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Start Late Finish Rich Online – But You need a plan

Start Late Finish Rich Online – But You need a plan

Is it possible to start broke at any age and finish rich online?

Finish Rich OnlineYes, that’s the answer! It does not matter where you start from, but when you make the decision and start doing.

How to Start Your Own Online Business

Not everybody has the privilege to have abundant things in life. Truth be told, majority of people around the world work extremely hard to get ahead in life, but they still fall short.

So, in this post I share ways on how to start your own online business.  Anybody can start wherever they are in life Finish Rich Onlineand finish rich online.  Look at it this way! Over 3.5 billion searches per a day are performed.  People behind this number are looking for something.  So, helping these people find what they are looking can put money in your pocket.

However, online business requires time, effort and commitment.  There is no easy way around it.

In most developed countries like United States, going to college used to be (or maybe it still is a big deal) what you would need to make a name of yourself.  Having a college degree, meant that once you graduate from university, it becomes very easy to get a job and make enough money for you and your family.

In recent times, however having a college degree does not guarantee better employment.  Although, stats show low unemployment rate of 2% for those with a college degree compared to 7% for those without. These stats are based on a study conducted in United State of America.

Furthermore, more Americans think that when you have a degree you are less likely to be employed than those without a degree. Why, you ask? Because you are picky and are not open to just taking any job.

What’s the big deal with college degrees…

Simply put, college graduate have a higher unemployment rate according to 2016  New York Times survey.

So who is to blame here? Well, lets find out what the evidence suggests:

  • A college degree seems to hold less value than it used
  • College tuition has skyrocket in the recent year
  • The quality of education has not changed
  • College graduate end up living with their parents

Although, this does not mean that you should not go to college.  Here  are couple reasons why.

  • College graduate make more money than the non-graduate, on average
  • All degrees do not hold the same value. Some are in high demand than others
  • When you attend college, you learn a thing or two so not all is a waste of time and money

The bottom line here is,  don’t rule out the value of education. An education is an education and you should never stop learning.

Start Late and Finish Rich Online

The fact is that college degree alone is not going to cut it.  You need to take matters in your own hands.  This means you need to find ways to earn a living on your own terms. Learn the best way how to make money online here

I suggest you start earning a living in nontraditional ways and finish rich online. Meaning, start making money online.

At the beginning of this article, I posed this question: Is it possible to start broke at any age and finish rich online? The answer is still YES!

Start wherever you are in life and better yourself. Find ways to earn more than minimum wage with proven alternatives if you are in that situation.

You can not let your boss at some company determine your worth.  From now on decide what your worth is and make a goal to reach it.

David Bach Start Late Finish Rich self help books are full of useful information to get you started. David Bach has a no fail plan that works at any age and any time.


A summary of David Bach Start Late Finish rich is available on Kindle for free. Start Late Finish Rich review and analysis of Bach’s book is available.  The summary is about 50 pages.  It is easy to read.

See for yourself what verified customers who bought David Bach Start Late Finish Rich book are saying.  Read their reviews.

David Back Start Late Finish Rich

David Bach Start Later Finish Rich review

What every single one of us has to make sure of is that we live comfortably now  and especially in our late years. So prepare for when that time comes and plan accordingly!

 How to Get Started and Finish Rich Online?

The last thing you want is to put a burden on your family.  You can get rich online and finish rich online with the right plan in place.

How to get rich online is doable with the right guidance and training. First you start with what you are passionate about then you build a free website and start sending traffic to it.

Building a website is made simple by SiteRubix sites builder which requires no technical skills at all. Give it a try down below.  Enter your domain name and create your site in just few minutes!

Not sure what your passion is?  Not a problem.

Affiliate marketing is a way to starting late and finish rich online. Learn affiliate marketing for beginners in few steps. Don’t be afraid to start something new.  The worst thing you can do for yourself is to continue to do things over and over even when you know they are not working.  Hence, it is time for a change and that starts within you!

