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Seasonal jobs for seniors – Over 55 years and looking for a work

Seasonal jobs for seniors – Over 55 years and looking for a work

More and more Americans are working past their golden years.  The reality is, people age 55 and older are looking for work and the best seasonal jobs for seniors are not necessary lining up and waiting for them.

In recent years, the number of people age 55 to 75 that are in the workforce has increased. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects this to continue to be on the rise until 2022.

Seasonal jobs for seniors - Over 55 years and looking for a work

So, keeping this in mind, what kind jobs are really out there for this age range to do?  Let it be known that the opportunities are limited and the pay is not that great. This is not to say that there are no great jobs for seniors available, they are just not sufficient.

Top seasonal jobs for seniors

Tax preparation

  • Average hourly wage: $ 18.95
  • Medium pay: $ 32,320

Park and recreation

  • Annual wage: $23,000

Ski resorts

  • Ski instructor hourly wage: $12.40 / hour
  • Lift operator hourly wage:  $10.15

Tutor: $15 /hour

Even though tutoring is listed as a seasonal job, it could be done any time.  The pay for tutoring is a bit higher in some areas than others.

Of course there are sales jobs for seniors that like to interact with others and staying busy.  These jobs are easily found around holidays.

Challenges facing seniors over 50 to find suitable work

Lack of qualification is a major contribution to limited seasonal job for seniors.  So, if you are a senior and you found yourself looking for a job in order to earn an income, here is a solution.

Become your own boss! Start your own online business. Forget looking for hourly and salary job. Working for yourself allows you to work when you want and from wherever you are.

Of course, just like starting a new work, you go through training and sometimes that requires learning new skills.  Starting online business is no different.  Take your interests, passions and make money doing what you always loved doing.

Finding legitimate work online


Seasonal jobs for seniorsLegitimate work at home jobs for seniors are difficult to find. So I want you to check out my number one recommended program for you to get started in the right direction. Two options available with this program.

  • Starter Members = 2 Free Websites (on domain).  You can stay a free member for as long as you want.


  • Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free website and 25 on your OWN Domains).

There are no up-sells and no other hidden costs.

How to start an online business step by step


Building a WordPress website now easier than ever before. As a matter of fact it can be done in under 60 seconds.  Play the video proof below.

Seasonal jobs for seniors

Along with website you get top of line video training, live classes training, liveChat and much more.

Those interested take a look but only those committed will take necessary actions and move forward.

Genuine thoughts on Seasonal jobs for seniors

In the real world, finding any time of an employment is never plain and simple. The job market is getting tough to break through.  Even a college degree does not cut it these days.

As a result, what does one have to do to meet the ends meet?

Do your best with what you have. Use your talents, resources and become your own boss. Cut off the mentality of depending on someone else’s rules and policies.

Just take action and start where you are.  You need to learn to crawl before you can walk/run.





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Good jobs for senior citizens

Good jobs for senior citizens


Finding good jobs for senior citizens in your golden years is not a joke! What’s even troubling is that not many jobs out there are available for retirees.

Since good jobs for seniors citizens are hard to find (in terms of flexibility and pay), here is some help. The video below offers resources on how and where to find work especially for people over 55 years old.

Where and how to find  good jobs for senior citizens?

Watch this video to learn about the opportunities that may be right for you.


I highly recommend to seniors that they invest in starting an online business and make money with their passions and hobbies.

 Good jobs for senior citizensLike starting a mortar and brick shop, an online business can be costly.  But it does not have to be. You can start in just few steps and without breaking your bank account.

I will be honest. It is not that easy to start a business online. It takes time, effort and commitment. But in the long run, it is worth it.  You can start small and go at your pace. Here are 6 steps to guide you through.

Even though good jobs for senior citizens are hard to find, this does not mean that they are not out there. As stated earlier, the best thing is to start your own business and do things your way instead of how your boss wants you to do it.

I hope you found this post informative.  Thank you for reading and please leave your questions (if any) and comments below.


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Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

Is leased ad space a scam? Worst Website Traffic Source Ever!

Most of us starting online business and even those that have been running their web site for awhile are on a tight budget and need web traffic.

