Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

Get paid by taking SurveysBefore I got really serious with the online business, I tried out online surveys. I wanted to see if it was actually possible to get paid by taking surveys online.

What I realized right away was that you can get paid by taking surveys, but for sure it’s not going to make you rich.  However it is another means of generating a small income stream.

How to get paid for taking survey is not hard to start at all.  All you need in most cases is just an email.  Sometimes you may not even need it in which case you can use a Face Book account.

So, if you decide to get paid by taking online surveys keep in mind that the payouts are pretty small.  It will take a long time to make decent money -if any at all.

Besides taking surveys, there are other tasks that you can perform for companies and get paid for that as well all from your own home.

Places like Swagabucks and Amazon have such services. Amazon has Mechanical Turk service which pays people for various activities. Swagabucks have surveys that take up to 20 min to complete.

It is important to note that Swagabucks pays you in rewards cards.


Your Options…


But if you are looking for another income stream or you want to earn income in the non-traditional way, there is a whole world out there. It is called world wide web (WWW)!

Get paid by taking Surveys So, forget the  9 to 5 kind deal.  Here are six (6) easy to follow steps to get started in the right direction.

People do make money online, and a lot of it too, but not just taking surveys. If you are taking surveys just know that that should not be your long term goal to earn money online from home.

I am sure now you are wondering” how can I earn money at home”? The answer is pretty simple.

There are many ways but the most recommended one is affiliate marketing.

When all is said and done, you can actually make money online. In the beginning it can be hard, but in the end the hard work will start to convert into commissions and success will be all yours.

So now what else do you have to do to make money online besides taking surveys and doing other tasks?

how to make a legitimate money online

We all have interests and hobbies.  The problem that we face is how to generate income using our passion.  Now, here you can  discover how that is about to change.  It all starts with a website and using it to turn your interests into a business.  Find your niche direction and build your website which literally can be done in just 30 seconds.  This alone sets you up to a great start.

Build your own custom website for free and have it published in no time.

I hope you find this post useful.  I do love to hear your thoughts on it.  Thank you for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

  1. What an impressive write up on taking the survey. I have actually taken surveys myself in the past but ended in frustration because the earnings were so small that did not get paid for I abandoned ship.

    I concur that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal no doubt. Any serious minded person that wants to make any serious money online should learn the rudiments and Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to start. Keep on spreading the news because this is a great work to humanity.

    1. Nnamdi-

      Some surveys are a complete waste of time.

      No doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program to start learning, growing and making money. It is everything you needs in one place to get going in the right direction online.

      Thank you for!

  2. I agree most online surveys are not worth your time to get paid. By the time you actually finish the survey’s your hourly wage is very low.

    Wealthy affiliate, like you mentioned has been a great way to learn how to generate traffic and take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities that are out there.

  3. I did go through a phase of taking surveys before I figured out ways to make much more substantial money online which I can live off. Surveys are great for ‘pocket money’ though!

    1. Hannah-

      Taking survey is one way to taste the waters in the online business. Once you find the surveys you are qualified to do then yeah, you can make some change.
      I am glad you found ways to earn money online.
      My hopes are that everyone searching to start an online business finds a legit program to start with. There are so many scams online that I think most people who get burned online give up.

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