Put Your Skills to Good Use & Finish Rich Online

Everybody has something they are good at.  Thus, why not make money doing what you love at the same time help others. Case in point, a freelance blogger.

Whatever the reason is for wanting things to change is okay. It is not too late for a better future.

It is time to put yourself first and do what matters to you the most. Love yourself like your life depends on it. Well, it actually does.

Final Thoughts on Start Late Finish Rich Online

The lesson here is to better yourself.  It does not matter where you currently are in life. However, you need a no fail plan to get where you want to be.  You can do it!

Share your comments below!


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What is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder Really About?

What is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder Really About?

What is a siterubix

 What Is a SiteRubix Sites Website Builder?


SiteRubix Sites builder is a technology put together by Wealthy Affiliate. SiteRubix site gets you to the door so you get your feet wet and learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. By using SiteRubix website builder, you get a sneak preview of what you get as premium member over at the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University.

SiteRubix is a free starter membership which of course you can upgrade at any time to a premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options Comparison

Using SiteRubix free website builder of course has its advantages and disadvantages! Below is a WA membership comparison chart.

So, in this Siterubix review, I touch base on the pros and cons.

Building siterubix sites is like creating sub-domains. SiteRubix sites will have on the end, because sub-domains are just extension of an existing website.

I am sure you are wondering what’s the catch?  Well, lets take a look at what the pros and cons of building free websites versus paid ones are. But, first lets find out reasons why you should make use of siterubix sites.


Why Create a Free Website with Siterubix?

  • Zero cost to Start

When you are on a tight budget, you have to work with what you got! So what if you want to build a website then?

Well, in that case, you build free website without having to buy a domain name. The average domain name price is $15 per year.  In addition, the website needs to be hosted which is another charge.

With SiteRubix website builder and hosting, you build couple free websites.  You don’t have to come out pocket!

  • Easy Set Up

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress web design themes.  When you  build a website with SiteRubix it is no different.  It literally takes minutes to setup and launch a live website.

No technical skills required.  Build Free SiteRubix website now!

  • Keyword Search

Researching and utilizing the best keywords in your online content is important.  Nobody will ever find you if you use the wrong keywords.  So, with the SiteRubix sites, you get 30 free searches to use on keyword research tool.

  • Create and Run Dummy Test Website

You can use SiteRubix sites or any other free website builder software to put together a tester site.  Tester sites are good to try out themes, niches, and Plugins.

This is really the best way to get you introduced into Wealthy Affiliate training.  I call it, test it before you commit to joining. Meaning, you try out the program for no charge.

These are some of the things Siterubix does.  In addition, Siterubix checks domains availability.

Downside of using SiteRubix Site Builder

  • Own Domain Limitation

Owning a website domain is like owning a piece of real estate. The only difference is one is online and has no physical location and the other one does.

Search engines first assign priority when choosing a website that is relevant.  So if you are using a sub-domain address, chances are that your site may not show up in search engines results.

  • No Email Address

All free websites and sub-domains don’t have a stand alone email.  Case in point, with siterubix, your email address will be  Also, keep in mind that siterubix domains are owned by Wealthy Affiliate.  For this reason, sub-domains cannot be sold.

  • Limited Access 

Siterubix is part of the Wealth Affiliate online business, but since it is a starter point, you don’t have access to full training offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Limited Support

As a website publisher, you are likely to run into issues every now and then.  As a result, when you use free SiteRubix website, you do not get all the help you need.

If any problems arise, you fix them yourself.

Full support is only available for the first 7 days.  After that you are on your own.

  • Limited WordPress Themes/Templates

Using siterubix has its limitation.  Wealthy Affiliate platinum members have access to over 2,300 WordPress templates to work with.  Thus, when you are building a website using WordPress via Siterubix, you only have 25 themes to select from.

  • Google AdSense prohibition

Even though you create a fully functional website, you are unable to run AdSense on it. Because, technically, the Siterubix domain name is not yours to use as you want.  Therefore, Google will not let you register a sub-domain account in order to run ads on your site.


