Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google

How to get your website ranked first page on Google so you can start making some money sooner than later?

Folks, I know you have been working very hard to build your web site using various means but you still cannot get your site to show up in the top ten pages on Google.  To make the matters worse you are not making any money from it either! Without a further ado, let’s discuss ways to get your website ranked first page on Google.


How to Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google?


If your website is not showing up in top pages of search engines, then there is problem. In order to improve a Google page rank the issues must be addressed and fast. So, what can the possible issues might be?


Identifying Potential Issues


To get your website ranked first page on Google is not a rocket science project.  Just take some time to identify the problems and fix them Improve a google page rank.

Below is a quick checklist of possible issues:

  • No inbound links: people are basically not sharing content on your website
  • Not using the suitable keywords
  • Time related website – your website is relatively new and has not been indexed
  • Not having enough content or comments
  • No images on your pages/posts of your website
  • Images are not labeled properly
  • Doublicated content
  • Keyword stuffing – you are overloading the content with keywords

These are the major threats that affect site rank negatively and in a big way. At any time you know where your website page is ranking in search engines, then you can make any needed change.


Fix Issues Affecting Website Ranking


You can improve a Google page rank by performing the following:

  • Use both visible and invisible keywordsGET YOUR WEBSITE RANKED FIRST PAGE ON GOOGLE
  • Create new, fresh content for your web site
  • Use Jaaxy keyword research tool to find the ultimate keywords
  • Use your keyword in 1st paragraph
  • Anchor text relating related to keywords
  • Get people involved on your website by asking for comments, sharing your content on G+ and other social sites
  • Place your page tabs, page headings and page title strategically.
  • Follow SEO (search engine optimization) methodology
  • Make your page title catchy if you can
  • Meta description – enter your keyword in meta
  • Aim for new posts to have the keyword in the URL
  • Get the keyword in large font (H1 for those using WordPress)
  • Label your image filename
  • Use internal links in your content
  • Use Inbound link to page
  • Get on the social media hub and start building your base and share info
  • Find out what your competitor is doing right
  • Make sure your sitemap to Google is submitting every time you add/change anything on your web site

Once you got all the concerns addressed, it will only be a matter of time for search engines to start noticing your site. You can drive traffic to a website by using various means so figure out what works best for you.

Then soon enough, you will get your website ranked first page on Google and start monetizing your website.


Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google – Use Web Site Ranking Tools


There are many ways to check your website’s current rank position, but the best practice is to use site rank tool(s) such as:

  1. Google Site Ranking Tool (Google Search Console)
  2. Jaaxy Keyword and Research Tool

Before you get high ranking in search engines, you need to make your website come up in Google, first.   In this article, Google is the focus search engine as it is the most dominating one as of this writing.


Google Site Ranking Tool and How to Properly Use It


The tool allows website owners to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Google re-branded the webmaster tool and called it Google Search Console.

The tool is free to use and offers a load of useful data. Access Google site ranking tool by doing the following:

Sign in to Google using your Gmail account.  Then once in the webmaster homepage, do search Traffic >>then select any of the search queries you want to analyze. This will give you an average position based on frequency of search and your country location.


Jaaxy: Site Ranking Tool


Another effective way on how to check your website ranking on Google is by using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. You can discover what is Jaaxy and how it can help you improve your site ranking here.

Jaaxy is used as keyword website ranking tool and it also has site rank feature, which is awesome! To use Jaaxy, sign in into Jaaxy then enter your target keyword and URL.


Jaaxy Site Ranking Tool
Jaaxy keyword website ranking tool


Keep in mind that this particular keyword rank checker tool only examines the first twenty pages in Google Search engine.

If you are not ranking in the top twenty pages on Google, Jaaxy does not give you any clue on where your site is positioned in terms of page ranking.  This is a kind of drawback.

When you use Jaaxy as a site ranking tool, all the entered domains are stored for future reference.  This way, you can actually monitor and check site keyword ranking as much as you need to.

When you have used the site ranking tool(s) (either one or both mentioned above) then you can start identifying any potential issues that are affecting your website ranking. Reference the already mentioned concerns and use them as a check mark point.

But doing all this is not enough. You need to stay updated on search engines and search engines optimization.


Keeping an Eye on your Rankings and Staying in the Know


Website pages can exist online for life, but search engines update their algorithms and system very often.  This is mainly to prevent and reduce any popular tricks that site’s owners can be using to improve their rankings.

So, keeping this in mind, here are few ways for you to stay in the know circle club:


Is a community that focuses on helping people improve their SEO knowledge. Their discussion cover topics such as search engines (Google, Yahoo! or Bing) or anything else that is an interest and benefit the members. It is free to join program.  You do not need a membership to be part of SEOchat.

Search Engine Journal

This is a very detailed guide by subject, breaking news, reports, comments and guest contributors. You can get all the tools you need on search engines free of charge. No membership required.

Search engine watch

Is a guide to search engine marketing and search engine optimization. It has a lot of resources to help you stay up to date. To receive their best, they have a paying service that you can decide to purchase.


Improve a Google Page Rank


Things move very swiftly online. It is a must for web developers to keep up with the changes.  If you have published content, you can still improve web page ranking by using the techniques above.


Last But Not Least…


It is important to run a web page ranking report routinely and the check web page rankings as needed.  Web page ranking tool is available to help you so put it to a good use.  Even if you can not afford to pay for one, just use the free one.

If you are just starting out, and still do not have any idea of how to navigate the World Wide Web, discover how you can start the correct way.  Or you can head over to this Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing review page.

I hope you found this article valuable.  Share your thoughts on how you get your website ranked first page on Google.

Please share, like and post your comments!

Thank you for reading!


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10 thoughts on “Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google

  1. Wow, super informative post my friend! This has really opened my eyes to what may be causing me to suffer a bit in the Google rankings. I am definitely going to make some of the adjustments you suggest, and then hopefully see some improvements!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Chris – Thank you for your comment.

      If your web pages are not ranking high in search engines, do apply some of the tips in this post. Also, when you write your content, do choose your keyword prudently. Ultimately use keyword research tool(s) because you can see so much data regarding a particular keyword before writing the content.

      If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help!

  2. I know we have training at Wealthy Affiliate which teaches us about getting ranked highly under google but it is always nice to be reminded.

    Great post which will help many people who are looking to get into affiliate marketing understand what’s going on.

    Thanks =)

    1. Sometimes we get information overload and there are many people that are always looking for information that are outside of WA.

      Thank you,

  3. This guide is chock-full of information, and all of it is sound advice. SEO is a lot of work, but it can and does pay off. I’m trying to put all these into action, but I often miss some. Having an article like this on hand with everything in one place will make it easy to optimize my posts. Thanks!

    1. Makki-

      Learning and mastering a skill never stop. Always applying what you know and get some more knowledge on what you want is the key. SEO is a big deal when it comes to running a thriving online business. We all should know how to use it and its benefits.

      Thank you for reading!


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