So should you be on a tight budget and still want to run some ads, here maybe an option for you! Leased Ad Space! What is Leased Ad Space, you ask? Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

What is Leased Ad Space?  Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

Leased Ad Space is an advertising marketing platform that is based on members exchanging ads with each other for a fee.  This fee is used to purchase different level of advertising packages.

Members make a one time traffic package buy in order to post banners, blogs, text ads and send email campaigns to other members.

So basically you can advertise on Leased Ad Space via text impressions, banner ad impressions, run solo ads, blog posts, send and receive ad blasts. Leased Ad Space is another means on how to sell online advertising space.

Leased Ad Space has affiliate program where members earn commissions by selling traffic packages to other people.


But, what kind quality of traffic are you really getting?


Not a good one, I tell you that much. The people who are seeing your ads are the same people that you are viewing ads from. These people are not necessary interested in your ad.  They joined for the same reasons you joined.  To make some extra cash.  Thus this is a negative aspect of Leased Ad Space.

Leased Ad Space Overview

PRODUCT NAME: Leased Ad Space
Overall Ranking: 2 Stars out of 5
Price: $7 to start with various other packages
Kenny and Sammy Kolijn



Here is a quick summary of what is Leased Ad Space and what you get when  you purchase a traffic package.

Buying traffic package allows you to receive internal and external advertising traffic using the following types of ads:

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Email marketing/solo ads
  • A public profile page
  • A personal blog post

This is in a nutshell what Leased Ad Space offers.


Pros/Cons of Leased Ad Space 

Is Leased Ad Space a scam?  Before saying much about its products, learn what the pros and cons are then make a decision.


  • Solo Emails:

Depending on your package level, you send out numerous solo emails to other members in a given month.

Note: This does not apply to the pearl or the basic package also called level one which is only done once per a month.

  • Instant Commissions:

Commissions are paid out to you whether or not the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your down-line structure from members above or below you.

Nonetheless do not think for a second it is going to be that easy for you to make commissions with Leased Ad Space. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you know how difficult it is to get your first commission!


  • Packages have to be bought in order.  This means that you have to purchase all lower level packages before purchasing any higher level package
  • You must accept payment processor that’s offered by Leased Ad Space.  Currently; paypal, SolidTrust Pay and Payza are the suggested ones.

If you do not accept the offered payment method of the customer, then the sale is passed on to someone in your up-line who does accept that type of payment.

  • Traffic package purchases are FINAL.  So no refund of any sort.  This is not necessary a con as you receive the service you pay for and everything is done digitally. Is Leased Ad Space a scam then?
  • Impressions are not monthly and require a purchase of the next level package to get more.


Who Is This For?

The product is for everybody.  Who doe not want to learn how to boost website traffic?  Beginners, intermediate and advanced all can get online traffic using Leased Ad Space.  On top of that, you can make money by sharing the product with other people.

Just keep in mind the quality of web traffic you are receiving. Even though you post blogs on Leased Ad Space, they do not get indexed by search engines.

Leased Ad Space Training and Tools Overview

Tools provided by Leased Ad Space are listed below:

  • Email copy – several pre-written email blasts copies
  • Text ads – a good number of text ads are readily available in plan text or HTML form
  • Banners- are provided in selected sizes.

Splash pages

  • Stock splash pages are accessible and no setup is required from the user
  • Branded splash pages are in the member’s area for you to add a personal touch

Other than what’s mentioned above, there are not that much training offered by Leased Ad Space.  Though, there are few videos on YouTube that members or anyone else can access for information.


Support by Leased Ad Space

If you have any concerns regarding anything in Leased Ad Space, you can submit a support request. Customers who own traffic package are responded to faster than anybody else.

Customers who have an account but have not made a traffic package and general public are helped but are not made a priority.



There are several traffic packages with different price points. Leased ad Space traffic products are a one-time purchases that start at $7 pearl traffic to a high of $147.00, red diamond.

Various traffic package levels:

Pearl Package – $ 7

Amethyst Package –$ 17

Emerald Package – $ 27

Sapphire Package – $ 47

Ruby Package – $ 67

Diamond Package – $ 87

Red Diamond Package – $ 147

The total amount of money you have to pay is $ 399.  This is not a small chunk of money and in the end, the quality of traffic you get is not all that.

