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What is niche marketing and How To Make Money Within Your Niche

What is niche marketing and How To Make Money Within Your Niche

Too often many people fail to earn any income online. Why, because they do not take the time to identify and select a specific (targeted) niche market to be in. So what is niche marketing and how to use it to make money?

What is Niche Marketing and how to dominate your niche

What Is Niche Marketing and How to Get Started?


Being in the right niche market is going to help you open your eyes to an unlimited possibilities. Being in specific niches is what makes affiliate marketers succeed among other things.

Because, you see, not all the niches are the same nor profitable. Some people might say that all niches are profitable, but that’s not at all true! Steve Olcher simply put it this way :

“The riches are in the niches.”  – Steve Olcher, Internet Training Guru! 

If you want to make a fortune online, you have to do your homework and identify a profitable sub-niche.  A profitable sub- niche for you is one which you have passionate interest and can build expertise in to stand out among your competitors.

By building an expertise, I mean you need to have some knowledge of your subject area but you do not have to start off that way.  Over time this gives you a competitive edge and you become lead authority.

Therefore, don’t ask what is niche marketing and how to get started. Your hobbies and interests are the best online niche markets for you. Because niches are what you are involved in and consume.


What Is a Niche, Exactly?


A niche is a very distinct segment of a big market. Niche markets are all over around us.  If you pay attention to your personal interests, your family and friends, you see that they are different.  So, your passions and hobbies represent potentially a niche!

At present, more and more people benefit greatly from starting online businesses.  They enter a market but instead of getting profits fail to leave dreams of easy income far behind.  Although internet marketing business is almost free and is of great convenience to the marketer, some reasons make people come to nothing.

Knowing what is niche marketing and how to break down a niche into a sub-niche, is valuable. 

Niche Marketing – is to create and focus your online marketing efforts on small yet specific and well defined segment of the population.

It is like cutting out a piece of pie and just give attention to that particular piece instead of the whole pie.


Get Ideas of a Potential Niche Market


So, where can you get some ideas? Start with your hobbies and pastimes.

  • Visit Discussion Boards

Consequently, one of the major things lying at the root of success in the internet marketing is choosing your method to find a profitable niche market. You can go on discussing boards such as to find out what people are looking for.

  • Google Trends

By using Google Trends, you get to see the general direction of change on any topics. It shows you chart of most searched real world people. Google Trends helps you decide which topics to stay away from and which ones you should dive into.

  • Use Keyword Niche Tool 

Discover using keyword research software what are the most popular searches on any given subject.  Pay careful attention, so you are aware of new movements and trends.

To  find a niche, you should remember that successful money making process is based largely on your personal concern and enthusiasm towards the new ideas. Therefore when picking a profitable niche, choose something you know about or ideally interests you.

If not, it will be too difficult to develop new concepts and promotional campaigns and finally, to make your business work profitably.

Also, be careful when choosing your niche and don’t rely on products or services offering big money only but not go along with your inner expectations.


Test a Potential Niche Market


The people that read your thread can be used to determine how individuals are responding to your idea by polling them if the internet marketing discussion boards will let you do that.

See how people respond if you are thinking about launching a product by doing a pre-launch. Low cost solutions can be used to test if you have the idea of promoting the products through niche affiliate marketing programs.

Approaching your online business just like any other job is a crucial mistake.  So, once again, be passionate about what you are going to sell.  The next important point for consideration while choosing on how to find profitable niche market is keyword research.

  • Keyword Research Test

It is obvious that focusing on some particular target market, a market has to specify the exact words or phrases people type into search engines to find a certain product or service on the internet.

Keyword research test

Thus, conduction a keyword research, it becomes clear what words people use to complete their search.

Also, it allows discovering an actual interest in a product you will be selling and words, which are most commonly used for a particular group of products and services.

Niche customers are knowledgeable and passionate about the niche products and or services address.  So be sure to understand and speak their language.


What to Do After You Find Profitable Niche Market?


As soon as you attain this information, you market activity and know the demand and supply level. What you are looking for are the words with high demand, low supply and, finally, profit potential.

High demand stands for some internet searches using your keywords. The higher the demand, the more visitors will find your website attractive, and consequently, increase the probability of successful sale. However, high demand could mean stiff competition.

Low supply is about the popularity of your keywords in respect to other websites targeting the same terms.

Remember, that your chances will be more viable, if your wording has low activity among your niche rivals.

In that case, you are supposed to be ranked better in search engines and provide positive traffic to your site. And afterward, profit potential reveals the affiliate programs or other ways a market can benefit from his website.

Also, setting up a newsletter maybe considered by some while launching a report or video series or a full on e-book maybe considered by other for their niche.  You can easily use niche marketing to earn money in so many ways, but it’s not possible to tell which one is the best.

