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what is the amazon mechanical turk? Does MTurk worth your time?

what is the amazon mechanical turk? Does MTurk worth your time?

what is the amazon mechanical turk - Review

What Is The Amazon Mechanical Turk?

The Amazon Mechanical Turk, or simply MTurk is a web-based marketplace that enables individuals and businesses to outsource human intelligence to perform particular tasks that computers are presently unable to do. Read this Amazon mechanical turk review, and decide for yourself if that’s something that interests you.

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Credit Karma Tax e-Filing | Review

Credit Karma Tax e-Filing | Review

On 7th December 2016, Credit Karma, a personal finance company, introduced Credit Karma Tax. It is a self directory tax preparation software.


It provides free state and federal tax preparation, along with free e-filings, only for it’s members. The CEO claimed that the company will make financial progress devoid of any hidden fees, trial periods or ploy. The tagline reads: $0 Federal, $0 State, $0 Always.

Truly Free Tax Returns’. So as there is nothing as good as free, let us have a look at this new introduction by Credit Karma.

Read Credit Karma Full Review… 

Is It Really Free ?

When a tax software company advertises something as free, it doesn’t really mean free. Credit Karma Tax is no different.

When you do your tax preparation in the software, you feed the software with your own information. The company uses this information to make their credit card offering system better. And if you happen to register for a credit card from the company, they get a commission. The company also uses the information to show you targeted advertisements based on your choices and gets paid in commission.

In a more layman view, the company acts more like Google and Facebook, where one uses the company’s free softwares while feeding them with information. This information is later used by the companies to target advertisements at them.

Credit Karma Tax Preparation Procedure :

One who is a present member of Credit Karma will be allowed to port his data to the workstation provided by the software. Though one cannot port the previous year’s tax return. That is a problem for business holders who need to frequently compare data across the years like real estate investors.

While other softwares in the block though not free are providing the feature for easy data shifting across platforms.Credit Karma Tax lags behind in this regard. After the completion of the personal information round comes a choice between interview style and self guided filling.

The interview style seems apt for starters and experienced veterans both. This mode guides one through many questions and at any point the view can be altered to “Tax Form View”. The other option on the other hand lets one navigate to relevant sections.

Though Credit Karma Tax features an easy-to-use software, it has some drawbacks. It is devoid of any import options, which leads to user error. Thus stock market traders, small business owners and real estate investors need to weigh out their depreciation and defrayal schedules.

Free Credit Karma Tax e-Filing….Seems Confusing ?

If filing your taxes with the software gets you perplexed, here are a few tips you can use :

  • The gray questions marks explain difficult terminology. While for more serious questions one has to refer to the company’s website which in itself is quite tedious.
  • The website contains some helpful articles under the subheading “Tax Help Center”.

Now that we know quite a bit about the software, let us discuss where the software outclassed everyone and where it could have done better.


  • The software features a very easy to use platform allowing more and more people to access the software.
  • The software has no up-sells, no upgrades and no premium version. Thus it is a software with no inside purchases.
  • Free Federal and State filing with free e file of 90% of fliers with no income restrictions.
  • Helpful for amateurs and experienced fliers to file for tax preparation.

Now it is important to note the limitations of the free do-it-yourself-software.


  • Sells information gathered to other companies that leads to targeted advertisements and is thus not completely free as it claims to be.
  • Devoid of an import option.

The software does not sync in with the following:

  • Those registrations by state devoid of a federal return
  • Foreign revenue income credit.
  • Married couples registering differently in common law states.
  • Property and Bonds income for K1 form.
  • Independent revenue income credit
  • Registering for numerous state or non-resident state returns
  • Non-resident federal filing – 1040NR

Credit Karma Tax  – Bottom Line

The deal is as simple as clear water. However, the Credit Karma Tax software is not apt for every situation.  As small time business owners and investors in various fields will need to invest in softwares like TurboTax if not well versed with tax laws.

And even the frequent traders might find the interface a bit clumsy to deal with. Apart from them a majority of the crowd should find this software immensely helpful.

So, if you don’t mind the company showing you advertisements using your information, it will give you free state and federal tax return. Whereas choosing TurboTax or H&Q Block can cost you around hundred dollars.

It’s advisable for people having a complicated tax return to invest a bit extra elsewhere for the services they will miss here.

What do you think about Credit Karma Tax e-filing?  Share your thoughts /comments down below!

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Gimme Swagbucks – 6 Ways to Earn Swagbucks Fast

Gimme Swagbucks – 6 Ways to Earn Swagbucks Fast

What Is Swagbucks? is simply a rewards website that allows one to cash in on one’s daily online activity. In the introductory video for the company’s website, they tell how this program is going to reward you and give you gift cards or PayPal free cash for every day’s online activity.

Before going any further though, I will attest to that this program is actually very legit and it is truly not a scam. One can earn real money from the comfort of his or her home. The big question I probably think you are about to ask is how does it work? How can I “gimme  Swagbucks” now? Well, read along to find out more.

How to Earn With Swagbucks?