What Is the Process of Using SiteRubix Sites Builder Like?

It is pretty simple.  Here are the four sequences to follow when using Siterubix sites builder:

1st Step: Choose a domain name of our choice on SiteRubix

Create a free siterubix website

2nd Step: Create your account which requires email, name, password and username of your choice.

the best online website builder

3rd Step: Select website template inside Wealthy Affiliate.  You get full access to the starter membership.


4th Step: Build your website the way you want it!




Give it a world and see for yourself! Enter anything you want in the box below and start creating the website you always wanted! All at no cost ($0) to you!

The speed of creating a website is done in matter of few minutes!


Build free live SiteRubix sites that you can start sending traffic to right now.

Bonus SiteRubix Sites Features

Siterubix sites features


These great aspects of SiteRubix site are self explanatory.






SiteRubix SiteHealth Analysis

When using Siterubix sites creator, you do get some other awesome features such as SiteHealth analysis.  You get an overview report on how your site is coming along.  Case in point, as you can see in this screen shot below, I do need to write and publish articles more often.


Siterubix features


Final Thoughts on SiteRubix Website Builder

There is not question that the best free online website builder is Siterubix sites builder. It is user friendly, and you do not even have to know anything about coding.  You choose your niche, domain and a theme then boom! Voila!

To recap, Siterubx is a great tool to work with when you are on a tight budget and still want to build a full functional website. But, unlike other free website builders such as Wix, SiteRubix websites don’t have any ads.

Note: If you have a premium wealthy affiliate account you can not go back and create a siterubix account. However, you can use siterubix sites builder to do a trial run on a niche or promotional campaign.

Click  here to learn more on Wealthy Affiliate! So, now you know more than average person knows on how to build free website.  Thus, are ready to take action?

Share your thought/comments down below.


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How to make a mobile website responsive – create user friendly website

How to make a mobile website responsive – create user friendly website


With mobile phone and tablet searches on the rise, websites must be compatible on those devices.

If you view a responsive website on your phone, you will notice all the content displays nicely in one column.  But if you view it on a desktop, you will see two columns. So, what does this means?  It means the the website has a responsive design.

It is a trend that people are using now to make their websites more mobile friendly. And of course there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a design like this today. So, with no a further ado, let’s find out how to make a mobile website responsive, but let’s learn why first!


Why Responsive Web Design?


People access the internet from so many types of devices today. With that said, it is important for a web page to function on any of them. With the growth in popularity of tablets and smartphones, more people than ever are using devices with smaller screens to surf the web.

The goal with responsive design is to have one site with various elements that will respond correctly on different sizes of devices. No need to make several versions of the site anymore. Unresponsive website may affect search engine rankings.


What to Keep in Mind…


Smartphones and Tablets can be used in landscape or portrait position.

Remember, most users do not appreciate any site that causes them to take additional steps to use it.  Also impacting the problem is the fact that many smartphones and tablets can be used either in landscape or portrait position.

Hence, if your site has been designed to be responsive, the smartphone and tablet screens should properly display the website for users. In this way, users will find the content easily navigated.

Smartphone users may be able to swipe over their screens to view all the columns, but it’s best to make sure they don’t have to.

Images should automatically resize so they wont’t appear distorted

Websites that are responsive in design have fluid grids. The elements of each page are proportionately sized, rather than being sized by pixels. The page design must also allow for touch screens as well as mouse users. Touchscreens users must be able to see the areas on the screen where they need to make their selection.

If I have confused you with all this terminology, don’t worry.  The solution is much easier than you might thing.


How to Make a Mobile Website Responsive?


What method you choose is going to depend on the time you are willing to invest and amount of money you want to spend.

Here are couple of options you can consider…

  • Get a Responsive WordPress Theme

This is the easiest solution for most people. Since more and more people use WordPress to create websites, it’s becoming a more popular choice.

A responsive theme already has the code in place out the box.  Thus, as soon as you install it, you are done! Accordingly, if you created your site with WordPress, just search for a theme that is already responsive.

