Become a freelance blogger – make your voice heard!

Become a freelance blogger – make your voice heard!


One way to earn money as a blogger is to blog for someone. Become a freelance blogger and write for various companies that pay you for your work.

What does it mean to become a freelance blogger?


A freelance blog writer is an author who is a self employed. When you become a freelance blogger you can write for Become a freelance blogger anyone at any given time without having any long term commitment to any one.

Case in point, you can get hired by a firm or company to write blog posts frequently on topics that interest them.

When you become a freelance blogger, you can use your own name or you might ghost write the blog.  A ghost writer is a person who writes material that are officially credited to another person.

Once you have established yourself, you can be a:

Guest blog for other sites…


Having your own blog gets you closer to being found easily and possibly be asked to be a guest blogger to other websites.   Writing posts for other websites increases your credibility in the blogging communities.

The blogging communities may allow you to host a blog topic and may even pay you by sharing ad revenues. Your earnings can be based on how well you drive traffic to the blog and the popularity of the post.


How much can you expect to earn as a freelance blogger?


The answer is it really depends! If you decide to write post blogs for a company, then they might pay you few dollars per post or pay you by the word or length of the post. Or they may choose to pay a flat fee which could range from few thousands to several thousands of dollars.


How to become a Pro freelance blogger?

Freelance writing jobs are found in any industry.  But for you to thrive, you need to find a specific audience also called a niche.

Become a freelance blogger - make your voice heardOnce you figure out who your potential viewers are, keep your focus on your content and retaining the highest quality, most engaging, and helpful content out there.

So, in the end if you decide to become a freelance blogger for yourself, you can make money via various means including selling ad space on your blog.

Literally, as a freelance blogger, producing fresh, quality content on regular basis will be the key to your success.

Are you still not quite sure how and where to begin!  Tap into your passion and turn it into a money making machine.

I do love to hear your experience on freelance blogging. Please like, share and leave comments down below.


-Thank you!


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2 thoughts on “Become a freelance blogger – make your voice heard!

  1. Well, I have never tried freelance blogging. Just read about how to do it. I think it sounds difficult because I always spend so much time writing my articles. I would have imagined that if you are going to earn good money by doing this you will have to write many articles.

    Since I am not efficient enough I won’t earn so much on doing it.

    What do you think?


    1. It really depends. It seems like the more I write the better I get. That is my honest opinion. Practice makes perfect they say, but in my case it makes progress.

      For sure freelance blogging would initially take time for some people to master, but this goes for anything new that we try out in life.

      I do understand when you say that it takes you time to write articles, but the truth of the matter is that, you will get better and efficient as time passes. Just stick to it.

      My Tip to you is: Time yourself. When you use a timer, just write without correcting anything. Write down whatever is flowing into your mind (that’s relating to your topic of choice, of course). I promise this will help you out…if it does not, you can yell at me all you want 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thought Tove.

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