It won’t take much time and effort to know how to find a profitable niche market from internet marketing.  But if you want to succeed with online business, spend some time and find it. When done right, it is very easy to do niche marketing.  If you do research, test the products in the right way and use different methods to promotes them, you should be on your way through conquering the niche marketing field in no time.


How To Earn Money From a Niche


There are many ways to earn money from a niche.  For example you can create your own product to meet the needs or wants in your niche.  Or, you can become a publisher and work with affiliate programs.  This allows you to promote other people’s products.

Amazon Associates program lets you promote anything on its website and pay you a commission. This is also known as affiliate marketing.

You now know what is niche marketing and how to get started! So take the next step!


I want to hear your thoughts /comments. Any questions relating to niche marketing, please leave them below!

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what is online or affiliate marketing

what is online or affiliate marketing

What is online or affiliate marketing?

Internet opens doors of opportunities for people to earn a living by working from wherever they are in the world.  And so the most noteworthy is online marketing / affiliate marketing. So what is online or affiliate marketing, anyway? I am glad you asked!

What is Online or Affiliate Marketing?


Well, the truth is some people hear affiliate marketing, and they freak out.  Why, because I guess the words sound scary but are really not!

So, to do affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products and services through affiliate programs.

As a matter of fact, here is how Wiki defines…

What is online or affiliate Marketing


As an affiliate, your number one job is to send traffic to the merchant’s website. Therefore if someone buys or performs some type of action you get a commission. Commission earning varies and depends on the program. So who can do online or affiliate marketing?

Is Online or Affiliate Marketing for Beginners ?

Yes – it is that simple! Online marketing is one of the best ways to generate a passive income from a home. Anybody can do it. However, to become a successful online affiliate marker takes time, effort and commitment. Thus having the following items greatly increases your chance to succeed.

  •  Proper training course
  • Tools
  • Support
  • Mentors/ personal coaches

Of course ability to network with other online marketers helps a lot.  Wealthy Affiliate University (WA) teaches and provides you with all the stuff you need for online affiliate marketing. It is all in one package.  It trains and gets you ready for online success. With WA, you earn while learn. Read my own review on WA


What is online or affiliate marketing

4 Top Tips on Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing is not easy and should be taken seriously.  Some people fail to realize their dreams as affiliate marketers mainly because they expect to make tons of money overnight.

Truthfully though,  there are many people generating income stream through their internet marketing websites and of course blogging platforms by finding affiliate program that goes well with their brand.

Not all products are created equal. So, here are some tips for you to become a successful online affiliate marketer:

  • Promote evergreen products

These products never go out of style.  Therefore they are relevant today, yesterday and will be in the future. For example, relationship, weigh loss, self help, finance,…

Evergreen products make it convenient to write both your campaigns and website content.

  • Pick and stick with hungry niche

People in this niche are ready and willing to buy. They also want to hear what you have to say. So Find a niche that you can speak the same language as your audience.

Don’t forget!  Most of all consumers in a niche tend to be knowledgeable about it.

  • Don’t pick products to promote based alone on HIGH price

Just because a product has a high price, it does not necessary mean the commission will be high. Also, high ticket items may not sell well.  So make sure the products you pick sell well. There is not point in promoting products that won’t move quickly.

  • Promote products you would use yourself

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to help people. Therefore, don’t recommend products you do not know much about. Let alone products you won’t use yourself.

Find out more tips and benefits of online affiliate marketing

Affiliate Products  – Where to Find Them

There are millions of affiliate products and programs to choose from. All you need to do is just a quick search in Google.  Just do affiliate program + your niche. 

For example, if your niche is hair loss for women, you would type in the following:

Affiliate program + women hair loss

P.S:  Before you join any affiliate programs, do your job and research them carefully. Don’t pay to join affiliate programs.

Both independent affiliate programs and affiliate network have tons of programs to choose from. However, pay attention to independent affiliate programs as they can easily rip you off.

I personally prefer to you use an affiliate network program. An affiliate network is a 3rd party that brings together publishers (like me) and the merchants (advertisers).

Do you have  any questions on what is online or affiliate marketing or are you ready to get started


Advantages of Affiliate Network

  • Simple process for publishers to sign up for affiliate programs
  • Access to huge base of advertisers to choose from

The advantage of affiliate network is huge. Case in point, merchants participating in affiliate networks include:

  • Reporting tools
  • Payment processing
  • Trusted tracking technology

Here are some of the networks that I have used and continue to use: Associates


Share A Sale

The point for what is online or affiliate marketing I want you to understand is that it is very easy to start.  You don’t need to carry any inventory or have your own product.  Yet, the startup cost is very minimal.

So, get started today free of charge.  No credit card required!