 Can it Really Boost Web Site Traffic?

Leased Ad Space can help increase sign ups and possibly sales but by how much.  It is true that every little bit helps, so if you decide to join Leased Ad Space, keep in mind the kind of traffic you will be getting.

Even with the basic level traffic package you send out one (1) email to the entire member list of Leased Ad Space every month, with no further cost to you.  So when comparing this method to the pay per click (PPC) method, Leased Ad Space falls short.

With PPC, once you have received the clicks purchased, that’s it.  Then you do have to buy some more. But at least when you use PPC you can target keywords and geographical location.

Final Thoughts on Leased Ad Space

Every person, entrepreneur, website owner, business owners all need more traffic, in order to make money or promote anything online.

If you wish to become part of Leased Ad Space but don’t have a business to advertise there, learn more about this highly recommended program.  You get all the tools and training needed to get started online.

So, is Leased Ad Space a scam? No, it is not.  You get traffic and potentially earn money through the power of teamwork. Its affiliate program is not going to make you a millionaire.

Don’t expect much from Leased Ad Space.

The best way on how to drive traffic to a website is to write quality, relevant content. Once you do that, you can scale up your advertising campaign by using the pay per click methods and other various ways such as social media, blogging.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions that I did not address, please do leave them down below and will get back to you.

-Thank you





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Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

Get paid by taking Surveys – Seriously?

Get paid by taking SurveysBefore I got really serious with the online business, I tried out online surveys. I wanted to see if it was actually possible to get paid by taking surveys online.

What I realized right away was that you can get paid by taking surveys, but for sure it’s not going to make you rich.  However it is another means of generating a small income stream.

How to get paid for taking survey is not hard to start at all.  All you need in most cases is just an email.  Sometimes you may not even need it in which case you can use a Face Book account.

So, if you decide to get paid by taking online surveys keep in mind that the payouts are pretty small.  It will take a long time to make decent money -if any at all.

Besides taking surveys, there are other tasks that you can perform for companies and get paid for that as well all from your own home.

Places like Swagabucks and Amazon have such services. Amazon has Mechanical Turk service which pays people for various activities. Swagabucks have surveys that take up to 20 min to complete.

It is important to note that Swagabucks pays you in rewards cards.


Your Options…


But if you are looking for another income stream or you want to earn income in the non-traditional way, there is a whole world out there. It is called world wide web (WWW)!

Get paid by taking Surveys So, forget the  9 to 5 kind deal.  Here are six (6) easy to follow steps to get started in the right direction.

People do make money online, and a lot of it too, but not just taking surveys. If you are taking surveys just know that that should not be your long term goal to earn money online from home.

I am sure now you are wondering” how can I earn money at home”? The answer is pretty simple.

There are many ways but the most recommended one is affiliate marketing.

When all is said and done, you can actually make money online. In the beginning it can be hard, but in the end the hard work will start to convert into commissions and success will be all yours.

So now what else do you have to do to make money online besides taking surveys and doing other tasks?

how to make a legitimate money online

We all have interests and hobbies.  The problem that we face is how to generate income using our passion.  Now, here you can  discover how that is about to change.  It all starts with a website and using it to turn your interests into a business.  Find your niche direction and build your website which literally can be done in just 30 seconds.  This alone sets you up to a great start.

Build your own custom website for free and have it published in no time.

I hope you find this post useful.  I do love to hear your thoughts on it.  Thank you for reading!


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How to earn more than minimum wage | Proven Alternatives

How to earn more than minimum wage | Proven Alternatives


How to earn more than minimum wage is a question that’s in the mind of most people age 16 and up who are in the workforce in United States.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 77 million American workers are paid hourly and most of them are well underpaid or are getting paid minimum wage. Even worse, 3 million people are not even making the federal minimum wage of $7. 25 per hour.  It’s time to find a new alternative way on how to earn more than minimum wage!

how to earn more than minimum wage

Learning how to earn more than minimum wage is not just an individual problem.  It affects everybody in the communities which you live in.  The government, employers and politicians alone cannot fix this issue.