Give me Swagbucks
You are thinking how this program will gimme Swagbucks to get prizes or real money? Well, to earn real money here is incredibly simple.  In fact all you got to do is sign up first. Then you may either visit their website every time you need to get points for surfing their website, or download their toolbar and perform your searches from there.

Gimme Swagbucks – How Much Swagbucks Can You Earn ? 

To earn Swagbucks fast, you have to spend much of your time completing selected activities. Your Swagbucks earning potential can range from 5 to 100 Sb daily. Swagbucks  are automatically added to your account once a task is completed. To redeem your Swagbucks voucher, you have to have 450 SB. This is equivalent to $5 Amazon gift card.

Gimme Swagbucks Codes

A Swagbucks code is an alphanumeric number you get and use to get rewards without actually doing anything. Free gimme swagbucks codesSwagbucks codes are posted on different websites such as Facebook, Tweeter, blog and other social media sites.

So based on your codes, you earn 10 to 500 Swagpoints for free. However, sometimes these codes are invalid or expired by the time you get them.

But if you are fortunate enough to find good Swag codes and you want to redeem them, all you do is go to  The free Swagbucks codes are entered in the Swag Code Safe Icon located on top of the page.

6 Detailed Ways of Earning From Swagbucks

How can I gimme Swagbucks?  Following are 6 methods to do so:

1. Online shopping

The website is affiliated with several online stores, so all you need to do is shop. Make your purchases at these affiliated online stores and you are eligible to earning some certain number of Swagbucks (SBs) for any dollar spent on the shopping.

2. By Playing GamesWays to earn Swagbucks

There are a number of games on this website you can earn SB from by just playing them. Though SBs earned for these games is not so much.  It’s worth playing these games on a website that can actually pay you for doing so.

3. Taking Surveys

The website has a number of surveys one can take. Select the ones you want to respond to according to the Swagbucks earned and the time these questions take. Most surveys approximately take 15 – 30 minutes. This program will gimme Swagbucks in return for answering their surveys.

4.  By Net Browsing

Change your search engine to Swagbucks one.  Yahoo! is actually the only allowed Swagbucks search engine. So it is one and the same thing. Therefore, earn extra bucks by making Yahoo! your official search engine.

5. Watching Videos

Well things couldn’t get better!  Watching videos online can actually put money in your pocket. At Swagbucks, you will get paid for the videos you have watched on Swagbucks. One person can receive up to 150 dollars for the videos watched in a day. Or up to 500 Swagbucks points daily. You now no longer need to worry about getting that guilty feeling of watching unnecessary videos on the internet that will never add up anything to your life.

6. Special Offers

Special offers here normally have a higher number of Swagbucks  attached and can give you quite a pay. You will stand a chance of winning lots of SBs when you buy a product through the Swagbucks’ Special Offers scheme or signing up for an offer.

Even though Swagbucks has many ways to earn rewards, it is far from being the best program to earn money online.  Hence here are its pros and cons.


  •  The site is absolutely free
  • Points never expire
  • Swagbucks website serves over 12 million members and has rewarded $100+ million in retail gift cards
  •  The platform is easy to use
  •  They have a very generous program
  •  There is now a mobile app that makes it easier to use and earn while on the go
    • Install Android or iOS application and earn extra rewards for your mobile tasks
  •  There are many options of making money here



    • With the quite a number of options, it can be possible to get lost in all these activities and don’t get a dollar from it.
    • Points are non-transferable
    • Swagbucks site only serves limited geographical regions: U.S.A, Canada, U.K and Australia
    •  It is can be a time-consuming method of earning cash
    • Not everybody qualifies for the surveys


Tricks on Using Swagbucks


Once you’re a member and can login into this website, you will see links for Search, Shop, Play, Watch, Discover, and Answer. Therefore, you get more money from this site in the following ways:
For Shopping: get “cashback” by online shopping from major affiliated stores online through Swagbucks. These are Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and more.
Searching: use the Swagbucks search engine as your official search engine when conducting searches on the internet and you will earn money from there.
Watch videos about news, entertainment, music, pets, travel, and more, and earn bucks to your account.
Answer surveys: on a frequent basis, Swagbucks releases a number of online surveys where one can earn SB’s from answering them.
Refer Friends – do this and you earn a percentage of which your referral earn

Final Word on Swagbucks


Having given you the basics of Swagbucks, all you have just got to do is to now check it out for yourself and to get to understand the site well. Join Swagbucks for free and so you can “gimme swagbucks”.

My personal conclusion in a nutshell, is if anyone is going to allow me to get real money and prizes by doing what I get myself doing almost on a daily basis, then absolutely I will use the site. Its search engine is good enough and that’s worth for me to do more of my online searches to it.

However, even if you can earn some cash with Swagbucks, I do not highly recommend it.  Because for someone who is looking to earn a full living income online, Swagbucks is not worth your time or effort. However it is a good start.

So if you want online income to replace your full time job then check out my #1 source to make money online.

What do you think? Have you used Swagbucks?  Share your thoughts /comments down below.

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