If you don’t want to buy a theme, you can use a plug in called WP Touch.  It works for most themes and uses a standard layout or design for all websites.

The downside to using a plugin is it may not work with all WordPress themes.

  • Using Media Queries (CSS3)

If you don’t have a responsive theme or you have an HTML / static website, you can add media queries to you existing design. Sounds complicated, but that just means you have code in a style-sheet that tells the browser how to display website in different resolutions.

Below is an example of a media query you could add to your style-sheet.

@media screen and (max-width:480px) {

#sidebar {display:none;}


The above query simply tells the browser not to display the sidebar on devices with a maximum width of 480 pixels. Where did the #sidebar syntax come from, you ask?  You would use the name of the ID that is used on your style-sheet (css file)

  • Use Selective Website Themes Besides WordPress

Not all website designs are developed the same.  So, that being said, some themes are mobile friendly while others are not.  It is your responsibility as website publisher to make sure that your website operates on any mobile devices.

By making sure that your site works regardless of what device it is accessed from, you ensure that you will not miss any potential customers. In addition, this will make search engines bots happy.


Genuine Thoughts on How to Make a Mobile Website Responsive


If you use WordPress, you can find your stylesheet under Appearance >>Editor.

Your site may call it #leftnav. Or maybe your header is labeled # header.

How to get started if you are reading this article and you do not have a website of your own, yet? To build a website is not as complicated as it used to be back in a day.  You can build a website in five minutes.  Click and type a potential domain in the box below to build a free SiteRubix website.

However, building a website alone is not enough.   Your number one goal is NOT to find what you can sell on your website. You should focus on learning the right techniques on how to get relevant customers to your website and have them take some type of action once they land on your web page.


How and Where to Start?


So, how and where to start? First think of your interests, build a website, attract potential people to the website and then monetize.  To get all this accomplished you need a foundation,  you may need a mentor to guide you in the right direction.

An online entrepreneur network community is what you need, really!  With that, you learn from the best and that pushes to do your best.  By joining forces with most successful online entrepreneurs you get access to online certification courses, free keyword search tool, free live training classes and much more.

Here is just a little bit of what you learn from online entrepreneur classes…

Online Entrepreneur Classes sample

So hopefully you get a basic idea of how to make a mobile website responsive.  In addition, if you need help getting started, get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to help.

As always, I want to hear your comments/feedback.  Will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


-Thank you for reading!


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google Adsense, does it work – making your website Pay You

google Adsense, does it work – making your website Pay You

Google AdSense, Does it work? As an internet marketer and blogger, searching for ways to add another revenue stream to my income portfolio is my responsibility. So, today I check out Google ads service. As for the answer to my question, continue to read….

google Adsense, does it work

So, today I am checking out Google AdSense.  Does Google AdSense work? Should you rush to get your own Google AdSense account open?

In this Google Adsense summary review, I am going to find out if it possible to earn money with Google AdSense. But first off though, let’s learn more about what Google AdSense is.

What Is The Google AdSense?


AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers (owners) who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on their website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

Website owners put ads on their website in exchange for a revenue percentage from the ads. Anybody who has a website with great content and is interested in showing ads can easily do so. They just need to have a Google AdSense account.

Types of Ads Publishers Can Display on Their Site:


A well known fact is that revenue streams for bloggers come from using Google and it’s ad based (AdSense) service. These ads come in different shapes, form and sizes.

  1. Text ads
  2. Display ads
  3. Link units
  4. Responsive ads
  5. Matched content
  6. Rich media ads : Dynamic ads, video ads and HTML ads

These are all the varieties of ads you can put on your website and or blog if you decide to work with AdSense.

How Does the Google AdSense Work?


The ads displayed on your website by Adsense have to be complement to your site’s topic so they have to be contextual ads.