If you live in the United States, you are aware that the presidential election is around the corner and there is a lot at stake.  Everybody agrees that things have to change and that needs to start probably from the Capitol Hill.  To reduce the number of minimum wage workers will require cooperation from everyone. As far politic is concerned, whoever is elected president will have the power to make things better or worse for both the present and future.

How to earn more than minimum wage is not something  one should consider. It is now a” MUST do” thing! Not taking any actions could potentially increase the number of people who live in poverty.

gender wage gap united states

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that majority of people living on minimum wage are females and single parents.  People reside in poverty through no fault of their own.  Factors that contribute to poverty  are as follow:

  • Minimum wage earnings
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of jobs
  • Language barrier
  • Illness
  • Low qualification

So, Should Government raise minimum wage?


If the minimum wage were to be raised, there is no substantial evidence that minimum wage workers will benefit from that.  The wages would go up and so are other things.  Nothing would be held constant and therefore, not much would change.  Forbes‘s article states the following quotes:

Raising minimum wage “could cause a loss of jobs if the business is forced to reduce expenses, again, to maintain profitability. It could also lead to an increase in automation, depending on the specific job”.

“Any mandate from the government which increases the cost of doing business could result in a number of consequences, mostly negative”.

So now; the question becomes, what should a worker be paid?

I could try to answer this question, but we both know that the best thing would be for each individual to do all they can and rise above the situation they are in and do their best.  By doing so, YOU decide what to get paid and how much you want to make.

Consequences to raising minimum wage


Does raising minimum wage increase unemployment? Chances are, yes. Someone can lose his/her job in order to earn more per hour. Here are few other issues that can rise:

  • Hard for Youth to find employment especially in the minority group
  • Employers pay workers off the books
  • Loss of a job

States have their own minimum wage laws and they may choose to change the laws for better or worse.  Now, whether they take action or not, that is entirely up to them.  State’s residents need to peacefully demand for a change, tirelessly.

state by state minimum wage

This United State map above compares state by state federal minimum wage.

The ugly truth about minimum wage


The ugly truth about minimum wage


Find out how to earn more than minimum wage


You can not simply accept life as it is now.  Things need to change and that starts with YOU! So, what can you do if you are living on minimum wage in America? Here are few options:

Become your OWN BOSS by starting your own online business

Get an education: If you need to start from scratch, do so. If you need to get back to school and complete your degree, find a way to get that done.

Get qualified: If you need to learn the language and or the skills required for the job you aspire, do so.

Be creative: If there are no jobs available for your talent, then go somewhere else or start something for yourself.

Find a mentor: Get advice from established professionals in the field you want to get in, free of charge.  Ask your mentor for guidance and direction.

Budget wisely: come up with a financial plan to track your income and expenses then plan things out accordingly.

Earn money at home: do garage sale for things you do not need to make extra cash. If you are good at teaching, check out tutoring.

Become frugal: spend your money on things you need to survive only.

Work online from home: work from home and cut down on commuting expenses.


Alternative to earning more than minimum wage


You can learn how to earn money at home in your spare time.  You just have to have the will and determination of what it is going to take. Forget what you have heard about taking survey and making money online. Do not waste your money and time on programs that promise you to get rich over night.  Anything worth having is going to take time and hard work.

I am here to help you and guide you step by step.  But you need to be ready to learn and apply what you learn along the way. I show you ways to turn your interests into a flourishing business.

Refuse to give up and DO NOT settle for less…

Learn how to earn more than minimum wage 


Many people have learned how to live on minimum wage in life.  However, now it is time to discover how to earn more than minimum wage.

I know this is easier said than done, but at the same time, without taking any necessary actions, nothing will ever change. You can all overcome your difficulties and you can rise above your problems.

How to earn more than minimum wage? You can learn how to make a living online, by checking out this highly recommended program.  Living off minimum wage is not a way to live and without a doubt nothing much can be accomplished with it.

Do you favor or oppose raising the federal minimum wage? Share your take on earning minimum wage down below in the comment box.  I do love to hear your thoughts.

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