Is Affilorama A Scam?

Is Affilorama A Scam?

Affilorama was founded in 2005 by Mark Ling who is a successful business man. It’s essentially a web-based course that is offered with several videos with over 100 hours. Just in case you are asking, is Affilorama a scam? The below review will help you understand Affilorama and how it can help you become an affiliate marketer.

Mark Ling
Mark Ling


Name: Affilorama
Price: $67 per Month 
Owners: Mark Ling
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

The Good & The Bad of Affilorama

GreatAffilorama Products1

  • Simple to follow educational resources including software applications
  • Accessibility to premium affiliate marketing communities
  • It enables you to research the principles without investing a dime
  • Payment alternatives for the Premium program contain a three-year payment plan
  • Owner is very well respected in the business world


  • Too many choices can make deciding on the best plan hard
  • The basic plan is very limited in comparison with the paid plans
  • A support team provides customer support, and you won’t have direct access to Mark Ling

Who’s Affilorama For?

Affilorama is meant to be used by anyone who needs to make some additional cash online in affiliate marketing. The tools and training within Affilorama is focused on every aspect from setting up a website to more innovative promotional techniques.

Affilorama Tools & Training

Affilorama offers essential tools with hundreds of hours of videos that cover issues from building a web site to composing content and getting your web site ranks.

Affilorama Support

When most people pay for this service and don’t get support directly from Mark Ling, they start to ask, is Affilorama a scam? The fact is that the founder Mark Ling is an extremely busy man and will only provide support on rare occasions. All support comes from the community of members, largely from free members so don’t expect any special treatment. They also have a team of customer service staff to help get you setup and running.

Affilorama Cost

Free Membership to Join– $0 Basic vs. premium membership

Premium Membership – $67/month

This is the core bundle and contains training, applications, limited hosting, and newsgroup access. Extras link building, blog boot camp, Premium tools, website hosting and PLR content.

As you can see, with just the basic membership you don’t get much.  If you decide to upgrade and become a premium member, it cost you $67 per a month and this price does not include all the upsells that are offered by Affilorama. This price is a bit too steep and you do not get a whole bang for your money.

Additionally, there are several other offerings or “upsells” that are marketed

  • Upsell #1: AffiloBlueprint – $197 one time: The bundle contains 13 lessons, 85 videos covering issues from affiliate marketing, niche marketing and research, free traffic, etc.


  • Upsell #2: AffiloJetPack – $497 one time: The AffiloJetPack is a high niche marketing bundle that features your choice of 5 market bundles, 15 newsletters collection, 3 ebooks per market, and access to AffiloTheme, graphics and 20 PLR articles.

Affilo JetPack

As of the writing of this article, you can not get access to AffiloJetPack.  You can provide your name and email to Affilorama and you will get updates regarding AffiloJetPack.

  • Upsell #3: AffiloTheme – $97 one time: This is a WordPress theme that includes training showing you how to use it correctly. This last upsell contains Affilotheme WordPress theme, training videos, private forum, images creation software and one year of hosting.

So, Is Affilorama A Scam?

No it’s not a scam. But I must confess, most of the training contents offered in the Affilorama Premium Membership are good, but there are some training that may cause a negative impact to your business. For example, since Google’s Panda and Penguin, bad back linking strategies can lead you to lose your ranking on Google.

Additionally, there are too many upsells, which could be regarded as misinformation and can be confusing to a beginner.

Another flaw of Affilorama are the PLR (Private Label Rights)contents. Virtually anyone can use PLR for their sites and even when re-written PLR most times will be detected by search engine algorithm and can get your website demoted in the SERFs.

All in all, Affiliorama will be good for new affiliates, as it can teach them the basics and get them off to a good start.

Affilorama at a Glance…

Name: Affilorama

Owner: Mark Ling

Sales Page:

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100



Do You want to Become an Expert in Online Affiliate Marketing ?


Online marketing is difficult as it is not a plug and chug.  It requires work and efforts. I personally had my fair share when I was starting out.  Most programs or systems that I tried out failed to provide proper coaching and training.

Start your affiliate marketing the correct way!

My final thoughts on Affilorama are that you do not get much for your money.  There are other similar programs to Affilorama such as wealthy Affiliate that are far better in terms of the training and service they offer for a lesser price.

Check out my number one recommendation here.  You can test drive Affilorama for one dollar for a limited amount of time (thirty days) then after that the price goes up.  Affilorama has a sixty day money back guarantee.

Thank you for reading and please share and leave comments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


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4 thoughts on “Is Affilorama A Scam?

  1. The up-sells at Affilorama are frightful, and some of the training is outdated like you said… However I do know someone who used Affilorama to create a somewhat successful website.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is no doubt far better than Affilorama. One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is that there are no up-sells.

    Great post!

    1. Hello Ian-
      I personally do not like to join programs that have lots of hidden costs that are not disclosed upfront. It is kind of misleading. Affilorama has been around for 8 years or so (as of 2016) and they report that they only have close to 8300 student. This number might be high or low considering many factors but my point is that compare this number to Wealthy Affiliate’s members today. Big difference!

      I have no doubt that some people can have great results with Affilorama, but I PERSONALLY would not make it far with Affilorama’s program.

      I agree completely with your points regarding Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please visit again!


  2. Very thorough post, thanks! I feel more confident in what Affilorama has to offer. I did read about them at one point but was confused by all the upsells. All in all, I agree with you that affiliate marketing is more subtle (and more work!) than merely buying a ton of plugins and waiting. I personally joined Wealthy Affiliate, and am glad I did so because the monthly rate is better, and because we have direct access to the website creators. Reading this post has made me happier with my decision!

    1. I agree with you that there is not quick way to making fast money online. Anything worth awhile requires time but in the end it pays off. Wealthy Affiliate has top notch program to teach people the correct way to earn money online. No scams or gimmicks there.

      I am glad to help!

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