjoy!

What is Shopify Online Store?

Product/Website: Shopify

Price: Plans range from $9 to $299 per a month

Overall ranking: 4.8 / 5

Recommended or Not:  Recommended

Shopify is an e-commerce company based in Canada that offers an e-commerce platform for businesses. Its main objective is to improve online business by developing computer software for online stores. It is one of the most robust and scalable e-commerce platforms you can find.

What Is Shopify Used for?

shopify online store

Shopify can be very helpful to your business.  It makes e-commerce better for every business and entrepreneur. Merchants are using this platform to manage their business in every aspect. For instance Shopify will help you manage your products, customers and orders at a go.

It makes a great deal in your business! To impress your customers and boost your sales, you need a beautiful and secure online store. You can also add Google Adsense to your site to potential increase your revenue.

How to Build an Online Store on Shopify?

Building an online business store for Shopify is a walk in the park. You don’t need to be a computer guru, all you need is basic computer skills.

Setting up an online Shopify store involves few clicks and little typing, it should take you 15 minutes! Here is how it goes:

1st step: Sign-up for Shopify Account

In the Shopify website, click on the “Get Started” button and fill in your details. There will be two options, to make an online shop or a brick and mortal store. Us, we want to make an online shop, so select online store and click next.

Now, you’ll be needed to fill in your personal information such as your address. After this step, Shopify will require to a little bit of yourself and your business.  Go ahead and fill in the boxes.

2nd Step: Add Products to Your Shopify Store

In this page, you’ll find a button that asks you to add a product. Click on it.  Fill in the details of the product like title and description. Feel free to complete the product page with the relevant information.

In the end, be sure to save the product.

3rd Step: Make Your Site Look the Way You Want

To customize the look of your site, select the “customize the look of your site” button on the main dashboard.  Here you should also find a link to the theme store.

4th Step: Select and Set up your Domain

For you to add your site official and live, you need to set up a domain.  On the main dashboard, click on the “ADD a Domain” button. It will prompt you to make a choice of whether you want to transfer or register a new domain.  After choosing a domain, go through the steps to make the purchase.  It is in this step that  you’ll need to specify your Shopify payment.

5th Step: Select and Activate Your Payment Processor

On the dashboard, click on payments and select your desired payment processor. Walk through the simple steps to activate your payment processor. These payment processors allow you to accept and transfer payments to an account.

After the last step, click on the “Launch Website” button to launch your store. Is that not incredible? Try Shopify for free for fourteen days.

Shopify Price Plans

Shopify offers a wide range of online price plans that you can select from. So, with that said, let’s look at these plans and see which ones fit you best.

  1. Lite

It goes for $ 9 a month with credit card rates of 2.9%. This caters for a Shopify buy botton, POS integration, Facebook selling, shipping codes, fraud analysis and manual order creation.

The Shopify buy button portrays that your site in fully an online store. However, in this Shopify online store plan, only one staff account is provided.

    2. Basic Shopify

This plan goes for only $29 a month, and you get to enjoy everything in the previous plan. With this plan, you now have an actual online store plus a free SSL certificate, blog, discount codes, and website. By picking this plan, you’re provided with two staff accounts.

   3. Shopify

Now we’re $ 79 per a month for all the services discussed in the previous plans. Credit card rates are 2.6 %.  With this plan, you can also count on professional reports, gift cards, abandoned shopping cart recovery, and five staff accounts.

   4. Advanced Shopify

Lastly is the $ 299 plan.  In this plan, credit card rates are 2.6 %.  Advanced report builder, an actual online store, and real-time carrier shipping is what you enjoy from opting this plan.

Also, this plan provides 14 staff accounts.How to Build an Online Store on Shopify


All the four plans accommodate unlimited file storage, shipping label discounts, and unlimited number of products. Moreover, they will give you a retail package if needed.

Shopify Online Store Pros and Cons

Indeed, Shopify offers a great deal in your e-commerce administration. However, I encountered the following pros and cons in their operation.


