Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

Most of us starting online business and even those that have been running their web site for awhile are on a tight budget and need web traffic.

So should you be on a tight budget and still want to run some ads, here maybe an option for you! Leased Ad Space! What is Leased Ad Space, you ask? Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

What is Leased Ad Space?  Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

Leased Ad Space is an advertising marketing platform that is based on members exchanging ads with each other for a fee.  This fee is used to purchase different level of advertising packages.

Members make a one time traffic package buy in order to post banners, blogs, text ads and send email campaigns to other members.

So basically you can advertise on Leased Ad Space via text impressions, banner ad impressions, run solo ads, blog posts, send and receive ad blasts. Leased Ad Space is another means on how to sell online advertising space.

Leased Ad Space has affiliate program where members earn commissions by selling traffic packages to other people.


But, what kind quality of traffic are you really getting?


Not a good one, I tell you that much. The people who are seeing your ads are the same people that you are viewing ads from. These people are not necessary interested in your ad.  They joined for the same reasons you joined.  To make some extra cash.  Thus this is a negative aspect of Leased Ad Space.

Leased Ad Space Overview

PRODUCT NAME: Leased Ad Space
Overall Ranking: 2 Stars out of 5
Price: $7 to start with various other packages
Kenny and Sammy Kolijn



Here is a quick summary of what is Leased Ad Space and what you get when  you purchase a traffic package.

Buying traffic package allows you to receive internal and external advertising traffic using the following types of ads:

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Email marketing/solo ads
  • A public profile page
  • A personal blog post

This is in a nutshell what Leased Ad Space offers.


Pros/Cons of Leased Ad Space 

Is Leased Ad Space a scam?  Before saying much about its products, learn what the pros and cons are then make a decision.


  • Solo Emails:

Depending on your package level, you send out numerous solo emails to other members in a given month.

Note: This does not apply to the pearl or the basic package also called level one which is only done once per a month.

  • Instant Commissions:

Commissions are paid out to you whether or not the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your down-line structure from members above or below you.

Nonetheless do not think for a second it is going to be that easy for you to make commissions with Leased Ad Space. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you know how difficult it is to get your first commission!


  • Packages have to be bought in order.  This means that you have to purchase all lower level packages before purchasing any higher level package
  • You must accept payment processor that’s offered by Leased Ad Space.  Currently; paypal, SolidTrust Pay and Payza are the suggested ones.

If you do not accept the offered payment method of the customer, then the sale is passed on to someone in your up-line who does accept that type of payment.

  • Traffic package purchases are FINAL.  So no refund of any sort.  This is not necessary a con as you receive the service you pay for and everything is done digitally. Is Leased Ad Space a scam then?
  • Impressions are not monthly and require a purchase of the next level package to get more.


Who Is This For?

The product is for everybody.  Who doe not want to learn how to boost website traffic?  Beginners, intermediate and advanced all can get online traffic using Leased Ad Space.  On top of that, you can make money by sharing the product with other people.

Just keep in mind the quality of web traffic you are receiving. Even though you post blogs on Leased Ad Space, they do not get indexed by search engines.

Leased Ad Space Training and Tools Overview

Tools provided by Leased Ad Space are listed below:

  • Email copy – several pre-written email blasts copies
  • Text ads – a good number of text ads are readily available in plan text or HTML form
  • Banners- are provided in selected sizes.

Splash pages

  • Stock splash pages are accessible and no setup is required from the user
  • Branded splash pages are in the member’s area for you to add a personal touch

Other than what’s mentioned above, there are not that much training offered by Leased Ad Space.  Though, there are few videos on YouTube that members or anyone else can access for information.


Support by Leased Ad Space

If you have any concerns regarding anything in Leased Ad Space, you can submit a support request. Customers who own traffic package are responded to faster than anybody else.

Customers who have an account but have not made a traffic package and general public are helped but are not made a priority.



There are several traffic packages with different price points. Leased ad Space traffic products are a one-time purchases that start at $7 pearl traffic to a high of $147.00, red diamond.

Various traffic package levels:

Pearl Package – $ 7

Amethyst Package –$ 17

Emerald Package – $ 27

Sapphire Package – $ 47

Ruby Package – $ 67

Diamond Package – $ 87

Red Diamond Package – $ 147

The total amount of money you have to pay is $ 399.  This is not a small chunk of money and in the end, the quality of traffic you get is not all that.

 Can it Really Boost Web Site Traffic?

Leased Ad Space can help increase sign ups and possibly sales but by how much.  It is true that every little bit helps, so if you decide to join Leased Ad Space, keep in mind the kind of traffic you will be getting.

Even with the basic level traffic package you send out one (1) email to the entire member list of Leased Ad Space every month, with no further cost to you.  So when comparing this method to the pay per click (PPC) method, Leased Ad Space falls short.

With PPC, once you have received the clicks purchased, that’s it.  Then you do have to buy some more. But at least when you use PPC you can target keywords and geographical location.

Final Thoughts on Leased Ad Space

Every person, entrepreneur, website owner, business owners all need more traffic, in order to make money or promote anything online.

If you wish to become part of Leased Ad Space but don’t have a business to advertise there, learn more about this highly recommended program.  You get all the tools and training needed to get started online.

So, is Leased Ad Space a scam? No, it is not.  You get traffic and potentially earn money through the power of teamwork. Its affiliate program is not going to make you a millionaire.

Don’t expect much from Leased Ad Space.

The best way on how to drive traffic to a website is to write quality, relevant content. Once you do that, you can scale up your advertising campaign by using the pay per click methods and other various ways such as social media, blogging.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions that I did not address, please do leave them down below and will get back to you.

-Thank you





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4 thoughts on “Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

  1. Thanks so Much for the review. I’ve often wondered about leased ad space and now I have a good idea how it all works. Your review made a few things clear. It goes to show that checking things out thoroughly before jumping aboard often pays off. Much Appreciated.

    1. Hello Cary –

      Things are always not what they seem to be and must be checked out before getting involved. There are many scams out there especially online and so one must do his/her homework.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. This really does sound like something with no ROI.
    If all others are doing the same thing, very few people will be interested in that.
    Moreover in $399 I could run an extremely effective ad campaign bringing me even more traffic.
    Thanks man, this article really showed me how these companies sell mediocre stuff by promising traffic.
    Great article!


    1. Pushkaraj-

      You are absolutely right! Leased Ad Space advertising program is one of the worst online. One is better off using other means to drive traffic to their website and online business. There is nothing out there that’s beats organic traffic.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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