Google’s Adsense crawls the content on your website/blog and then matches it with the ads that target related products and or services. Here is how that works in just 3 steps:

  1. You make ad space available on your website: you paste the code on your website and choose where the ads will appear
  1. Highest advertising ads show up on your site
  2. Get paid

This is the best ways to leverage free traffic coming to your website through AdSense.

We now know what Google AdSense is and how it works. So as we move along, lets learn about Google AdSense benefits and drawbacks.

Google AdSense Drawbacks 


  • Lesson /Undervalue your own brand

Placing ads on your website or blog is not necessary a good idea.  Here is the reason why. Every time you insert AdSense into your webpage, you are decreasing the value of your own brand. Because you are promoting somebody’s else brand over your own.

  • Present opportunity for your competitors

As pointed out earlier, AdSense ads are based on the context on your website. For example, say your site is about drones niche and you use AdSense.  AdSense is going to place advertisements products on your web page that closely correlate to your drones business.

Therefore, you could well be providing an inside look for your competitors to influence their brand using other pay per click advertising platform.

This translate into your rival ability to reach your site using cheap AdSense which costs you more money per click than you get from AdSense

  • Higher bounce rate = loss of potential customers…they click then leave your site

So you are glad you got potential customers on to your website.  While they are browsing through, they click on an AdSense on one of your web pages.  Now they are looking at this ad and chances of them clicking on the back botton to go back are slim to none.  AdSense ads do not open on a separate window.

If they are not interested in the ad, they leave your website as soon as possible, hence affecting your bounce rate. Some of them get confused and leave your site.

  • Google has a one-strike and you are out rule. No second chances given so read and comply with their policy very carefully.

The AdSense program policy states that all publishers are required to follow the policy.  Publishers who fail to comply will have their account disabled.

If your account is disabled, you will not be eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.  This is a permanent effect.


Google AdSense Benefits


Besides earning money, Google AdSense has a lot more to offer.

  1. The ad space you provide on your site is in high demand
  2. You decide on the ads that show up on your website
  3. You can connect with your audience whenever and wherever
  4. Performance reports allow you to make necessary adjustments
  5. Adsense experiment lets you compare one of your ad settings against a variation to see which ones performing better
  6. Adsense plug in for WordPress
    1. Earn money by placing ads on your sites managed by WordPress.

Open Google AdSense account and give it a trial run. It may work for you or it may not.


Tools and Training by Google AdSense


Using AdSense is self explanatory. But, should you need help, these resources are available to you. All free of charge, of course.

Free online course on AdSense optimization.  You learn about tips and resources available to get the most out of adsense

Video tutorials: accessible via YouToube channel. Watch videos on anything AdSense.

Complaints About Google Ads


As listed at, there are some complaints that date few years back and the most recent being early this year. The complaints state that publisher’s websites ads were shut down for no reason and before they received their payout.  Appeals were denied and publisher’s accounts were never restored.

There was a lawsuit filed (reported by awhile back against Google AdSense.  The claim says that Google AdSense has stopped publishers from collecting money owed to them from Google just few days before the call. As a result this charge accuses Google AdSense of fraud.  Google has not responded to these claims.

 Top Alternatives Google AdSense


Google AdSense is not the only ads server online.  There are other companies that supply ads to your website and pay you too.

Value Viglink (

Amazon Display Ads


These ads servers listed here are among the best top alternative Google AdSense. As you can imagine there are many more out there. However, you have to do your own research and find them.

Final Thoughts on Google AdSense, Does It Work…


Above are the alternative Google AdSense in case you are not on board to using Google Ads service. You can make money with AdSense as long as you comply and follow Google policy.

Now to answer the earlier question, Google AdSense, does it work?  You bet it does!

Other easy ways to make money online include but not limited to are affiliate marketing, blogging, and working with programs that have residual income

Such programs are free to join and most of them do pay out good commissions.

Check out this # 1 Recommendation



I hope you found this review helpful. I will be more than happy to happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please leave your questions, comments and or feedback down below.

-Thank you for reading!