Final Thoughts on What is Online or Affiliate Marketing…


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn income online from a home. While some fail to make money online, others achieve great success.

You now know what is online or affiliate marketing.  Any questions relating to online affiliate marketing, please leave them below.


-Thank you for reading!



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Free online budget Tools – Track, Budget & Manage your money

Free online budget Tools – Track, Budget & Manage your money

Free Online Budget ToolsTo budget is to put a plan in place that’s used to decide the amount of money to spent and how to spend it. Free online budget tools allow you to do just that!

Every year, millions of people set financial goals among other things.  However, shortly after; they lose track of what they wanted to accomplish mainly because of lack of motivation.

Completing your goals requires a lot of discipline and motivation and resources. Hence, in this case, exploring free online budget tools will help you better manage your money. As a result of using them, you will be on right track to financial independent.

Who Needs to Use Free Online Budget Tools?

Using free online budget tools is beneficial to everybody such as students, parents, homeowners, low and high income workers or anyone else who needs to keep an eye on their spending.

Online budget manager gives advantage to minimum wage workers as they are usually on a very tight budget. Free online budget tools are free so they don’t have to worry about any extra bills. Learn how to earn more than minimum wage with proven system.

So, whether you budget on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis; budgeting keeps you from spending just because you want to.

But for example, if you live on a tighter budget then it is a must that you put a budget in place to watch every move of your money.  You can not afford to overspend money you don’t have as that will leave you broke or even worse.

Of course, any budget plan works best when you plan well and spend your money wisely. Utilizing free online budget tools are no different. They are there to help you so why not use them then?


So What Are the Best Free Online Budget Tools?

My experience has been that it does not matter what type of online budget tools you use. Some of the free ones work just as well as the paid ones.  The features may be different, but in the end they all get the job done.

Free online budget tools don’t have all the bells and whistles. However they are very simple and easy to use.  That’s why I like to use them. Following is a short list of tools to enhance your budgeting experience.

Best free online budget tools report every transaction you make and give you a monthly report so you know how your money is being spent.

Tips to Get You on The Right Financial Path

Having a vision and a careful thought out plan get you what you want sooner than later. With this being said, you need to be very realistic with your goal. So here are tips to guide you along with free online budget tools.

  • Review your past spending history

Analyzing your past spending gives you an idea of how and where to improve. This will also help you set realistic attainable financial goals.

  • Carefully study your cash flow

See where your money comes from and where it goes after it comes in.  What do you do after you get paid? Are you spending money on unnecessary things? By doing so, you get an idea of how to manage your money so you are not over or under allocating your moneys.

  • Put a budget plan in place

Whether you want to create a budget manually or use any free online budget tools, you get to choose. These tools are available for you to help better manage your finances.

  • Keep a track record of your spending

Once you have a budget plan in place, it is then time to track your expenses. Knowing what you spend money on lets you decide if something is worth spending your hard earned money on or not.

See where you spend and where to save.

  • Take necessary action

You must do what it takes to get what you want.  Because, only taking necessary actions lead to results. If you have to become a bargain shopper, so be it!

Last word on Free Online Budget Tools: 

Free online budget tools are great assets to have as they are simple to use. Some of them have upgraded version, but I see no need to advance to paid version, as free online budget tools work just as well.

Best money management practices are learned and practiced. And so, online budget programs are available to help plan your finances for better future. Local banks provide free online budget programs. Therefore take advantage of them!

For those wanting to start an online business on a tight budget definitely use free online budget tools. Track and manage daily income and expenses.

Share your thoughts / comments below!








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Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

Most of us starting online business and even those that have been running their web site for awhile are on a tight budget and need web traffic.

So should you be on a tight budget and still want to run some ads, here maybe an option for you! Leased Ad Space! What is Leased Ad Space, you ask? Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

What is Leased Ad Space?  Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

Leased Ad Space is an advertising marketing platform that is based on members exchanging ads with each other for a fee.  This fee is used to purchase different level of advertising packages.

Members make a one time traffic package buy in order to post banners, blogs, text ads and send email campaigns to other members.

So basically you can advertise on Leased Ad Space via text impressions, banner ad impressions, run solo ads, blog posts, send and receive ad blasts. Leased Ad Space is another means on how to sell online advertising space.

Leased Ad Space has affiliate program where members earn commissions by selling traffic packages to other people.


But, what kind quality of traffic are you really getting?


Not a good one, I tell you that much. The people who are seeing your ads are the same people that you are viewing ads from. These people are not necessary interested in your ad.  They joined for the same reasons you joined.  To make some extra cash.  Thus this is a negative aspect of Leased Ad Space.

