Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

Is Fiverr a Scam or legit

Sometimes you need a helping hand when you run your own online business.  This can be contracting out duties such as having someone design your business cards, logo, write SEO content or anything else.  This is where Fiverr site comes in.  But, before you rush into anything, you need to find out the following:  is Fiverr a scam or legit online business service website.

First and foremost, lets see what is Fiverr about. Fiverr Service at glance:


Owner: Micha Kaufman

Price: varies for each job service

Established:  2009

Ranking: 90 points out of 100

What Is Fiverr About?

Fiverr is an online place that’s equipped to providing services and other tasks to those who are in need. Easy Fiverr gigs start at the price of just five dollars (hence the name Fiverr) and the more complex ones cost more money.

Fiverr can facilitate in many ways and there are people who use Fiverr as a go to for all their needs. Of course, some fiverr gigs anyone can do and others are more difficult.

Easy gigs to sell on Fiverr  are as follow:

  1. Taking or locating pictures
  2. Social media services
  3. Research
  4. Website content, contract and other legal writing and getting paid.
  5. Altering pictures
  6. Virtual assistant
  7. Writing product reviews

Fiverr gigs ideas that may be labor intensive and cost more per job performance

  1. Creating software
  2. Design business cards, logos or fliers
  3. Putting together ebooks and or reports
  4. Make video tutorials
  5. Search engine optimization aka (SEO)
  6. Creating digital /converting info into PDF and other digital
  7. Website design and analysis

Offering products and services to customers has its advantages and disadvantages. In view of that Fiverr is no exception. Fiverr website offers a variety of services as mentioned above.  Thus, here are the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of using Fiverr Services


  • Free up your time
  • Fiverr gigs are low costs
  • Easy transaction
  • Easy refunds if unsatisfied with the service


  • Some Fiverr gig sellers do not follow instructions provided by the client
  • Not every fiverr gig seller is an expert as s/he claims
  • Not getting what you paid for or what you were expecting
  • Too much services offered and some of them overlap
  • Some sellers do not offer any revisions on their work

Besides these pros and cons, are there any Fiverr complaints?  Is Fiverr legit? Yes!

Some of Fiverr Complaints are…

  • Fiverr is not worth the money
  • Seller’s ratings are fake and misleading
  • Sellers do not deliver on time as they promised
  • Some sellers are not professionals in their playing field as they claim

The simple fact is, there are Fiverr gigs that get your money’s worth and there are others Fiverr’s task that are a complete waste of the buyer’s time and money. So, is Fiverr a Scam or Legit? Continue to read and you decide.

Most of Fiverr complaints are from buyers who needed a very complex task performed such as designing a business log, SEO, …

When you raise a complaint with Fiverr because you received mediocre work, they are quick to refund your money.

You can leave the seller a negative review, but chances are that future potential buyers will not see it.  Why? Because Fiverr  and or the seller has the ability to remove bad reviews.  In other words, they can have them removed and not show up under’s Fiverr seller’s ratings.

Fiverr Customer Support

You can contact Fiverr customer support by submitting in a request ticket.  Issues are usually resolved withing 24 to 48 hours. Fiverr forum is available to use and try to get answers to your questions.

Fiverr Tools and Training

Tools and training features:

  • Video tutorials – for buyers and sellers
  • Fiverr forum

Video tutorials: for both Fiverr buyers and sellers are available. Video for buyers covers how to place an order and posting a request video. Of course in addition it covers how to find anything on Fiverr. Before you start a gig on Fiverr you should watch these videos.

Sellers video tutorials details how to create a gig, create gig packages, manage tasks, order page overview video and couple other things. To sell services on on Fiverr, going through these videos is very beneficial.

You can join Fiverr forum and see what topics and gigs that are being discussed.  You can also ask questions.

So, Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Service Website?

Simple answer to whether Fiverr is a scam or a legit online service website is to explore what makes a business or service lawful. Fiverr gigs are legit and the people offering their services are real. It is true that sometimes you may not get what you negotiate for from Fiverr but that can happen anywhere.

Does Fiverr Work? How to Promote Fiverr gigs?

