How To Get gofundme donations – Is GoFundMe A Scam?

How To Get gofundme donations – Is GoFundMe A Scam?

Get GoFundMe Donations for a cause

Landing a helping hand requires a big heart! You get GoFundMe donations when people across the world make a huge leap of faith by trusting in your cause. So, with crowdfund GoFundMe fundraising, how do you get GoFundMe donations and for what?

What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a type of crowdfunding.  It is an online fundraising website that allows individuals, groups and organizations to raise money for any particular cause.

GoFundMe allows almost anyone to invest money in order to raise funds for a project or business. GoFundMe receives donations from around the world.  So, how does GoFundMe work and how do they make money?

Check out these secrets on how to use crowdfunding services step by step.

GoFundMe Company Background:

The company was founded in 2010 by Brad Damphousse & Andrew Ballester. Their slogan is get money get going!

GoFundMe is not a scam. It helps those in need of raising money by connecting donors and beneficiaries in a much simpler way!

How Does GoFundMe work?

You establish how much funding you want to raise then you launch a campaign set out to just do that. People add funds from wherever they are.

There is no donation minimum required.  However, every little bit helps so the more you can give the better!

To get started with GoFundMe, you sign up with GoFundMe for free.  Upon signing up, you are asked to launch a GoFundMe campaign on your behalf or someone else’s behalf. Then you upload a picture of yourself.  After completing these previous tasks, you go through a questionnaire section.

Steps to get GoFundMe donations:

  • Free sign up with GoFundMe
  • Launch a campaign to let people know what you are doing
  • Upload your picture
  • Share your campaign with others starting with the ones in your circle
  • Answer questions

You have to send the campaign to your  family and friends first before reading out to strangers.

Of course, as you may have guessed it, raising funds through GoFundMe is not without a price.

GoFundMe Fees

To get GoFundMe donations platform costs money. But again, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

GoFundMe collects  a 5 %  fee for every single donation that you receive.  Also, there is a 3 % transaction fee.

 Donors are not charged for their donations.

So, you are looking at 8 % overall costs and fees to raise money online donations through GoFundMe. This fee is not too bad, however!

Pros and Cons To Get GoFundMe Donations

The Good:

  • Raise money for any cause
  • On-going fundraising campaign
  • Receive notifications
  • Keep every donation you receive
  • Mobile phone donation is accepted

The Bad:

  • Scams can be ran through GoFundMe service
  • Withdraws take 7 business days to process
  • Campaigns are not 100% private
    • Anyone who has your GoFundMe link can access your campaign
  • You must be supported by the people you know, FIRST!
    • this could be a pro too depending on how you look at it.
  • GoFundme ONLY works in selected countries
    • These countries have to be supported by GoFundMe payment partners

You can really get a lot of money through GoFundMe fundraising service.  The key is to have a strategy.

Having a plan is the key to successfully receiving money from crowdfunding.

Who Can Get GoFundme Donations?

It does not matter what you need to get GoFundMe donations for.  What you need is a good cause and or good idea.

Get GoFundMe donations

You can get GoFundMe donations community, competitions, events, faith, family; the list is endless.  Get GoFundMe donations and start an online business..

Working for yourself is the only way to get ahead. You do what you want and when you want! With the funds, you can build a website that you want among other things.

Does GoFundme Work?

GoFundMe service is a legitimate service and yes it does work. However, as mentioned above it is possible for someone with bad intentions to do some harm.

For anyone who use GoFundMe donation service, you must carefully check the legitimacy of  who is asking for the money.

GoFundMe Guarantee

There can be some problems to get GoFundMe donations, so GoFundMe has a put a guarantee program in place.

So, in case campaign organizers don’t pass on the funds they received on your behalf, GoFundMe covers up to $25,000 of the amount not delivered.

Of course there may be some restrictions but other than that, it is easy to file a donor claim or beneficiary claim.  Either way, as long as the funds were raised, the beneficiary get them.

As donor, if you can prove that you were deceived, you can receive up to $1000 dollars.

Both the donor and the beneficiary are protected.

GoFundMe Client Support

GoFundMe client support is one of the best.  All questions are tended to and answered in less than 5 minutes 24/7.  This kind of customer support is on top of the line.

In any case you need help from GoFundMe, you get answers!

Is Your Donation Tax – Deductible?

Unfortunately, donations made to GoFundMe personal campaigns can’t be tax –  deductible.  These donations are deemed to be personal gifts.

On the other hand, donations made to GoFundMe certified charity campaigns are tax deductible.  Therefore, upon making a donation to the charity of your choice, you get an automatic tax deductible receipt.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Get GoFundMe Donations

When signing up, you do not have to provide your real name.  Meaning, you can choose to hide your campaign from being listed on GoFundme during the signing up process.

Even if you don’t reach your goal, you keep each and every donation you receive.  GoFundMe automatically deducts its fees so you don’t have to worry about receiving a bill from them.

Do You Need to Get GoFundMe Donations?

Start a GoFundMe campaign and start an online business.  If you want to finish rich in life, you need to do things on your own terms, not somebody else’s.

Here is how to start an online business for free.

There is not better time than the present.  So, take consistent actions to ensure success!

Thank you for reading and please share your feedback/comments down below!

-To your success!

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4 thoughts on “How To Get gofundme donations – Is GoFundMe A Scam?

  1. I have always wondered how GoFundMe actually worked and this helped clear up a lot of my questions. One thing I am still unsure of and hope you could help with is; when you say you must interact with your family and friends first, how do does GoFundMe know? And does someone from your friends/family list ned to make a donation before you can open it up to outside parties? Thanks in advance.

    1. Most family members have the same last name. Besides that, now days it is hard to hide the truth since everything can easily be verified. For example, you may be asked to provide personal details that only you would know about your friends or family. For those who use social media, some useful information can be obtained from there as well. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Hey great information. A lot of us have things we want to do but is limited with the big burden of no funds. Like me, I want to start a lawn Service Business but I need a little help with equipment. Is this something I could use to help me?

    1. Ronnie –

      It sure can help you. Start a GoFundMe campaign then send it to people in your circle first then reach out to other people. You will get the funds you need.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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