Leased Ad Space Overview

PRODUCT NAME: Leased Ad Space
Overall Ranking: 2 Stars out of 5
Price: $7 to start with various other packages
Kenny and Sammy Kolijn



Here is a quick summary of what is Leased Ad Space and what you get when  you purchase a traffic package.

Buying traffic package allows you to receive internal and external advertising traffic using the following types of ads:

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Email marketing/solo ads
  • A public profile page
  • A personal blog post

This is in a nutshell what Leased Ad Space offers.


Pros/Cons of Leased Ad Space 

Is Leased Ad Space a scam?  Before saying much about its products, learn what the pros and cons are then make a decision.


  • Solo Emails:

Depending on your package level, you send out numerous solo emails to other members in a given month.

Note: This does not apply to the pearl or the basic package also called level one which is only done once per a month.

  • Instant Commissions:

Commissions are paid out to you whether or not the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your down-line structure from members above or below you.

Nonetheless do not think for a second it is going to be that easy for you to make commissions with Leased Ad Space. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you know how difficult it is to get your first commission!


  • Packages have to be bought in order.  This means that you have to purchase all lower level packages before purchasing any higher level package
  • You must accept payment processor that’s offered by Leased Ad Space.  Currently; paypal, SolidTrust Pay and Payza are the suggested ones.

If you do not accept the offered payment method of the customer, then the sale is passed on to someone in your up-line who does accept that type of payment.

  • Traffic package purchases are FINAL.  So no refund of any sort.  This is not necessary a con as you receive the service you pay for and everything is done digitally. Is Leased Ad Space a scam then?
  • Impressions are not monthly and require a purchase of the next level package to get more.


Who Is This For?

The product is for everybody.  Who doe not want to learn how to boost website traffic?  Beginners, intermediate and advanced all can get online traffic using Leased Ad Space.  On top of that, you can make money by sharing the product with other people.

Just keep in mind the quality of web traffic you are receiving. Even though you post blogs on Leased Ad Space, they do not get indexed by search engines.

Leased Ad Space Training and Tools Overview

Tools provided by Leased Ad Space are listed below:

  • Email copy – several pre-written email blasts copies
  • Text ads – a good number of text ads are readily available in plan text or HTML form
  • Banners- are provided in selected sizes.

Splash pages

  • Stock splash pages are accessible and no setup is required from the user
  • Branded splash pages are in the member’s area for you to add a personal touch

Other than what’s mentioned above, there are not that much training offered by Leased Ad Space.  Though, there are few videos on YouTube that members or anyone else can access for information.


Support by Leased Ad Space

If you have any concerns regarding anything in Leased Ad Space, you can submit a support request. Customers who own traffic package are responded to faster than anybody else.

Customers who have an account but have not made a traffic package and general public are helped but are not made a priority.



There are several traffic packages with different price points. Leased ad Space traffic products are a one-time purchases that start at $7 pearl traffic to a high of $147.00, red diamond.

Various traffic package levels:

Pearl Package – $ 7

Amethyst Package –$ 17

Emerald Package – $ 27

Sapphire Package – $ 47

Ruby Package – $ 67

Diamond Package – $ 87

Red Diamond Package – $ 147

The total amount of money you have to pay is $ 399.  This is not a small chunk of money and in the end, the quality of traffic you get is not all that.

 Can it Really Boost Web Site Traffic?

Leased Ad Space can help increase sign ups and possibly sales but by how much.  It is true that every little bit helps, so if you decide to join Leased Ad Space, keep in mind the kind of traffic you will be getting.

Even with the basic level traffic package you send out one (1) email to the entire member list of Leased Ad Space every month, with no further cost to you.  So when comparing this method to the pay per click (PPC) method, Leased Ad Space falls short.

With PPC, once you have received the clicks purchased, that’s it.  Then you do have to buy some more. But at least when you use PPC you can target keywords and geographical location.

Final Thoughts on Leased Ad Space

Every person, entrepreneur, website owner, business owners all need more traffic, in order to make money or promote anything online.

If you wish to become part of Leased Ad Space but don’t have a business to advertise there, learn more about this highly recommended program.  You get all the tools and training needed to get started online.

So, is Leased Ad Space a scam? No, it is not.  You get traffic and potentially earn money through the power of teamwork. Its affiliate program is not going to make you a millionaire.

Don’t expect much from Leased Ad Space.

The best way on how to drive traffic to a website is to write quality, relevant content. Once you do that, you can scale up your advertising campaign by using the pay per click methods and other various ways such as social media, blogging.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions that I did not address, please do leave them down below and will get back to you.

-Thank you





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Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

Get paid by taking SurveysBefore I got really serious with the online business, I tried out online surveys. I wanted to see if it was actually possible to get paid by taking surveys online.

What I realized right away was that you can get paid by taking surveys, but for sure it’s not going to make you rich.  However it is another means of generating a small income stream.