Yes and no!  Since most Fiverr gigs set up at $5, one can not expect too much. As a consequence, when you do not get what you wanted you do not feel too bad about.  But in the end, when the money is spent is gone for good, regardless of how it is used up.

So, is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

Anyone can learn how to make money from Fiverr and earn extra income online. What and how to sell on Fiverr is entirely up to you.  However do make sure that the best gigs on Fiverr you want to do are competitive enough.  Also know that no gig on Fiverr is going to be the same.

To promote Fiverr gigs is straightforward. Registration is required to either buy or sell services on Fiverr. Therefore, Fiverr sign up is obligatory and of course it is free of charge.

Note for buyers: Fiverr charges a processing fee starting from $1 to $20 and sometimes more. Buyers pay for Fiverr orders in advance.

Sellers, how and what to sell on Fiverr is your choice. Because, on Fiverr, you get to offer your talent, skills and expertise. Keep in mind that as a seller, you get to keep 80% of each Fiverr gig you sell and deliver successfully.

Final Thoughts on “Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Service Website”

If you decide to work with Fiverr, get only the best fiverr gigs.  Avoid PLR which are also known as Private Labor Rights. These could get messy and you never know who is behind them.  There are Fiverr gigs that sell and others that do not.

With that said, wanting to earn a living online is one thing and making it happen is another.  You can educate yourself on how to make real money on Fiverr.  But again, most Fiverr gigs cost $5. It is not going to make you very rich over a night but that’s a starting point.

You can invite other people to use Fiverr and receive credit.  That is through Fiverr referral program.  Basically, you invite someone to use Fiverr and when they do you get $5!

You go ahead and learn more about the real online opportunities and how to start your own online business here. You do not even have to spend any of your hard earned money to get you going.  No credit card required either!

wealthy affiliate scam or legit

Besides knowing how to sell on Fiverr and make some extra money, there are other ways to produce income online.  To do so however, one has to know what to do and how to do it the right way.  Even if you do not have any experience, you can still make money online.  Here you learn a step by step on how to get started.

Fiverr gigs are not always worth the money or the time spent looking for a seller whom you think qualifies to provide you the service. This however does not put Fiverr on the online scam list.  Fiverr is legit.


Verdict: Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit? It is LEGIT


I invite you to share your feedback on this Fiverr review “Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website” and let me know what your thoughts are.

Thank you for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

  1. I like using the services in Fiverr, just gotta be careful of who you choose. Make sure you read the reviews and see samples of their work.

    This is certainly a great way to make some money online to start with! 🙂 Thanks for your detailed review.


    1. Hello Grace-

      Yes, the services offered by Fiverr are not bad at all. However one has to know who they are working with. Buyers need to asks questions and be comfortable with saying no to the mediocre job. Buyers also should do their due diligence and research the seller thoroughly before doing work with them.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Hi,
    I use Fiverr and I can say that they are not a scam. However there are many shady people on Fiverr. Many sellers are self proclaimed experts and that is not the case. You have to be careful with what service you are looking for. I had a terrible experience where I purchased a gig that would give me Facebook likes. Turns out the Facebook likes were fake and the seller was a POS. Fiverr did nothing to intervene and I finally give up and let the seller keep my $10.

    P.S. would you please comment on my article, thanks a million!

    1. Xdeem-

      I completely agree with your take on Fiverr. Fiverr is not a scam but some sellers have no clue in what they claim they know. Sorry you lost your $10. While I was doing my research, in most the cases the buyers get a refund if they are not satisfied with the work done.

      Thank you Xdeem.

  3. Fiverr is a legit online business service website. I personally use it to have someone create a logo for my website and it was designed how i wanted it and given to me within two days. Also i know a friend who is a writer on Fiverr and he makes good money from it.

    1. Fiverr is legit. Doing business with Fiverr freelancers requires you to do your own homework and select the best guys for the job. Everybody who sells a service on Fiverr claims to be “expert” in what they do but that is not the case. With Fiverr, it may take time to find who can do exactly what you want and how you want it. Just make sure that you both are on the same page and keep communication going.

      Thank you Michael!

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