create mobile friendly site – google to use mobile sites searches to rank web pages

create mobile friendly site – google to use mobile sites searches to rank web pages

As you already know, Google search engine is making changes on how it will soon be ranking web pages.  In the near future, this leading searching engine is going to start using Google Mobile Sites searches to rank pages. So, do you need to create mobile friendly site, right now?


What does this even mean?


It means that Google search indexing will be based on mobile devices. The reason for doing this is because tons phone search information is being searched on smart phones and tablets. As a result it is putting into practice an outline called “Accelerated Mobile Pages”.

Accelerated Mobile Pages will make sure that it takes less time to load web pages when streaming on mobile devices.

Also this means that the search algorithms will be paying more attention on the mobile version for ranking web pages, displaying snippets from a webpage and indexing sites.  Hence, it is beneficial to create mobile friendly site in the long run.

The change is estimated to take effect in  the coming months. Once this is in full running, Google algorithms will mainly use the mobile version of a website’s content to rank pages from that site.

Currently, Google is conducting experiment to see how this will work out.  Once all is done to their satisfactions, then it will run it in full force.


Advice for webmasters 


For those with websites that function best on desk tops, you might want to keep it that way than rushing to the mobile version.  It is best to take your time and get things done correctly than launching a mobile site version that’s incomplete and shows broken links.

 Take all the time you need to build mobile friendly website. Because; remember, broken links are never good for search engines!

The good news is though that if your website is pretty responsive (takes less time to load) then, there will be a markup in the mobile and desktop versions.

Sites with different score for mobile and desktop will have to make some changes. This translate into these sites making sure that both the desktops and mobile versions give out ordered markup.

If your site does not have a mobile version, Google will keep on indexing your site regardless of how your website is accessed from a mobile platform.

You can learn how to rank high in search engines here. The final goal, however is to create mobile friendly site in order to keep up with these updates.


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2 thoughts on “create mobile friendly site – google to use mobile sites searches to rank web pages

  1. That’s really good information to have. I’ve rarely even looked at my site on mobile yet, but it sounds like something I really need to keep in mind. Thanks so much for the heads up and the useful information.

    1. No problem Celtiyote. Google is the leader in search engines and basically prefers mobile friendly website as everybody is not spending more time on smart phones and tablets.

      Please make sure your site is accessible on mobile phones and other wireless devices.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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