How to get paid for taking survey is not hard to start at all.  All you need in most cases is just an email.  Sometimes you may not even need it in which case you can use a Face Book account.

So, if you decide to get paid by taking online surveys keep in mind that the payouts are pretty small.  It will take a long time to make decent money -if any at all.

Besides taking surveys, there are other tasks that you can perform for companies and get paid for that as well all from your own home.

Places like Swagabucks and Amazon have such services. Amazon has Mechanical Turk service which pays people for various activities. Swagabucks have surveys that take up to 20 min to complete.

It is important to note that Swagabucks pays you in rewards cards.


Your Options…


But if you are looking for another income stream or you want to earn income in the non-traditional way, there is a whole world out there. It is called world wide web (WWW)!

Get paid by taking Surveys So, forget the  9 to 5 kind deal.  Here are six (6) easy to follow steps to get started in the right direction.

People do make money online, and a lot of it too, but not just taking surveys. If you are taking surveys just know that that should not be your long term goal to earn money online from home.

I am sure now you are wondering” how can I earn money at home”? The answer is pretty simple.

There are many ways but the most recommended one is affiliate marketing.

When all is said and done, you can actually make money online. In the beginning it can be hard, but in the end the hard work will start to convert into commissions and success will be all yours.

So now what else do you have to do to make money online besides taking surveys and doing other tasks?

how to make a legitimate money online

We all have interests and hobbies.  The problem that we face is how to generate income using our passion.  Now, here you can  discover how that is about to change.  It all starts with a website and using it to turn your interests into a business.  Find your niche direction and build your website which literally can be done in just 30 seconds.  This alone sets you up to a great start.

Build your own custom website for free and have it published in no time.

I hope you find this post useful.  I do love to hear your thoughts on it.  Thank you for reading!


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How to earn more than minimum wage | Proven Alternatives

How to earn more than minimum wage | Proven Alternatives


How to earn more than minimum wage is a question that’s in the mind of most people age 16 and up who are in the workforce in United States.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 77 million American workers are paid hourly and most of them are well underpaid or are getting paid minimum wage. Even worse, 3 million people are not even making the federal minimum wage of $7. 25 per hour.  It’s time to find a new alternative way on how to earn more than minimum wage!

how to earn more than minimum wage

Learning how to earn more than minimum wage is not just an individual problem.  It affects everybody in the communities which you live in.  The government, employers and politicians alone cannot fix this issue.

If you live in the United States, you are aware that the presidential election is around the corner and there is a lot at stake.  Everybody agrees that things have to change and that needs to start probably from the Capitol Hill.  To reduce the number of minimum wage workers will require cooperation from everyone. As far politic is concerned, whoever is elected president will have the power to make things better or worse for both the present and future.

How to earn more than minimum wage is not something  one should consider. It is now a” MUST do” thing! Not taking any actions could potentially increase the number of people who live in poverty.

gender wage gap united states

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that majority of people living on minimum wage are females and single parents.  People reside in poverty through no fault of their own.  Factors that contribute to poverty  are as follow:

  • Minimum wage earnings
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of jobs
  • Language barrier
  • Illness
  • Low qualification

So, Should Government raise minimum wage?


If the minimum wage were to be raised, there is no substantial evidence that minimum wage workers will benefit from that.  The wages would go up and so are other things.  Nothing would be held constant and therefore, not much would change.  Forbes‘s article states the following quotes:

Raising minimum wage “could cause a loss of jobs if the business is forced to reduce expenses, again, to maintain profitability. It could also lead to an increase in automation, depending on the specific job”.

“Any mandate from the government which increases the cost of doing business could result in a number of consequences, mostly negative”.

So now; the question becomes, what should a worker be paid?

I could try to answer this question, but we both know that the best thing would be for each individual to do all they can and rise above the situation they are in and do their best.  By doing so, YOU decide what to get paid and how much you want to make.

Consequences to raising minimum wage


Does raising minimum wage increase unemployment? Chances are, yes. Someone can lose his/her job in order to earn more per hour. Here are few other issues that can rise:

  • Hard for Youth to find employment especially in the minority group
  • Employers pay workers off the books
  • Loss of a job

States have their own minimum wage laws and they may choose to change the laws for better or worse.  Now, whether they take action or not, that is entirely up to them.  State’s residents need to peacefully demand for a change, tirelessly.

state by state minimum wage

This United State map above compares state by state federal minimum wage.

The ugly truth about minimum wage


The ugly truth about minimum wage


Find out how to earn more than minimum wage


You can not simply accept life as it is now.  Things need to change and that starts with YOU! So, what can you do if you are living on minimum wage in America? Here are few options:

Become your OWN BOSS by starting your own online business

Get an education: If you need to start from scratch, do so. If you need to get back to school and complete your degree, find a way to get that done.

