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Ponzi Scheme In Simple Terms

Ponzi Scheme In Simple Terms

Most of us have heard of these two words “Ponzi Scheme” used especially in a business world.  But if you never have, I will give you a simple definition shortly. Stop Scam


A ponzi scheme is a type of fraud. It is usually based on a bogus investment that a schemer or schemers get other people to give them money.

Many business opportunities pop up both online and offline on a daily basis but only few survive in the long run. With this being the case, people are scammed everyday especially online.

Question: Do you ever wonder when a business model becomes a Ponzi scheme?

Answer: When the business continues to run under fraudulent terms and the demand for high returns requires an ever increasing cash flow from new investors to keep up the scheme.

The business model is not sustainable and the business usually goes under with some money received from investors.


The scheme gets its name from the notorious Charles Ponzi, who in 1920’s wanted to use countries money-exchange rates to make money based on international postage stamps. Of course the money stopped being invested in coupons and early investors got their money while a lot of it went to Ponzi himself.  Later the money ran out before  the last investors could get paid.


The operator, organization or an individual pays returns to investors from new investment paid to the operator by Dangernew investors, instead of from profit earned through legitimate sources.

Whoever is running the scheme, falsely represent the investment opportunity therefore misleading the investors.

In most cases though, ponzi schemes start as genuine businesses until the business is unable to achieve the return on investment that’s expected.


The short and simple answer is “NO”. A Ponzi Scheme does not work especially in the long term.  In reality, however, early investors can and do make money.

All investors are made to believe that they are making money and eventually the money stops coming in leaving the members with empty pockets.


Yes, they are! Ponzi scheme business models do not have long term sustainability.  The schemer runs out of money to pay out to new investors. The programs are illegal because at some point, soon or later will fall apart.


Who gets the blame in ponzi scheme?  The schemer or the people who willingly take a risk in joining the scheme?

Is every victim on a ponzi scheme to blame?

You, be the judge!

Stay informed, educate yourself and above all, do not get scammed.  Getting scammed does not feel good at all! Trust me, I have been scammed before I found a legitimate business opportunity onlineBe Smart

Protect yourself and remember to use common sense which will serve you well.

Share your scam story and report a scam here. I do like to hear your thoughts (share them below in the comment box) on this post. Thank you for reading.



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How To Build Email List From Scratch?

How To Build Email List From Scratch?

What’s An E-Mail List?

A mailing list is a list of email addresses that receive the same content and information, from a single sender. Most newspaper publishers and online bloggers have a list of emails for their readers. In all cases, an electronic mailing list will consist of an email list of subscribers who want to hear about or discuss a specific subject.

Why Do You Want A List & Who Wants An E-Mail List?

An e-mail list is significant because it’s the most direct means to communicate and engage with your subscribers. If you intend to sell something, the list is frequently the primary money maker.

Anyone who runs a business model that includes customers’ needs an e-mail list. These customers might need to be engaged or simply kept up to date on business information and changes. Whatever the reason, as long as you have more than one client, then you need an email list. Below are some of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • It enhances targeted marketing
  • It is low-cost
  • Fast response to an outreach
  • It can be made interactive
  • Opt in or unsubscribe options
  • It’s simple to create
  • It’s easy to track
  • It has a global reach
  • Highly personal


However, before learning how to build an email list from scratch, you should make yourself aware of the disadvantages and misconceptions that exist about e-mail lists.

  • Many servers have filters that could mark your email as junk.
  • It requires continuous tweaking to keep your subscribers engaged.
  • The appearance of different servers and computer settings can change the message sent.

Email List Options

You can send broadcast e-mails with the applications you already possess. While such choices won’t supply any reports or efficiently deliver hundreds of e-mails, they might be a practical option for a small mailing list. It’s possible for you to use one of the following: Outlook, regular or professional mail service, CRM application with a mass mailing functionality, or outsource to an email marketing service for a more professional email marketing campaign.

How To Build Email List From Scratch

As a marketer, it is your job to ensure you’re always adding new contacts to your email marketing efforts in order to keep your numbers moving up. So even if you know how to build email list from scratch remember that these days, it all starts with content.

People find websites because of great content, and they’ll keep coming back for more. Your astonishing content will be the basis of what you e-mail to them, that’ll be the reason they remain subscribed (or not.) All of it starts with content.

After you have the content, the next step will be to gather e-mails. People that like your content will subscribe to receive the information as frequently as you can create it, delivered directly to their inbox. It’s up to you to make sure they see your call-to-actions (or, in this instance, a call-to-subscribe). Make your signup request crystal clear. Below are 2 easy to use email marketing systems that will help increase your subscriber base:

  1. Power Lead System (PLS)- Power Lead System provides entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to grow their company and make more sales, as they market the company of their choice.
    1. PLS all the tools you need to market your business both online and offline
    2. Power Lead System holds weekly webinars designed to help grow your business
    3. PLS allows you to create your own landing page and squeeze page
    4. With Power Lead System, you can use share codes you create your own or ones created by other gurus in the industry
    5. Schedule and send out automated campaigns
  1. Aweber- AWeber supplies email marketing applications that contain newsletters e-mailing, react, and RSS-to-email converting attributes.
    1. Autoresponder which is a tool that lets you manage, organize and automate the collection and distribution of information via emails
    2. Schedule and send out automated campaigns

How To Maintain Email List?

Once you have got email addresses and perfected your unsubscribe and opt-out system, there are quite a few other tasks which you’ll need to carry out, to keep a clean e-mail list and a successful email marketing campaign.

The first one is how you handle bounces and bad email addresses. The more bounces you receive when you send an e-mail, the more your sender standing will be affected. Set a threshold of bounces before you remove an email from your email marketing database.

Another important task is removing the inactive or non-participating user. Query all the email addresses that match your criteria for “inactive users” take them off your e-mail database and place them on another list. You need to restrict how much you e-mail these group of subscribers in order not to be classified as a spammy.

There’s still a lot more you can do in terms of maintenance. This ensures you are keeping up with email marketing best practices, while getting conversions as well.

How to make money with email list?

Making money with e-mail lists has been proven to be incredibly successful. It’s so powerful that almost all website owners consider building and growing their e-mail list. The only ethical way to make money from a targeted list of e-mail subscribers is to give away lots of value for free and then offer related products or services that’ll help or serve them.

When you have members on your mailing list, you can send them whatever emails that you want. It is a great practice to provide your subscribers with some follow-ups that further can sell your products and or services.  Here is my number one business recommendation as an example.


Each and every day, people check their inboxes (often multiple times per day). This is not going out of fashion so email marketing will always be a valid marketing method. In spite of fake forecasts, e-mail marketing has stuck around, outlasting many of the fads that have come to replace it. It is important to understand how to build email list from scratch so that your audience will grow.

Thank you for reading my post. Please like, comment, share and subscribe.

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