  • 14- day free trial
  • Over 100 fine-looking templates to decide on
  • You can sell your product anywhere with Shopify
  • Shopify allows to accept payment from anywhere
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Great e-commerce builder with over 1,400 Apps
  • Super-fast servers
  • Unlimited products
  • Discount codes
  • Gift cards
  • 24/7 help desk

See all the features offered by this storefront solution at


  • If you don’t use the Shopify payment, you’re exposed to a transaction fee in every sale.

Apart from the monthly service fee, Shopify will charge you a little transaction fee of 0.5 % – 2% for their plans. For to escape these charges, you have to use the Shopify payments for your transactions.

  • Increased monthly cost when you’re using multiple Apps

Yes, Shopify presents you 1,400 Apps to stretch the functionality of your online store. Most of these apps are not free.

They attract an extra monthly cost. When you use multiple apps to nourish your store, you increase your monthly charges.

  • For extended theme customization, you need to know “Liquid” language.

The customization of their themes is not limited to HTML and CSS languages. Shopify has used their own programming language called liquid to develop the themes.

Athough, you need to hire a qualified personnel, preferably a Shopify expert to do the job for you. Of which it’ll be expensive compared to the normal programmer.

Shopify Complaint

Shopify is no doubt a great online shopping store. Nevertheless, Shopify has concentrated on quality and placed less attention on cost reduction.

Some customers feel that Shopify should have a platform with zero monthly charges rather than a 14-day trial.

Shopify Vs. Square

Shopify and Square will both make a great deal in your business. But which one should I choose as a merchant?

Which one gives better services and has the best features? Okay, your choice will greatly depend on personal interests and situation.  Have in mind that these two companies have very close offerings.

Just like Square, Shopify has made online business much easier for merchants, especially the newbies. Since they were launched, both companies have branched out considerably. With that said, let’s look at some of their similarities and differences.


  • Identical card processing rates
  • Both have great POS Apps
  • Shopify and Square make available multiple e-commerce options


As I had mentioned earlier, these two companies have very close offerings. However, I was able to realize only two differences.

  • Baseline monthly fee

Unlike Square, Shopify includes a monthly fee in all their plans and credit card transaction fee as well. In Square, there is $ 0  monthly charges and $ 0 PCI compliance. In other words, there are no charges beyond credit card transaction fees.

  • Advanced Features 

As compared to Square, Shopify has many advanced features to help you move your online store to the next level. These advanced features attract additional costs, and that’s why Square keep them away.

Square will make a better option for merchants who process credit card payments only. This is because there are no monthly charges. Furthermore, if you always get less traffic on your e-commerce website, Square is the way to go.

Shopify has really cool features and attractive themes, so if your business can afford the added cost, got for it.

Shopify Security

Is Shopify secure? This is the question that I have been receiving now and then. Well, Shopify takes security very seriously to ensure your data, and that of your customers are safe.

To ensure this is achieved, Shopify hosts its shopping cart on a level 1 PCI DSS compliant server.  In addition, Shopify offers 128-bit Free SSL certificate in all the pricing plans except Lite plan.

Shopify App Store

Apart from the templates, Shopify has created a collection of Plugins to assist you modify and design your site. These plugins make the App Store. Shopify App store is meant to extend the functionality of your store by providing free and premium plugs.

Shopify Online Store Final Thoughts

If you need to sell your products both offline and online, then Shopify will make a great deal for you.  Moreover, Shopify supplies standalone options for those who only want to sell their products offline.

Best brands in the world trust Shopify for their online businesses. Hence, don’t be left out, grab an e-commerce website from Shopify and watch your business or brand thrive.




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  1. Wow! Very comprehensive review of Shopify! I am interested, but am a little concerned about the monthly charges. Also, is there any way that it can help with SEO? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Josh, I agree that the monthly charges are a bit high but you also get a lot. But if you can afford it and have a great product/service that people want then the price should not matter much. Shopify just covers a bit of site search engines optimization.

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