Get qualified: If you need to learn the language and or the skills required for the job you aspire, do so.

Be creative: If there are no jobs available for your talent, then go somewhere else or start something for yourself.

Find a mentor: Get advice from established professionals in the field you want to get in, free of charge.  Ask your mentor for guidance and direction.

Budget wisely: come up with a financial plan to track your income and expenses then plan things out accordingly.

Earn money at home: do garage sale for things you do not need to make extra cash. If you are good at teaching, check out tutoring.

Become frugal: spend your money on things you need to survive only.

Work online from home: work from home and cut down on commuting expenses.


Alternative to earning more than minimum wage


You can learn how to earn money at home in your spare time.  You just have to have the will and determination of what it is going to take. Forget what you have heard about taking survey and making money online. Do not waste your money and time on programs that promise you to get rich over night.  Anything worth having is going to take time and hard work.

I am here to help you and guide you step by step.  But you need to be ready to learn and apply what you learn along the way. I show you ways to turn your interests into a flourishing business.

Refuse to give up and DO NOT settle for less…

Learn how to earn more than minimum wage 


Many people have learned how to live on minimum wage in life.  However, now it is time to discover how to earn more than minimum wage.

I know this is easier said than done, but at the same time, without taking any necessary actions, nothing will ever change. You can all overcome your difficulties and you can rise above your problems.

How to earn more than minimum wage? You can learn how to make a living online, by checking out this highly recommended program.  Living off minimum wage is not a way to live and without a doubt nothing much can be accomplished with it.

Do you favor or oppose raising the federal minimum wage? Share your take on earning minimum wage down below in the comment box.  I do love to hear your thoughts.

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Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google

How to get your website ranked first page on Google so you can start making some money sooner than later?

Folks, I know you have been working very hard to build your web site using various means but you still cannot get your site to show up in the top ten pages on Google.  To make the matters worse you are not making any money from it either! Without a further ado, let’s discuss ways to get your website ranked first page on Google.


How to Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google?


If your website is not showing up in top pages of search engines, then there is problem. In order to improve a Google page rank the issues must be addressed and fast. So, what can the possible issues might be?


Identifying Potential Issues


To get your website ranked first page on Google is not a rocket science project.  Just take some time to identify the problems and fix them Improve a google page rank.

Below is a quick checklist of possible issues:

  • No inbound links: people are basically not sharing content on your website
  • Not using the suitable keywords
  • Time related website – your website is relatively new and has not been indexed
  • Not having enough content or comments
  • No images on your pages/posts of your website
  • Images are not labeled properly
  • Doublicated content
  • Keyword stuffing – you are overloading the content with keywords

These are the major threats that affect site rank negatively and in a big way. At any time you know where your website page is ranking in search engines, then you can make any needed change.


Fix Issues Affecting Website Ranking


You can improve a Google page rank by performing the following:

  • Use both visible and invisible keywordsGET YOUR WEBSITE RANKED FIRST PAGE ON GOOGLE
  • Create new, fresh content for your web site
  • Use Jaaxy keyword research tool to find the ultimate keywords
  • Use your keyword in 1st paragraph
  • Anchor text relating related to keywords
  • Get people involved on your website by asking for comments, sharing your content on G+ and other social sites
  • Place your page tabs, page headings and page title strategically.
  • Follow SEO (search engine optimization) methodology
  • Make your page title catchy if you can
  • Meta description – enter your keyword in meta
  • Aim for new posts to have the keyword in the URL
  • Get the keyword in large font (H1 for those using WordPress)
  • Label your image filename
  • Use internal links in your content
  • Use Inbound link to page
  • Get on the social media hub and start building your base and share info
  • Find out what your competitor is doing right
  • Make sure your sitemap to Google is submitting every time you add/change anything on your web site

Once you got all the concerns addressed, it will only be a matter of time for search engines to start noticing your site. You can drive traffic to a website by using various means so figure out what works best for you.

Then soon enough, you will get your website ranked first page on Google and start monetizing your website.


Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google – Use Web Site Ranking Tools


There are many ways to check your website’s current rank position, but the best practice is to use site rank tool(s) such as:

  1. Google Site Ranking Tool (Google Search Console)
  2. Jaaxy Keyword and Research Tool

Before you get high ranking in search engines, you need to make your website come up in Google, first.   In this article, Google is the focus search engine as it is the most dominating one as of this writing.


Google Site Ranking Tool and How to Properly Use It


The tool allows website owners to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Google re-branded the webmaster tool and called it Google Search Console.

The tool is free to use and offers a load of useful data. Access Google site ranking tool by doing the following:

Sign in to Google using your Gmail account.  Then once in the webmaster homepage, do search Traffic >>then select any of the search queries you want to analyze. This will give you an average position based on frequency of search and your country location.