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Free online expense tracker to help Manage Daily Spending

Free online expense tracker to help Manage Daily Spending

Free online expense tracker app is what you need to help manage your daily spending.  So, it is very important to take an inventory of your money and how it comes in and goes out.


End year holidays are around the corner and it is inevitable for you to not spend money.

Take a Look at Your Spending

And in come cases to overspend.  Of course you can not just spend!  A good spender is the one that keeps track of the money flow both going out and coming in from income.

There is no need to worry as you don’t have to do that manually and all by yourself.  Both free online expense tracker app(s) and paid personal expense trackers apps are there to rescue.


What I Like About Free Online Expense Tracker Apps 


Quick features of expense tracker are:

  1. Very quick and easy to use
  2. Auto backup
  3. Reminds you to enter your expenses – this has to be arranged in settings
  4. Programmable to track weekly, monthly or even yearly basis
  5. Spending progress overview
  6. Log expenses and income

A free online spending tracker is pretty easy to use.  In most cases, you just need a smart phone to download it to and then you are good to go.


6 Reasons Why You need Free Online Expense Tracker


You all have heard of an old saying that when you know better you do better.  This applies to everything that we do in free online expense trackerlife.

First and foremost, when you have a better understanding of money management, you can do so much and accomplish a lot in terms of personal finances.

On the other hand, if you do not have a good grasp of how to spend wisely many unpleasant things can go wrong.  Therefore, here are most essential reasons why you must have and use a free online expense tracker.


1. Avoid Bankruptcy


Most bankruptcies are not always caused by mismanaging the money.  According website, as of recent; consumers are filing for bankruptcy more than businesses. This is shocking news!

Lacking money to pay for your debts is not fun and nobody should wish that on anyone.  But truth be told, we all have to be responsible and held accountable for our actions.  Failure to do so is what leads to having numerous money issues.


2. Better Understanding of Money Management


There many resources out there to help you accomplish this.  For example, you can use a free online budget tracker, personal budget software, personal budget programs or plans, to just name a few.  The list of tools available to help you get a hold of your finances under control is endless.

My favorite way of controlling my spending and expenses is daily spending tracker spreadsheet. Of course this is done manually but it is not difficult.

Want another reason, most people hate filing for their taxes, but using expense tracker apps makes it worry free!


3. Easy Tax Returns Filing


Another not so obvious reason why you need  to use free online expense tracker to help with daily spending is to make it easier for you to claim your tax returns.

You wont need to second guess yourself on where, when and what you spent the money on.  For you, home and business owners, many things can be deducted but you need proof to back them up.  An example of such verification are having purchase and repair receipts.

If you donate money and other stuff to your favorite charity, keep in mind that you can also subtract anything so long as you have evidence of making the donation.

Another reason to obtain a free online expense tracker is so you can go back and do money spending assessment.


4. Evaluate your money spending progress


Over a period of time, as you continue to make use of free online expense tracker, you can do a quick evaluation and see what changes you need to make if any.

I promise you will be so proud of yourself once you find out how, what and where you spend your money.

Now that you have a good handle of your personal finances. Then what?  It’s time to start saving for unforeseen circumstances.


5. Save for Rainy Day


You never know when emergencies will emerge. And when they do do occur it helps to have some funds to help deal with them.  The easiest way to save is not to put a large chunk of money away in a saving CD or stocks. Hell, most people do not even have that kind of money just laying around!

Hence, the best way is to just put some money away after each and every payday.  As Benjamin  Franklin put it ” a penny saved is a penny earned”.  Trust me, this is true and a little bit goes a long the way!

Once you download the free online expense tracker to help manage your daily spending, saving will become a breeze!


6. Bill Management


Last but not least is to put together a household bill organizer. The best bill organizer method is knowing what’s due and when.

From there, you can prioritize by performing a 31 day bill organizer so not all your bills are paid out all at once which is burden to the budget.

