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The Traffic Monsoon Review 2016 – Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam or Not

The Traffic Monsoon Review 2016 – Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam or Not

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Introduction: What Is Traffic Monsoon About?

You are reading Traffic Monsoon review (TM) because you were wondering or have questions about it.  But I think the question that’s in mind is the following: is Traffic Monsoon a scam or legit company?  I will get into that in a little bit.

Recently, revenue sharing sites have become the big hits online and there is a lot of buzz about them everywhere. People are claiming to be making a killing with them.  So, me being who I am, I became very curious and decided to check some of them out. In this post, I’ll only do Traffic Monsoon and will do the others in the upcoming future. Let us begin.

Product Name: Traffic Monsoon (TM)

Overall Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Price:  Free to Join – $ 0

Owner(s): Charles Scoville

Website URL:

Traffic Monsoon Owner’s Background

Charles ScovilleFirst thing that people do to learn about something is do a quick Google search.  So if you did a quick search to find out whether Traffic Monsoon is a scam or legit, a ponzi, pyramid scheme, a HYIP (high-yield investment program) or an MLM or illegal, then you ended up with confusing mixed reviews.

Traffic Monsoon has both positives and negative reviews attached to it mainly due to its owner /CEO– Charles Scoville.  His reputation is tainted because; in the past he has run PTC (pay to click) sites that have failed (i.e InfinityBux).  But he also had some that are still running and no issues such as AdHitProfits. AdHitProfits members have been and are still getting paid since it’s opening in April of 2013.

Here I am going to do my very best to give you all the information you need to know about Traffic Monsoon.

What Is Traffic Monsoon About?

Traffic Monsoon is a domestic limited liability company that was founded by CEO, Charles Scoville.  The company is
TM video a paid to click advertising network that he launched in October of 2014.  The company operates in online advertising services.

Traffic Monsoon  is a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company that allows individuals worldwide to participate. Revenue share sites allow everyday average people to earn money online without having to referral anyone.  Though, recruiting others will help you tremendously in terms of growing your earnings.

Note: Traffic Monsoon is not an investment company. You deposit money with Traffic Monsoon, and you use that money to purchase adpacks for which you will get the advertisement services.

What Is An Adpack?

An Adpack is an advertising package that is sold in $50 increments. In return you get 1000 traffic exchange credits and 20 pay per click views to your banners ads and 1 revenue sharing position.   There is a benefit that goes with buy adpackthis.  The obvious one is that you get to use the ad space and get paid up to $ 55 for every Adpack. Something to note here is that this is not guaranteed because it is directly based on profit share.

In case you are still wondering about what is Traffic Monsoon about, let us simply put it this way; Traffic Monsoon is a revenue sharing company. This means that the Charles Scoville shares his revenues among paid and qualified members. To be qualified you do have to review 10 ads every 24 hours cycle.Time PP

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Free to join and easy to get started
  • No membership & No monthly subscription ever
  • Top level website security TM affiliate program
  • Dedicated support
  • Massive traffic at low cost
  • High quality advertising services with Geo targeting options
  • Stable pay plan for long term profit
  • Hourly pay
  • 10% referral commission
  • Anytime withdrawals
  • Offers Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
  • Promote your own website(s)
  • No sponsoring required to earn moneyTM logo
  • No limit on ads purchase
  • Multiple advertising services
    • PPC: Pay Per Click
    • PTC: Pay To Click
    • Text ads
    • Login ads
    • Geo targeting ads
    • Banners
    • Cash Links


  • Traffic Monsoon is not an investment company, nor an opportunity program
  • Hard to make significant income without funding your account with your hard earned money
  • withdraws only can be done from a processor used to purchase the service
  • Traffic Monsoon site is not perfect, glitches occur frequently
  • Only 2 payment processors available
  • The owner has had some failed business in the past where people lost money


  • Note 1: Even though you can use your credit/debit card to purchase the service, you can’t use the cards to withdraw your earnings.
  • Note 2: The traffic you receive on your website is not necessary targeted.  Although, there is an option to geo target. TM is a PTC site and chances are that the people clicking/viewing the ads are not really paying attention.  They could be clicking/viewing ads for the sake of clicking/viewing ads to get paid.
  • Note 3:  Charles Scoville has made some mistakes in the past (we all have) but I think that he has helped far more people earn money online with his successful business(es) as well. I genuinely think he wants to help people change their current financial situation.

Strategy On How To Make Money With Traffic Monsoon 

First off, to make money in any business you do have to take action.  There is usually a risk involved with starting or getting involved in a business. So here are some of my recommendations if you want join Traffic Monsoon: TM getting started

  1. Sign up for Traffic Monsoon as free member first and check it out from the inside
    • Do Not use outlook, MSN, Hotmail, AOL, or Live Mail. I recommend Gmail.
    • As a free member, you surf 2 websites to receive 1 visitor credit.
  2. Research and sign up with a payment processor
  3. Invest only the money you can afford to lose
  4. Purchase Ads (adpacks)
  5. Start sponsoring

You now know what is Traffic Monsoon about and are wondering if people are really making money in TM.  The answer is YES, they are.  But, here is a word of caution, nobody can tell for how much longer.

Who Is Traffic Monsoon Intended For?

Anybody and everybody!  It is for people with or without experience using computers or marketing.  No special skill set required.  If you can click a mouse, then you can do Traffic Monsoon. To work in Traffic Monsoon, all you need is an internet and a computer/tablet or phone.  It currently has just over 3 million members from 177 countries and this number will more than likely grow, assuming all goes well.

4 Steps To Get Started In Traffic Monsoon FAST 

  1. Sign up for Free
  2. Verify your account via the email you provided
  3. Buy as many Adpacks as you can using the following methods:
  4. Click and view 10 Ads per a day
  5. Optional – sponsor as many people as you can. The more the better!

 Revenue Streams Available Within Traffic Monsoon

  • Profit Share –clicking on 10 Ads daily
  • Cash Links- extra cash rewards
  • Cash Links – matching bonus
  • 10 % instant referral commission for life

Training / Tools Overview


  • Dedicated customer support team – submit a ticket or use the live chat room
  • Hotline phone numbers (Local and international)
  • Contact TM customer support via Facebook (only use your USER name)
  • Traffic Monsoon groups (on Facebook)

Final Opinion/Verdict

My final thoughts on Traffic Monsoon are this “ do not deposit money into Traffic Monsoon that you cannot afford to lose”.

LegitIf you want to join Traffic Monsoon, start small or big. But you do have to take an action. I do not necessary advocate Traffic Monsoon as there is a chance that you may lose your money through no fault of your own. But if you are a risk taker, then give it a shot. Traffic Monsoon is a legit site in a sense that you get the services you pay for.

What I suggest is that you start your own online business and turn your interests into a successful affiliate marketing business.  Therefore, I recommend only Wealthy Affiliate program that has a long proven track record to help people successfully make money online since 2005.

My final word on TM is that the company has made lot of progress and success in less than 2 years (as of this writing). One thing for sure, it is not a scam as customers receive the services they purchase. I highly suggest you read Wealthy Affiliate full review and see how it can help you become financially independent in the long term.

I hope I answered your question of what is Traffic Monsoon about in this review. I would love to hear your comments/feedback. Please drop me a note down below and will get back to you.

Thank you for reading!



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