Jaaxy: Site Ranking Tool


Another effective way on how to check your website ranking on Google is by using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. You can discover what is Jaaxy and how it can help you improve your site ranking here.

Jaaxy is used as keyword website ranking tool and it also has site rank feature, which is awesome! To use Jaaxy, sign in into Jaaxy then enter your target keyword and URL.


Jaaxy Site Ranking Tool
Jaaxy keyword website ranking tool


Keep in mind that this particular keyword rank checker tool only examines the first twenty pages in Google Search engine.

If you are not ranking in the top twenty pages on Google, Jaaxy does not give you any clue on where your site is positioned in terms of page ranking.  This is a kind of drawback.

When you use Jaaxy as a site ranking tool, all the entered domains are stored for future reference.  This way, you can actually monitor and check site keyword ranking as much as you need to.

When you have used the site ranking tool(s) (either one or both mentioned above) then you can start identifying any potential issues that are affecting your website ranking. Reference the already mentioned concerns and use them as a check mark point.

But doing all this is not enough. You need to stay updated on search engines and search engines optimization.


Keeping an Eye on your Rankings and Staying in the Know


Website pages can exist online for life, but search engines update their algorithms and system very often.  This is mainly to prevent and reduce any popular tricks that site’s owners can be using to improve their rankings.

So, keeping this in mind, here are few ways for you to stay in the know circle club:


Is a community that focuses on helping people improve their SEO knowledge. Their discussion cover topics such as search engines (Google, Yahoo! or Bing) or anything else that is an interest and benefit the members. It is free to join program.  You do not need a membership to be part of SEOchat.

Search Engine Journal

This is a very detailed guide by subject, breaking news, reports, comments and guest contributors. You can get all the tools you need on search engines free of charge. No membership required.

Search engine watch

Is a guide to search engine marketing and search engine optimization. It has a lot of resources to help you stay up to date. To receive their best, they have a paying service that you can decide to purchase.


Improve a Google Page Rank


Things move very swiftly online. It is a must for web developers to keep up with the changes.  If you have published content, you can still improve web page ranking by using the techniques above.


Last But Not Least…


It is important to run a web page ranking report routinely and the check web page rankings as needed.  Web page ranking tool is available to help you so put it to a good use.  Even if you can not afford to pay for one, just use the free one.

If you are just starting out, and still do not have any idea of how to navigate the World Wide Web, discover how you can start the correct way.  Or you can head over to this Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing review page.

I hope you found this article valuable.  Share your thoughts on how you get your website ranked first page on Google.

Please share, like and post your comments!

Thank you for reading!


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Today I want to show you HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE and increase your customer conversion rate in nine (9) techniques.

Increase online traffic

HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE and increase your customer conversion rate!


8 out of 10 people who start internet marketing fail to make a single dime on line. Why is that?

There are many reasons why. However, this article focuses only on the most crucial one which is “how to drive traffic to a website”.

No website traffic, no income from the business! Period!

Most of us are familiar with this old saying “build it and they will come”.  This is not true in the online business.  Building a website does not guarantee traffic. This a True fact, by the way!

Guaranteed website traffic does not just happen!   How do you get people that will convert to your web site? Nine (9) techniques on how to drive traffic to a website are highlighted in this post.

(1) Quality, Relevant Content

HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE with quality content


Having quality, relevant content on your website gives customers reasons to check out your site.

While on your website, they hang around long enough to take action such as making a purchase.  This is by far, in my opinion the best way to increase website traffic.

(2) Keyword Searches


HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE with Keyword Searches Using keyword searches is an approach of buying website traffic. Paid keywords are cost effective way for driving target traffic to your website.

You must make sure you budget wisely and you are targeting the right type of keywords by using keyword search tool such as Jaaxy.

Get very creative with keywords as they are the “make or break” your website business deal. Choose keywords that attract people that are searching for something.

Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
Keyword Research & Management Tool

First help these guys by providing information they are looking for. Second, build trust with them and lastly tie in promotions that are relevant to what they are looking for.

(3) Qualified Traffic


Sitting down, praying, wishing and hoping for website traffic is not going to work.  You must learn how to drive traffic to a website. You need to put in time and effort to identify visitors who are likely to become buyers.  By doing this, you are likely to get attention of fewer visitors but majority of them will make a purchase from your site.

(4) Increase Website Traffic with SEO (search engine optimization)


HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE Using Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is very critical when driving non-paid traffic to your website. Getting your website to rank high in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! is the best way to get free instant website traffic.

Of course your website must be optimized with the right content and right keywords among other things. This alone will help you get free targeted website traffic to any niche.