To help control your bills is to use free online bill organizer or paid for, such as bill organizer pockets.  Here are some of those…

Both of these items are Amazon’s best sellers!  Bill organizer apps are very handy and it is almost impossible to miss a bill payment when you use them correctly. Can you imagine eliminating credit cards late fees once and for all?

Here is a free online bill organizer and it works just as well!


Stay on Top of  your Cash in and Cash out with Free Online Expense Tracker


Oh by the way, just because you decide to create personal budget and be in control of your money flow; it does not make you a money-grubber.

Financial failures can occur at any time in life and  for any reasons.  The best defense is to be ready for whatever life might throw at you.

Also, it is never too late to start thinking about ways to accumulate residual income. By doing so allows you to work less with possibility of earning more. Get Started here! Free of charge! No credit card required!

wealthy affiliate scam or legit

To make sure that you understand what it takes to get to the level of working less but earn more, you must learn the ropes.  It is not difficult and really no special skills are required. But you do need to know what you are doing.

The point I am trying to make here is for you to learn ways to make money using internet and work from anywhere.  Start educating yourself on affiliate marketing.

Being a publisher for merchants is very lucrative and to succeeded you may need a mentor or take a training program. Many affiliate marketing programs are available but most of them are scams.

But here is the most trusted one and it is for you to check out and see if it is any benefits to you.

Final take on free online expense tracker…

I seriously recommend you download free online expense tracker.  They are not complicated to use and they save you a lot of headaches.  Get one today!

What do you think?   I hope you enjoyed this read and I want to hear your comments.


-Thank you!

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Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

Is Fiverr a Scam or legit

Sometimes you need a helping hand when you run your own online business.  This can be contracting out duties such as having someone design your business cards, logo, write SEO content or anything else.  This is where Fiverr site comes in.  But, before you rush into anything, you need to find out the following:  is Fiverr a scam or legit online business service website.

First and foremost, lets see what is Fiverr about. Fiverr Service at glance:


Owner: Micha Kaufman

Price: varies for each job service

Established:  2009

Ranking: 90 points out of 100

What Is Fiverr About?

Fiverr is an online place that’s equipped to providing services and other tasks to those who are in need. Easy Fiverr gigs start at the price of just five dollars (hence the name Fiverr) and the more complex ones cost more money.

Fiverr can facilitate in many ways and there are people who use Fiverr as a go to for all their needs. Of course, some fiverr gigs anyone can do and others are more difficult.

Easy gigs to sell on Fiverr  are as follow:

  1. Taking or locating pictures
  2. Social media services
  3. Research
  4. Website content, contract and other legal writing and getting paid.
  5. Altering pictures
  6. Virtual assistant
  7. Writing product reviews

Fiverr gigs ideas that may be labor intensive and cost more per job performance

  1. Creating software
  2. Design business cards, logos or fliers
  3. Putting together ebooks and or reports
  4. Make video tutorials
  5. Search engine optimization aka (SEO)
  6. Creating digital /converting info into PDF and other digital
  7. Website design and analysis

Offering products and services to customers has its advantages and disadvantages. In view of that Fiverr is no exception. Fiverr website offers a variety of services as mentioned above.  Thus, here are the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of using Fiverr Services


  • Free up your time
  • Fiverr gigs are low costs
  • Easy transaction
  • Easy refunds if unsatisfied with the service


  • Some Fiverr gig sellers do not follow instructions provided by the client
  • Not every fiverr gig seller is an expert as s/he claims
  • Not getting what you paid for or what you were expecting
  • Too much services offered and some of them overlap
  • Some sellers do not offer any revisions on their work

Besides these pros and cons, are there any Fiverr complaints?  Is Fiverr legit? Yes!

Some of Fiverr Complaints are…

  • Fiverr is not worth the money
  • Seller’s ratings are fake and misleading
  • Sellers do not deliver on time as they promised
  • Some sellers are not professionals in their playing field as they claim

The simple fact is, there are Fiverr gigs that get your money’s worth and there are others Fiverr’s task that are a complete waste of the buyer’s time and money. So, is Fiverr a Scam or Legit? Continue to read and you decide.