(5) Advertising



Advertising can be done in two ways: free or paid for. Free advertising is accomplished through writing quality relevant content and optimizing your website with keywords.

Paid advertisement involves displaying ads, paying for banners, re-targeting, and email campaigns.

A re-targeting method is also known as re-marketing and it involves showing ads in other websites to people who have already visited your website or landing pages but did not convert.


(6) Attract Offline Traffic

Offline traffic

Use business cards and fliers to hand out to people you meet to maximize offline traffic.  When using the flier method, encourage people to check you out online and give them enough reason to do so such as offering them a discount code and free shipping.

Your business cards must have your website’s name, business information and of course a way for people to reach you.


(7) E-newsletters

HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE using the newsletter

The purpose of the newsletter is to connect and reach out to customers who have purchased from you and potential customers who signed up to receive it.

Developing a positive healthy relationship with your e-newsletter receivers will go along way because these guys will follow your lead to your site.





Recently I started looking for ways to maximize the usage of social media to drive traffic to my website.

No matter what you are selling online, social medial can be used as another marketing tool to help grow your business and brand/re-brand yourself.

You can advertise your product for free or buy ads via social media. Getting involved with social media helps improve search engine optimization ranking.  In addition, using this method expands your audience.


(9) Using Affiliate Links Properly



  • Internal links

Help improve your website ranking because they are great for SEO which can help you increase targeted web traffic. Google loves internal links on a website that point to other relevant content on your website.

The bottom line of using internal links is to keep a person longer on your website.  Keep in mind that the longer the person stays on your website, the better chances of possibly getting them as a customer or get the person to come back to your site later.

  • External links

External links are not as useful as they were in the past. These links will not help you as much as internal links would in terms of SEO.  But, nonetheless external links have a positive impact when they link to an external  and authoritative website and are used appropriately.

Last Thoughts on How to Drive Traffic to a Website.


Many folks struggle in online marketing because they JOIN programs,  then they have no idea of what to do next.   Others do not follow instructions provided to them either from their sponsors and or training offered by the business they join.

The number one thing they should learn first is how to get as many eyeballs to look at their website!

I hope I’ve helped you learn various ways of how to drive traffic to a website.  Get started with free training and a free website by finding out how Wealthy Affiliate can help.


How do you drive traffic to your website? Share your strategies below.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Please like, share and comment! Thank you!

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Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | 5 Steps to Start

Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | 5 Steps to Start

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start online business.  But, “IS AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS”? Here are 5 steps to get you started!

Read More Read More

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Ponzi Scheme In Simple Terms

Ponzi Scheme In Simple Terms

Most of us have heard of these two words “Ponzi Scheme” used especially in a business world.  But if you never have, I will give you a simple definition shortly. Stop Scam


A ponzi scheme is a type of fraud. It is usually based on a bogus investment that a schemer or schemers get other people to give them money.

Many business opportunities pop up both online and offline on a daily basis but only few survive in the long run. With this being the case, people are scammed everyday especially online.

Question: Do you ever wonder when a business model becomes a Ponzi scheme?

Answer: When the business continues to run under fraudulent terms and the demand for high returns requires an ever increasing cash flow from new investors to keep up the scheme.

The business model is not sustainable and the business usually goes under with some money received from investors.


The scheme gets its name from the notorious Charles Ponzi, who in 1920’s wanted to use countries money-exchange rates to make money based on international postage stamps. Of course the money stopped being invested in coupons and early investors got their money while a lot of it went to Ponzi himself.  Later the money ran out before  the last investors could get paid.


The operator, organization or an individual pays returns to investors from new investment paid to the operator by Dangernew investors, instead of from profit earned through legitimate sources.

Whoever is running the scheme, falsely represent the investment opportunity therefore misleading the investors.

In most cases though, ponzi schemes start as genuine businesses until the business is unable to achieve the return on investment that’s expected.


The short and simple answer is “NO”. A Ponzi Scheme does not work especially in the long term.  In reality, however, early investors can and do make money.

All investors are made to believe that they are making money and eventually the money stops coming in leaving the members with empty pockets.


Yes, they are! Ponzi scheme business models do not have long term sustainability.  The schemer runs out of money to pay out to new investors. The programs are illegal because at some point, soon or later will fall apart.


Who gets the blame in ponzi scheme?  The schemer or the people who willingly take a risk in joining the scheme?

Is every victim on a ponzi scheme to blame?

You, be the judge!

Stay informed, educate yourself and above all, do not get scammed.  Getting scammed does not feel good at all! Trust me, I have been scammed before I found a legitimate business opportunity onlineBe Smart

Protect yourself and remember to use common sense which will serve you well.

Share your scam story and report a scam here. I do like to hear your thoughts (share them below in the comment box) on this post. Thank you for reading.



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