Most of Fiverr complaints are from buyers who needed a very complex task performed such as designing a business log, SEO, …

When you raise a complaint with Fiverr because you received mediocre work, they are quick to refund your money.

You can leave the seller a negative review, but chances are that future potential buyers will not see it.  Why? Because Fiverr  and or the seller has the ability to remove bad reviews.  In other words, they can have them removed and not show up under’s Fiverr seller’s ratings.

Fiverr Customer Support

You can contact Fiverr customer support by submitting in a request ticket.  Issues are usually resolved withing 24 to 48 hours. Fiverr forum is available to use and try to get answers to your questions.

Fiverr Tools and Training

Tools and training features:

  • Video tutorials – for buyers and sellers
  • Fiverr forum

Video tutorials: for both Fiverr buyers and sellers are available. Video for buyers covers how to place an order and posting a request video. Of course in addition it covers how to find anything on Fiverr. Before you start a gig on Fiverr you should watch these videos.

Sellers video tutorials details how to create a gig, create gig packages, manage tasks, order page overview video and couple other things. To sell services on on Fiverr, going through these videos is very beneficial.

You can join Fiverr forum and see what topics and gigs that are being discussed.  You can also ask questions.

So, Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Service Website?

Simple answer to whether Fiverr is a scam or a legit online service website is to explore what makes a business or service lawful. Fiverr gigs are legit and the people offering their services are real. It is true that sometimes you may not get what you negotiate for from Fiverr but that can happen anywhere.

Does Fiverr Work? How to Promote Fiverr gigs?

Yes and no!  Since most Fiverr gigs set up at $5, one can not expect too much. As a consequence, when you do not get what you wanted you do not feel too bad about.  But in the end, when the money is spent is gone for good, regardless of how it is used up.

So, is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website?

Anyone can learn how to make money from Fiverr and earn extra income online. What and how to sell on Fiverr is entirely up to you.  However do make sure that the best gigs on Fiverr you want to do are competitive enough.  Also know that no gig on Fiverr is going to be the same.

To promote Fiverr gigs is straightforward. Registration is required to either buy or sell services on Fiverr. Therefore, Fiverr sign up is obligatory and of course it is free of charge.

Note for buyers: Fiverr charges a processing fee starting from $1 to $20 and sometimes more. Buyers pay for Fiverr orders in advance.

Sellers, how and what to sell on Fiverr is your choice. Because, on Fiverr, you get to offer your talent, skills and expertise. Keep in mind that as a seller, you get to keep 80% of each Fiverr gig you sell and deliver successfully.

Final Thoughts on “Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Service Website”

If you decide to work with Fiverr, get only the best fiverr gigs.  Avoid PLR which are also known as Private Labor Rights. These could get messy and you never know who is behind them.  There are Fiverr gigs that sell and others that do not.

With that said, wanting to earn a living online is one thing and making it happen is another.  You can educate yourself on how to make real money on Fiverr.  But again, most Fiverr gigs cost $5. It is not going to make you very rich over a night but that’s a starting point.

You can invite other people to use Fiverr and receive credit.  That is through Fiverr referral program.  Basically, you invite someone to use Fiverr and when they do you get $5!

You go ahead and learn more about the real online opportunities and how to start your own online business here. You do not even have to spend any of your hard earned money to get you going.  No credit card required either!

wealthy affiliate scam or legit

Besides knowing how to sell on Fiverr and make some extra money, there are other ways to produce income online.  To do so however, one has to know what to do and how to do it the right way.  Even if you do not have any experience, you can still make money online.  Here you learn a step by step on how to get started.

Fiverr gigs are not always worth the money or the time spent looking for a seller whom you think qualifies to provide you the service. This however does not put Fiverr on the online scam list.  Fiverr is legit.


Verdict: Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit? It is LEGIT


I invite you to share your feedback on this Fiverr review “Is Fiverr a Scam or Legit Online Business Service Website” and let me know what your thoughts are.

Thank you for reading!


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